GP14 Ireland
GP14 Ireland 2019 Hot Toddy

19-20 October

Event Report - Katie Dwyer

The final GP14 meeting of the season, the “Hot Toddy” took place on 19/20 October in the beautiful setting at Lough Erne Yacht Club, sponsored by

Conscious of the interest in the rugby world cup quarter final, organisers delayed the Saturday start to 13:30 with a big screen in the club for sailors to watch Ireland v New Zealand. Sadly, the rugby result was not in our favour, but spirits weren’t dampened, and sailors eagerly took to the water. With 33 boats, it was the largest turnout of the year.

Lough Erne delivered some very challenging yet enjoyable sailing conditions over the two days. Wind ranged from 5- 20 knots and was shifty throughout with no distinct patterns. As a result, all sailors were kept on their toes with positions consistently changing throughout the races. Race Officer Mickey McCaldin and his team ran a full series of six races over the two days, and kept things moving promptly to avoid too much downtime for the sailors in the in the chilly October breeze.

Well deserved “Hot Toddies” were enjoyed by sailors on returning ashore, followed by an evening of food, fun and frolics at the yacht club which was very well attended.

Overnight leaders with three race wins and showing an enviable level of boat speed were Shane McCarthy (GSC) and his very capable substitute crew, Ger Owens. Sligo Yacht Clubs Niall Henry and Ossian Geraghty were in second, with Lough Foyle Yacht Clubs Gareth Gallagher and Ollie Goodhead in third and also leading the silver fleet. Blessingtons Sailing Clubs Sam Street led the bronze fleet.

We took to the water on Sunday for an earlier than usual start for Race 4 at 10:30. The breeze was up and as shifty as the previous day. Shane and Ger won race 4 and 5 and with the event win in the bag, headed for shore. It provided an opportunity for a new race winner which was duly taken by Youghal Sailing Clubs Adrian Lee and Richard Street who had a comfortable lead throughout the race.

Winners of the Hot Toddy were Shane McCarthy and Ger Owens, with five race wins. Over the six races, second and third places were shared across eight different boats, demonstrating the high level of competition in the fleet. With Shane and Ger clear winners, it was down to consistency and how discards came into play to determine the results within the chasing pack. Finishing in second were Niall Henry and Ossian Geraghty, with Sutton Dinghy Club Katie Dwyer and Michelle Rowley in third.

Winners of the silver fleet were Garreth Gallagher and Ollie Goodhead, finishing a solid fourth overall. In second place, Adrian Lee and Richard Street, followed by Blessingtons Simon Cully and Libby Tierney in third.

Top two in the bronze fleet were Blessingtons Sailing Clubs  Sam Street and Tiarnan Brown, followed by Matthew Street and Rhian O’Hiblin in second with Mullingar Sailing Clubs Michael Collender and Brian Walker in third.

A special thanks must go to LEYC  JP and Carolyn McCaldin and all the volunteers, who organised and ran a super event. It was also JP and Carolyns’ last outing in a GP for a while, with Brendan Brogan stepping in to take up the front seat with JP in 2020. 


Thanks also to the sponsors,

The fleet will return to Lough Erne in July 2020 for the Irish Nationals, which will be the last event before the Worlds in Skerries.  


GP14 Hot Toddy


(Lough Erne Yacht Club)


October 19th & 20th 2019



The final event of the season, the Hot Toddy returns to Lough Erne Yacht Club.


The NOR has been published below and the organisers have drafted a useful list of B&B's and other accomodation close by to the Club.

Entry Forms can be completed at the Club but as an aid to helping the Club prepare for the event, they would appreciate if those intending to sail confirm with:


  • JP McCaldin - / 0044 (0)7989963821
LEYC Accommodation List
LEYC Accommodation List
Lough Erne Yacht Club Accomodation List.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [35.5 KB]

2019 GP14 Autumn Open & Youth Championships

(Sutton Dinghy Club)


September 14th & 15th 2019


Youth Championship of Ireland

Entries: 14      Races Sailed: 4      Discard: 1

Series Place Sail No Helm Crew Club Series Points Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
1 13977 David Johnston Josh Porter Sutton DC 5 2 3 2 1
2 14165 Conor Twohig Matthew Cotter Sutton DC 7 3 8 1 3
3 14130 Joe Doherty Hugh Gill Sutton DC 10 7 1 9 2
4 14154 Adrian Lee Gareth Gallagher YSC/LFYC 10 1 2 7 7
5 13981 Sam Street Tiarnan Brown Blessington S.C. 11 4 4 3 10
6 14138 Denis Cully Richard Street Blessington S.C. 16 8 9 4 4
7 13888 James Peter Hockey Alan Thompson LFYC 16 6 5 5 6
8 14116 Pater Boyle Stephen Boyle Sutton DC 17 5 6 6 8
9 13 Oscar Langan Brian Fox Sutton DC 23 10 15 8 5
10 13917 Meg Tyrrell Sarah RIYC/NYC 25 9 7 10 9
11 14144 Jane McClean Helena Hughes Sutton DC 36 11 10 15 15
12 13606 Jobst Johannes Kneif Denis McCarrick Sutton DC 42 12 15 15 15
13 13882 Ciaran Durnford Luke Kellet Sutton DC 45 15 15 15 15
13 13927 Adam Bradley Damien Bradley Sutton DC 45 15 15 15 15

Sun 15 Sep 19 16:03
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GP14 Autumn Open

Entries: 24      Races Sailed: 4      Discard: 1

Series Place Sail No Helm Crew Club Series Points Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
1 14076 Ger Owens Mel Morris RStGYC 3 1 2 1 1
2 14252 Niall Henry Ossian Geraghty Sligo Yacht Club 6 2 1 25 3
3 14247 Donal McGuinness John McGuiness Moville Boat Club 8 4 9 2 2
4 14219 Curly Morris Michelle Rowley EABC/SSC 15 7 7 4 4
5 14165 Conor Twohig Matthew Cotter Sutton DC 16 10 3 8 5
6 14130 Hugh Gill Joe Doherty Sutton DC 16 8 5 3 8
7 13977 David Johnston Sarah McKee Sutton DC 16 5 4 10 7
8 13888 James Peter Hockey Alan Thompson LFYC 19 3 11 7 9
9 14116 Peter Boyle Stephen Boyle SDC 21 6 6 9 11
10 14225 Cathal Sheridan David Cooke Skerries SC 23 15 12 5 6
11 13917 Josh Porter Meg Tyrell NSC/RIYC 27 9 8 15 10
12 13981 Sam Street Tiranan Brown Blessington SC 33 14 13 6 25
13 14257 Bill Johnston James Johnston LFYC 36 12 25 12 12
14 14207 Simon Jeffery Meredith Grieve EDYC 37 13 15 11 13
15 14138 Denis Cully Richard Street Blessington SC 39 11 14 14 14
16 13 Brian Fox Oscar Langan Tralee Bay SC 46 17 17 13 16
17 14077 Micheal Brines John McVea LEYC 47 16 16 16 15
18 11111 Ciara Mulvey Peter Murphy NYC 52 20 18 17 17
19 12636 Fiona Folen Darina Gilligan Sutton DC 59 21 20 25 18
20 14154 Adrian Lee Gareth Gallagher YSC/LFYC 60 25 10 25 25
21 13882 Ciaran Durnford Luke Kellet Sutton DC 62 18 19 25 25
22 14144 Jane McClean Helen Hughes SDC 65 19 21 25 25
23 13606 Jobst Johannes Knief Denis McCarrick Sutton DC 69 22 22 25 25
24 13927 Damien Bradley Adam Bradley SDC 75 25 25 25 25

Sun 15 Sep 19 16:01
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Autumn Open & Youth Championships


(Sutton Dinghy Club)


Sat 14th & Sun 15th Sep



Next event on the GP14 circuit is the combined Autumn Open and Youth Championships to be held at Sutton Dinghy Club.


This is 2 events run together over the same weekend. 4 races for the Autumn Open and 4 races for the Youth Championships (U16, U19 & U22).


The GP14 have for many years encouraged Youths to race in the fleet but the Youth Championship has also provided an opportunity for Youth to race the GP14 before they have owned their own boat. 


The event is heaviliy dependant on boat-owners within the fleet providing boats and their crewing services on the day of the event. With fleets of upto 24 for the Youth event in recent years we believe the GP14 Ireland Class approach is working demonstrated by the fact we have currently very good numbers of Youth sailors racing within the main fleet here and at overseas events. 


In advance of the event, I would like to thanks our Adult members for providing their boats and their time (or their crew) to enable us run this event.


Sutton Dinghy Club will be able to make available some camping facilities close to the Club but this must be requested in advance. With the All Ireland Final replay set for 6pm on Saturday evening, the Club will be providing refreshments after racing with food and music on Saturday evening from about 7:30pm. Competitors are asked to register their interest in the Supper on Saturday evening prior to the event via this Club website link or via the Club office. 


Registration opens at the clubhouse at 9am on Saturday, where a welcoming tea/coffee & scones will be available.


Looking forward to seeing you in Sutton Dinghy Club.

If you have any questions in relation to the event please feel free to contact me on 


The NOR  and Entry Forms have been published below and also on the Sutton Dinghy Club website

NOR 2019 GP14 Autumn Open & Youth Championships
Notice of Race 2019 GP14 Autumn Open & Youth Championships
2019 AOYC NOR V3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [76.6 KB]
ENTRY Form for 2019 GP14 Youth Championships
ENTRY Form for 2019 GP14 Youth Championships
2019 Youth Championships Entry Form v3.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [46.1 KB]
ENTRY Form for 2019 GP14 Autumn Open
ENTRY Form for 2019 GP14 Autumn Open
2019 Autumn Open Entry Form v2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [46.7 KB]
Youth Training & Worlds 2020 Coaching
***Int. GP14Assoc Funded - Youth Coaching (U22)*** 
Blessington Sailing Club are hosting a youth coaching weekend on 7-8th of September (Perfect warm up for the Youth Championship the following weekend).
Recently crowned British National Champion Sam Watson is Coaching for the weekend which has already created strong interest. Please get in contact immediately if you want or know anyone who wants to participate. The weekend is being heavily subsided by the GP14 International Association for youths and not to be missed.
September 7/8th (Sam Watson) Blessington Sailing Club 
7 boats confirmed.
1 more space available if you or any youth in your club want to get involved.
Contact - / 0868689303 for further information.
September 21/22nd (Sam Watson) - Lough Foyle Yacht Club
4 club boats booked in for this, open to having a few more join in if anyone is interested.
September 28/29th (Graeme Grant) - Skerries Sailing Club
2/3 club boats a some travelling, open to having a few more join in if anyone is interested.

October 12th/13th (Graeme Grant) - Mullingar Sailing Club
More or less booked out with club boats and one traveling. If this weekend works for you let us know and will see what we can do.

October 26/27th (Sam Watson)
Newtownards Sailing Club - More or less booked out with club boats and one traveling. If this weekend works for you let us know and will see what we can do.
October 26th/27th (Doire Sheils, Colman Grimes, Adrian Lee) - Cullaun Sailing Club
Booked out with club boats  
November 2nd/3rd (Sam Watson) - Sutton Dinghy Club
More or less booked out with club boats and one traveling. If this weekend works for you let us know and will see what we can do.

Other Available weekends
October 5/6th (Sam Watson) 
If you would rather get going on this next year please let me know so I can put you on the list.

2019 GP14 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

Fleet A - Final Standings

2019 GP14 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

Fleet B - Final Standings

O'Tiarnaigh Challenge


(Mullingar Sailing Club)


Sat 31st Aug & Sun 1st Sep



Next event on the GP14 circuit is the long-awaited O'Tiarnaigh Challenge at Mullingar Sailing Club.  A completely new exciting format is being introduced for this event, with racing for all boats throughout the two days. Great event to practice your starts - there will be loads of them, starting with 6 short races on Saturday sailing either olympic or windward/leeward courses.  For those of you who like to enjoy the hospitality of Mullingar town on Saturday night, we will be easy on you on Sunday with only 3 longer races.  That's the plan - we'll see what happens.  We are retaining what has always been best about this challenge with two fleets sailing separately throughout the weekend but being chosen & re-chosen in random draws rather than fleet basis. 


For accommodation, there are loads of choices in Mullingar town, which we recommend as your base, as the dinner on Saturday will be in the Annebrook Hotel, as normal, in the centre of the town.  

Registration opens at the clubhouse at 9am on Saturday, where a welcoming tea/coffee & scones will be available.


This is an event which had to be cancelled due to adverse weather last April, so it has ended up being squeezed in between the rather lively Nationals in Skerries & the Autumn Open in Sutton. Mullingar Sailing Club always lay on a good event for us, so please make the effort to support it.

Looking forward to seeing you in Mullingar.  

If you have any questions in relation to the event please feel free to contact me on


The NOR has been published below.

NOR 2019 GP14 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge
Notice of Race 2019 GP14 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge
NOR O'Tiarnaigh 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [193.3 KB]

3:rock 2019 GP14 Championship or Ireland

16-18 August

Event Report - Andy Johnston

A very windy weekend saw the 3:rock 2019 GP14 Championship of Ireland restricted to 5 races after Sunday racing was blown out. Liam Dineen PRO had no choice yesterday morning but to call a halt with a steady 20+ and regular gusts over 28kts.

With strong wind forecast for Sat and Sun, Liam amended SI to get 3 races in on Friday.  With the Worlds set for Skerries in 2020, the event included gate starts to help prepare both the fleet and race management team. A couple of practice gate starts were the order of the day before the Championship got under way. 
Shane MacCarthy was back in the fleet and reunited with Damien Bracken after a summer campaigning a Solo in the UK. We also saw last year's Champion Ross Kearney (RNIYC) team up with Andy Thompson. Recently crowned UK National Champion Sam Watson was across and teamed up with Lough Foyle James Peter Hockley. South Staffs Jane Kearney, traded her crew position to take the tiller with new crew Ollie Goodhead. Jane crewed for husband Ross in Sligo last year when the pair took the Championship. 
Also in the mix was multiple Championship winners Tim Corcoran & Brendan Brogan (Sligo SC). Tim is now living in Spain but Skerries holds good memories as he was the Champion last time event was held here 2016. 
RCYC Alex Barry & Richard Leonard have made a big impact since joing the fleet this season and would be expected to be in the mix come Sunday. To highlight the strength of the Class at the moment, the Gold fleet also included former Irish Champions John & Donal McGuinness as well as Keith Louden & Alan Thompson and Alan Blay & Michelle Rowley all race winners at this level. 
With plenty of wind forecast, it would be interesting to see if new Gold fleet member Peter Boyle and dad Stephen could continue their good form from the previous weeks UK Nationals where 17yr Peter took a very credible 7th place overall. 
The first 2 races on Friday were very tight with plenty of windshifts and very close racing with Shane MacCarthy and Tim Corcoran taking the victories. Race 3 saw wind pick up considerably and some significant wind shifts saw Youghal Adrian Lee & Ed Coyne make the most of it and get well clear to take his first ever Nationals race win.
With 3 different race winners and such close racing, the leader board saw Shane MacCarthy lead in 12pts from Jane Kearney who had 3 consistent races only by virtue of the race. Tim Corcoran was in 3rd with Ross Kearney 4th both on 16pts, Alex Barry 5th, Peter Boyle 6th and Sam Watson in 7th.
It was great to see Curly Morris back on the water again after his hip operation. The newly elected International Class President raced the first 2 races on Friday, finishing 10th in race 2 to earn the right to be pathfinder for race 3. He duly got the race off and running and peeled off to a well deserved rest ashore. 
Saturday dawned and with it a lot more wind. Jack Roy, President of Irish Sailing paid a visit and joined Liam Dineen on Committee boat for a couple of races. At the GP14 Class AGM held in Skerries Sailing Club on Friday night, it was formally announced Jack will be IRO for 2020 GP14 Worlds next year. 
Liam and his safety boats headed out to see the conditions and requested that the fleet stay ashore. The delay was only about 45min but with a little trepidation the fleet eventually launched with the breeze a steady 18kts with gust to 22kts. 
While 3 races were planned, Liam and his team did very well to get 2 races in before the conditions just became a little too much. 
Ross Kearney pushed himself into contention and ahead of his wife Jame with a 3 and a bullet. Shane MacCarthy however strengthened his lead with a 1, 2. Sutton Dinghy Clubs Peter Boyle revelled in the conditions to jump into 4th after a 2nd and a 6th. It could have been even better save a capsize on last mark to drop to 6th from 4th.
The second race in particular saw the fleet hit with strong gusts with many of the fleet deciding not to fly spinnakers on the reaches. There were plenty of capsizes and a handful of retirals but no damage sustained. 
With the wind now consistently at 22kts and huge gusts nearing 30kts and not looking likely to abate, the PRO sent the fleet in. 
With Sunday blown out, that ultimately proved to be the event done and dusted. With discard applied, Shane's results had put him 4pts clear of the improving Ross Kearney. That last mark capsize ultimately proved costly for Peter Boyle who had to settle for 4th. However his fine showing meant he took 3rd Irish and his first Irish Sailing (bronze) medal. Tim (5th), Sam (6th) and Alex (7th) all finished on 21pts. 
Silver Fleet was won by South Staffs visitors Jane Kearney & Ollie Goodhead with Sutton Dinghy Clubs David Johnston & Callum Maher 2nd and Youghal Adrian Lee & Ed Coyne 3rd.
Youghal Jack Buttimer crewed by  Matthew Street (Blessington) took the Bronze Fleet. 
The Masters Trophies were won by John McGuinness (over 50) and Alistair Duffin (over 60).
As promotion for the 2020 GP14 Worlds, there was a raffle on Sunday for FREE ENTRY, with all those entering by midnight Sat 17th getting into the draw. With I believe 65 entries now registered the winner of the FREE ENTRY was Greystones Youth Ciaran Keogh.
A great event run by Skerries and super preparation for 2020 Worlds  included loads of coffee and scones before racing, a smashing BBQ on Saturday night and rounded off with trays of sandwiches for prizegiving. 
Commodore Kathryn Collins, GP14 Class President David Cooke and Doire Shiels Skerries Sailing Secretary presided over the prizegiving. 

2019 GP14 Championship of Ireland 

Event Sponsor

NOR 3:rock 2019 GP14 Championship or Ireland
Notice of Race 2019 GP14 Championship of Ireland
GP14 NOR Championship of Ireland.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [206.5 KB]
ENTRY FORM 3:rock 2019 GP14 Championship or Ireland
ENTRY FORM 2019 GP14 Championship of Ireland
GP14 Nationals 2019 Entry Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.1 KB]

2020 GP14 World Championships


Skerries Sailing Club


25th to 31st July 2020

Provisional NOR


Link to Entry


3:rock GP14 Championship of Ireland


(Skerries Sailing Club)


Fri 16 to Sun 18

August 2019



Skerries Sailing Club are delighted to host the 2019 3:Rock GP14 Championship of Ireland Regatta.  This will be the first year where we race on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday format ands we are hoping to see as many boats as possible competing. We will be running gate starts over the course of the weekend and this should be great practice for next years 2020 Worlds in Skerries. 

All details of racing are included in the Notice of Race, below is a brief outline of what is planned off the water: 
On Friday evening the annual AGM will be held in the SSC clubhouse right after racing. We recommend you either book into one of the many restaurants in Skerries or order a Take Away to the clubhouse where we can supply plates/ cutlery and most importantly some drinks!  
Saturday night we are running a BBQ at €15 per person for a choice of Steak, Chicken, Veg with live music, it is aimed to start around 18.00. We will also raffle off a free entry to the 2020 Skerries Worlds on the night for all those who paid the deposit entry. It promises to be a great night and the start of the build up for our World Chamionship next year, so it would be fantastic to see as many faces there to enjoy the Apres Sailing atmosphere. 
If you have any questions in relation to the event please feel free to contact me on 0877150071/


The NOR has been published below.

NOR 3:rock 2019 GP14 Championship or Ireland
Notice of Race 2019 GP14 Championship of Ireland
GP14 NOR Championship of Ireland.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [206.5 KB]
ENTRY FORM 3:rock 2019 GP14 Championship or Ireland
ENTRY FORM 2019 GP14 Championship of Ireland
GP14 Nationals 2019 Entry Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.1 KB]

Allen Sailing 2019 GP14 UK Nationals

SCYC, Abersoch


Congratulations Sam Watson & Andy Thompson on your victory this week. Well deserverd and hope we see you across in Skerries for the Championship of Ireland on Aug 16/18.


Also well done Peter & Stephen Boyle (Sutton Dinghy Club) for a superb 7th Overall and Top Irish crew.


Final results, event report and photos to follow.

A new whatsapp group has been recently formed to make it easier to organising coaching sessions, findings crews etc. If you are a youth and want to be added let me know.
Contact Colman 0868689303.

2019 GP14 Leinster Championship

incorporated in

Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta


12-14  July

Event Report - To Follow

2019 GP14 Leinster Champions

Sam Watson (Nantwich) & Andy Thompson (East Antrim)                

GP14 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

(Mullingar Sailing Club)





2019 GP14 Ulster Championship

12-14  July

Event Report - Sam Watson

Lough Foyle Yacht Club, located on the banks of the River Foyle at Culmore Point, hosted the 2019 Ulster Championships attracting 27 competitors from not only all over Ireland but as far from Poole in Dorset, England.

After 2 general recalls and the race officer having to raise the black flag before race 1 had begun, the fleet started and headed off towards the windward mark. As the fleet were getting used to the dominating tide, Keith and Alan showed they were not to be messed with on their home turf and used their local knowledge to navigate to the front of the fleet by the windward mark. Closely followed by the English Raiders, Sam and Andy. 3rd place and 1st silver went to the young pairing of Adrian and Ed who had a fantastic race and were extremely unlucky not to turn 3rd into 2nd as they crossed the line almost simultaneously with Sam and Andy. 1st Bronze fleet sailor went to the new pairing of David and Elysia.

Race 2 commenced after only 1 general recall! By this time the tide had increased and the offshore breeze had started to shift significantly. Again, local boat Adrian and Ed used their local knowledge to get to the right and correct side of the course early. Shortly after the start a nice 20’ starboard shift came down the racecourse giving Adrian and Ed the largest lead the fleet has seen for a while! They sailed away by themselves and won the race by the best part of a leg! Behind these guys Keith and Alan and Shane and Damian had a battle for 2nd and 3rd. Being won on the last leg by Keith and Alan. Mathew and Richard Street had a great race finishing just behind Shane and Damian in 4th place and 1st Bronze.

Race 3 saw a similar set of conditions with slightly decreasing tide but still large offshore shifts. This time it was Shane and Damian who dominated the first beat and gained an impressive lead. Behind them the fleet changed positions in the varying shifts. 2nd was taken by Sam and Andy followed by Keith and Alan. Josh and Meg sailed through the fleet to finish an impressive 4th place.

With Saturdays 3 races over the most important race of the day kicked off, the beer race into the club! The sailors packed up and headed up the hill to The Magnet Bar who had prepared some 1st class food for the sailors. We even had a honouree visit from Curley Morris who wasn’t sailing due to hip op. Curley will be back for the Nationals, watch out!

Day 2 came around and you could definitely tell who had been to the Magnet bar till 1 in the morning. Keith and Alan were the first boat on the water and had set the boat up for what seemed was going to be a windy day. The fleet ran out into the tide in a considerable 15 knot breeze. With the tide pushing the boats to windward a few boats were slightly pre mature for race 4 and two boats were given the first black flags of the event. Alistair and Andy and Connor and Barry Twohig hit the line a little too early and were disqualified. The fleet carried on up to the windward mark in what was again, extremely shifty and tough conditions to sail in. This meant for allot of place changes and not one boat could let their guard down. The wind had died slightly and the Race Officer decided to shorten the course at second leeward mark. This left Shane and Damian to take the win, followed by ex Olympian Ger Owen and Mel Morris who used the light conditions to sail through the fleet. Keith and Alan secured 3rd putting them on equal points with Shane and Damian. It now looked like a 2 horse race for the lead with both boats having a 6 point lead to Sam and Andy in 3rd place. Micheal and Michelle secured 4th place and first Silver.

Race 5 commenced and was met at the gybe mark by a lovely 18 knots squall. This helped Sam and Andy who managed to hold onto the kite for a little longer that JP and Carolyn which set them up for the win. Shane and Andy won the battle fro 2nd against Keith and Alan. This put them just a point ahead of Keith and Alan going into the last race. Doire and Andrew had an impressive race to 4th position. David and Alysia had another great race finishing 6th and 1st Bronze.

The last raced commenced in a light breeze. It looked like the 22 year old Duffin had much better pace in the lighter winds as Sam and Andy did what they could to fight for the lead. Another win would put them in contention but at this stage it all depended on how both Shane and Damian and Keith and Alan did in the last race. In the light and shifty wind Jp and Carolyn showed serious speed aswell as Ger and Mel who took 2nd and 3rd respectively. Doire and Andrew held onto 4th infront of Shane and Damian and Keith and Alan who were battling further down the fleet for the lead.

The final race was complete and again the race to the club commenced with a serious ebbing tide flying out of the Foyle. It took a while for the boats to get through this in the dying wind. The boats came ashore and the maths started! On joint points Sam and Andy took the lead from Shane and Damian due to number of 1sts and 2nds. Following behind by only 1 point was Keith and Alan.

Thanks to Lough Foyle Yacht Club and the many volunteers for putting on a great event. Thanks to Thompson NI for sponsoring the event and James Peter Hockley for organising the best event of the season so far! The next event is the Leinsters at Dun Laoghaire on the 12th to the 14th of July.

2019 GP14 Ulsters Results
2019 GP14 Ulster Championship Results
Adobe Acrobat document [73.9 KB]

GP14 Ulster Championship


(Lough Foyle Yacht Club)


8-9 June 2019



The 2nd event of the season will be the Ulster Championship. Its been a while since we held an event in Lough Foyle Yacht Club and the event organising committee that includes James Peter Hockley & Owen McCauley have been hard at work since it was announced the Ulsters were heading back to the Lough.


The NOR has been published below and the organisers have drafted a useful list of B&B's and other accomodation close by to the Club.

Entry Forms can be completed at the Club but a copy is attached below to speed up registration.

As an aid to helping the Club prepare for the event, they would appreciate if those intending to sail confirm with one of the following:


  • James Peter - / 07511477211
  • Owen McCauley - / 07725278658
NOR GP14 Ulster Championship, Lough Foyle Yacht Club
Notice of Race GP14 Ulster Championship
2019 GP 14 Ulster Championship NOR v1.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [51.7 KB]
Accommodation List - GP14 Ulsters
List of B&B's etc. close to Lough Foyle Yacht Club
Accommodation GP14 Ulster Championship L[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [21.6 KB]
Entry Form - GP14 Ulsters
GP14 Ulster Championship Entry Form
GP14 Ulsters 2019 Entry Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [33.5 KB]

2019 GP14 Munster Championship

incorporating the Purcell Trophy


Cullaun Sailing Club

11-12 May

Event Report - JP McCaldin

Cullaun Sailing club, Co Clare, hosted the Irish GP fleet for what turned out to be the 1st event of the year following the postponement of the Mullingar event in April. Competitors travelled from the 4 corners of Ireland with visitors from Derry, Dublin, Cork and North Down and many points in between and were warmly welcomed to the brand new clubhouse which had only been completed 2 weeks previously.

The race officer had a challenging weekend with light very shifty conditions on the Saturday and windier but still shifty conditions on the Sunday. He did a great job to get in 6 races over the 2 days and gave the class plenty of starting practice!

Race 1 was dominated by Colman Grimes and Matthew Street who built up a considerable lead of almost a leg at one stage but JP and Carolyn McCaldin got very lucky and hooked up with a gust on the final run and then took advantage of a 20 degree lift at the leeward mark to pinch 1st place. 3rd place went to class newcomers Alex Barry and Richard Leonard from Cork in their 1st competitive outing in the GP. 1st Silver fleet boat was Lawrence Baalham and Robbie Richardson with a 5th place and 1st bronze went to Michael Collender and Brian Walker.

Race 2 followed a similar pattern with big shifts and multiple place changes. The McCaldins decided to start before the gun and had to go back! Keith Louden and Alan Thompson had a great battle with Alex and Richard to take the win. Lawrence and Robbie had another great result with a 3rd place with Norman and Ken Lee taking 4th. Michael and Brian were again 1st bronze.

Race 3 again saw lots of place changes with big gains (and losses!) to be made in the shifts. Alex and Richard won the race showing us all that they are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with as the class builds to the worlds in Skerries in 2020. The Derry boys, James Peter Hockley and Owen McCauley taking 2nd place and 1st silver with Keith and Alan 3rd. 2nd silver was son and father team Conor and Barry Twohig. Again Michael and Brian were 1st bronze home.

Alex and Richards consistency gave them a 4 point over night lead from Keith and Alan with the McCaldins 2 points further back.

All competitors enjoyed an evening of BBQ and music in the local pub in Tulla and were treated to the skills of pool shark Hugh Gill beating all comers!

Sunday dawned with more wind, hiking would be required. Conditions still shifty, but thankfully not quite as extreme as day one.

Race 4 was led from start to finish by silver fleets Adrian Lee and Edward Coyne, giving them their first ever event race win. The McCaldins applied pressure at times but were unable to get past and took 2nd. Alex and Richard were 3rd with James Peter and Owen 4th and 1st silver. The theme continued with Michael and Brian again dominating the bronze fleet. Four races in, 4 different winners – showing how competitive the fleet is.

Race 5 was won by the McCaldins putting them on equal points with Alex & Richard going into the last race. Josh Porter and Andy Corkhill had a fabulous race to take 2nd at a photo finish with Keith and Alan 3rd. James Peter and Owen took 4th and 1st in the silver fleet - with this form they won’t be in the silver fleet long!! Richard decided to test the buoyancy of the spinnaker pole and his helms swimming ability was noted in this race! No prizes for guessing the 1st bronze boat!

The final race of the event was under way at the 5th or was it the 6th ? attempt after numerous ‘U’ flag general recalls. With the wind in a left phase Alex and Richard started at the pin end and crossed the fleet to lead from the McCaldins at the weather mark, with James Peter and Owen in 3rd. James Peter and Owen took a flier to the right on the 2nd beat to lead considerably at the windward mark followed by Alex and Richard. The Derry boys headed right again on the final beat followed by the McCaldins but this time left paid and Alex and Richard led comfortably at the final weather mark which they held to the finish to take the race and the event. James Peter and Owen were 2nd in the final race, 4th overall and 1st silver. Event organiser Des McMahon and Pat Biesty stopped a clean sweep in the bronze fleet which was dominated by Michael and Brian.

Overall a great event, many thanks to everyone at Cullaun Sailing Club for their hospitality and effort. Full results below. Photos from the event will be posted shortly.

The next event, the GP14 Ulster Championship, is hosted by Lough Foyle Yacht Club on 8th & 9th June. Rumour has it the fleet will be joined by some English raiders.

2019 GP14 Munster Champions

Alex Barry & Richard Leonard (RCYC)

with Des McMahon - GP14 Class Captain, Cullaun Sailing Club                 

2019 GP14 Munster Championship
ResultsGP14 Munsters.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [28.5 KB]

GP14 Munster Championship

incorporating the Purcell Trophy

(Cullaun Sailing Club)


11-12 May 2019



Less than a week now  to go to the GP14 Munsters being held in Cullaun Sailing Club. The Club have only recently opened a new Clubhouse and this is the first sailing event to be run in the Club for quite a long time.


The  NOR and Sailing Instructions are available BELOW.
Entry Forms can be completed at Cullaun Sailing Club.

Accommodation and Location of Club: Checkout the attached information flyer. Camping is available adjacent to Club grounds.


As an aid to helping the Club prepare for the event, they would appreciate if those intending to sail confirm with Des McMahon. Also if you have any othyer queries, please contact Des via email
Sailing Instructions GP14 Munsters Cullaun SC
GP14 Munster Championship SI's
Munster SI’s 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [255.1 KB]
NOR GP14 Munsters Cullaun SC
Notice of Race GP14 Munster Championship
NOR Cullaun Munsters v4.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [66.8 KB]
GP14 Munsters - Cullaun Press Release
GP14 Munster Championship - Press Release
GP14 Munsters Press Release.docx
Microsoft Word document [581.7 KB]

GP14 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

(Mullingar Sailing Club)


27-28 April 2019





The Class Association are working with Mulingar Sailing Club to arrange an alternative weekend to run the event.  The Committee had looked at moving to next weekend but with the proximity to both the Munsters (Cullaun) and Ulsters (Lough Foyle) it was felt it would have a detrimental impact on all events. Running a Sunday only event was also considered but for a number of reasons looking to an alternative weekend in the season was viewed as more appropriate.


GP14 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

(Mullingar Sailing Club)


27-28 April 2019



Less than a week now  to go to the first event of our season.


The event will have a revised format from previous seasons. This has been done to try and ensure all racers get as much racing as possible as well as ensuring we have a result in the event we lose a day of racing due to weather. Details will be outlined in the SI's.

A revised NOR is now available BELOW. - NOTE the  version on the Mullingar webiste is an earlier revision.
Entry Forms and SI will be made available in due course. 

Accommodation:  More details to follow.
Location of Club: See the About Us page on our website for details. There is no bar or catering restaurant at the Club, but snacks will be available for the duration of the event. 

If you have any queries, please contact Cormac Meaney by return email to
O'Tiarniagh Challenge NOR v2
Notice of Race - O'Tiarnaigh Challenge 27-28th April
O'Tiarnaigh NOR 2019 REV 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [112.9 KB]

31 Entries

With 3 Months to go to the

GP14 Leinster Championship

Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta (July 12-14)

A great response from the Class. Keep up to date with what is happening by checking the VDLR link.

2019 E Howard Davis & Craftinsure Youth Training - July 28 - August 2

If you are under 22 on December 31st or still in full time education you are eligible to submit an application for a place on this years Youth Training Week taking place in  Plas Menai, Caernarfon, Gwynedd from Sunday 28 July to Friday 2 August 2018.


Applications must be received by March 18th.

Not only do GP14 youth sailors benefit from top quality coaching, its also a chance to meet, socialise and forge friendships with other sailors. Check out link below for more details and application form.

Duffin Marine - Has a new email address:


2019 Events


April 27th & 28th               O'Tiarnaigh                                                       Mullingar Sailing Club
May 11th & 12th                 Munster Championship & Purcell Ttrophy       Cullaun Sailing Club
June 8th & 9th                   Ulster Championship                                        Lough Foyle Sailing Club
July 12th, 13th & 14th       Leinster Championship                                    Dun Laoghaire
August 16th, 17th & 18th  Championship of Ireland                                  Skerries Sailing Club
September 14th & 15th     Autumn Open & Youth Championship              Sutton Dinghy Club
October 19th & 20th          Hot Toddy                                                         Lough Erne Yacht Club       


Thank you for all the WORLDS Feedback

Thank you to all those who provided feedback to the Committee with regard to preparing for Worlds in Skerries 2020.

Over 150 separate comments were received from almost all those who attended Mounts Bay last year. The details have been passed on to the 2020 Skerries Worlds Organising Committee.

Curlys 75th - 5th January, Skerries Sailing Club



Twenty-two brave GP14 sailors and 11 boats from Skerries, Sutton Dinghy Club, Newtownards Sailing Club, Donaghadee Sailing Club, Greystones Sailing Club, Youghal Sailing Club, Royal St George Yacht Club turned up in the chilly waters in Skerries on Saturday shaking off the holiday cobwebs for a fun filled afternoon to celebrate one of the class’s legends, Curly Morris, who was celebrating his 75th birthday.
There were three short races pencilled in by Officers of the Day Olive Rooney and Sam Shiels. However, the sailors were so keen they requested a fourth race, as the eleven GPs enjoyed near-perfect conditions with 8-12 knots from the north west providing ideal conditions for sailors who may have been worried about some off-season rust!

Gerbil Owens and Melanie Morris showed great form for the start of the season winning all the races in comfortable style, with Curly Morris, Hugh Gill and Michael Cox proving consistent as usual. With boats travelling from both the north and south of Ireland there was fantastic competitiveness with tight racing from start to finish.

All sailors returned to shore for some well-earned drinks and toasties in the clubhouse.

We wrapped up Curlys 75th with a super night in the Red Bank, Skerries. With Curlys family 36+ sat down for what was to be former GP14 sailor Terry McCoys last meal as chef-proprietor of the famous Red Bank Restaurant. Curly said a few words, Hugh Gill said a few words on behalf of the GP14 Ireland fleet and Terry said a few words. A great night and we all left hoping we would be back somewhere in 5 years time for something similar. Congratulation Curly. #gp14legend

The afternoon’s sailing kicked off an exciting programme ahead for Skerries and the GP14 class. Skerries Sailing Club is due to host the Irish Nationals later this year over the 16,17,18 August. The Nationals will be a great warm up event for the World Championships that are due to be held at the Club on 25-31 July 2020. Both events are sure to attract sailors and their families from far and wide in what promises to be two great regattas.

Andrew Johnston


Gerry Gilligan - RIP


It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Gerry Gilligan on Saturday after a short illness. Originally from Baldoyle in Dublin, Gerry lived in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal and was for many years a great supporter of the GP14 class, sailing out of Sligo Yacht Club at Rosses Point. 
Gerry was a regular traveler to GP14 events around the country until quite recently. Gerry had a number of boats down the years including 'Gatecrasher' and was regularly crewed by his daughter Andrea. Gerry was known to sometimes paint the hull of his boats with a different color on either side. In more recent years, Gerry also sailed out of Lough Erne Yacht Club crewing on and latterly owning a J/24. 
Our thoughts are with his wife Felicity, his daughters Andrea and Raissa and all the family at this time.
Remains will repose at his residence on Monday from 2pm until 10pm. House private at all other times. Remains will arrive in St. Patricks Church, Ballyshannon on Tuesday for 12pm. Funeral Mass followed by interment in Saint Ninnidhs Cemetery, Bundoran.
2018 Hot Toddy Results
Hot Toddy NSC 2018_FINAL.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [39.1 KB]

2018 Hot Toddy

Newtownards Sailing Club

13-14 Oct


From Michael Cox (Newtownards Sailing Club):


Newtownards Sailing Club is delighted to host the Hot Toddy and is offering a special youth entry of €25 / £20 (both helm and crew are aged 21 or under), with the usual free on-site camping.. 
Saturday night sees a special end of season party with good hearty food and entertainment by the Diesel Drinkers a six piece band fronted by GP sailors Michael Park and Davy Allen.  With a late licence, drinks promotions and great company this is sure to be a night to remember and a fitting way to close the season.  Look out for spot prizes, fun and games and much more.
You won’t want to miss this one.
The NOR & entry forms can be downloaded below. For more details about the event check out our  website or contact MIchael Cox at
2018 Hot Toddy NOR
2018 GP 14 Hot Toddy NOR.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [49.6 KB]
2018 Hot Toddy Entry Form and Party Booking
Contact Michael Cox for more details at
GP14 Hot Toddy 2018 Entry Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [63.6 KB]

Event reports are written by the helm or crew of the 3rd placed boat.

2018 Autumn Open Report

Event report by Peter Boyle

After the last of the summer holidays passed it was onto the autumn open in Mullingar. With a medium breeze forecast it was shaping up to be one of the
more windy events of the year. The racing was quite tight as the class has shown consistently this year.  Race 1 was taken by Curly Morris and Laura Thompson who held a healthy lead around the course, they were then followed by Keith Loudon and Alan Thompson in 2nd and Ger Owens and Mel Morris in 3rd. In race 2 it was Shane mac Carthy and Damien Bracken took 1st with Niall Henry and Ossian Geragthy in 2nd and Dan Gill and David Johnston in 3rd. The competition was close with 3rd and 4th place tied on 9 points and 5th and 6th also tied with 10 points. On the second day the breeze was back up with clouds heavily dictating were the next header or lift would come from meaning you were never out of the game. Simply heading left under a big cloud could hugely pay off leaving you in a pretty nice position if ever a comeback was needed and your luck was  showing. On day 2 it was Shane and Damien who would end the 2 races with a top spot placing them in 1st place. They were then followed by Niall and Ossian who
took the 2nd spot with Peter Boyle and Stephen Boyle finishing with a 3rd over all. Thank you to all in mullingar that made the event possible and for stepping in to take not only the autumn open but also youth championship which is no easy task.                                                                                                                                                 

2018 Youth Championship Report

Event report by Josh Porter

This year saw 16 youth boats take to the water to battle it out for the youth trophy. This event turned out to be tough for a lot of crews as the conditions were breezy and some had completed a total of 8 races by the end of the weekend.

Race 1 saw brothers Gareth & Richard Gallagher getting away clear from the start and holding their lead throughout the race. Sutton’s Conor Twohig & Alex Kavanagh also had a great race finishing in 2nd place, clear ahead of the chasing pack with a great battle for 3rd between 5 boats. Peter & Stephen Boyle got the advantage of the pack to take 3rd. Race 2 saw yet another battle, this time for 1st place between 4 boats. Sutton’s David Johnston & Dan Gill came away with the win after pulling out a gap on 2nd place Peter & Stephen Boyle, with James Peter Hockley & Alan Thompson coming in a close 3rd. This left Peter & Stephen the overnight leaders, just one point ahead of fellow Sutton rivals David and Dan. Only 5 points separated the top 6 which meant there was still a lot to play for.

Sunday saw a bit more breeze than the previous day, which split the fleet up a lot more than Saturday’s races. Race 3 finally got underway after a couple of general recalls, with PRO Fred Ternan having to opt for the black flag. This remained for the rest of the day as time was running out. Race 3 saw Peter & Stephen take the win, with NSC’s Josh & Michael taking 2nd ahead of Lough Foyle’s James & Alan. Race 4 saw yet another battle between 6 boats coming in to the first leeward rounding, after gusts split the rest of the fleet on the first reach. After a great final race Peter & Stephen took the race win ahead of David & Dan with Youghal’s Adrian Lee crewed by Ossian Geraghty coming in 3rd. Coming away with the overall win after a great event was Sutton’s Peter & Stephen Boyle, followed by fellow Sutton sailors David Johnston & Dan Gill in 2nd , with Newtownards SC’s Josh Porter & Michael Cox coming in 3rd with only 2 points separating the next 3 boats. Big thanks to Mullingar Sailing Club for hosting the event at such short notice and to PRO Fred Ternan and his race team for getting 4 great youth races in, as well as the open event. Thanks also to the boat owners for lending their boats to some of the youths! Finally, I hope to see many of you at Newtownards SC for the Hot Toddy, it’s sure to be a great event!                                                         

Mullingar - GP14 Autumn Open and Youths

15-16 Sep


From Michael Collender (Fleet captain, Mullingar Sailing Club):


The next event of the season is scheduled for Mullingar Sailing Club. Come to Mullingar and to make this the biggest event of the season.  We are in a central location, the lake offers a really good sailing area - we can get on the water when nobody else can. Sailing area is 5 minutes from slipway - not an hour!  Dinner & the few drinks are in the centre of Mullingar, so no freezing outside the clubhouse. Convinced - great - we want you in Mullingar for this big fleet event - we guarantee at least 6 boats from the Club.

This is a combined event - the Autumn Open and the Youths Championship, so if you have any youths who could helm your boat for the Youths, please make sure to encourage them to enter.
I look forward to meeting you over the weekend. I just want to use this email to share a few details about location & accommodation for the weekend.

Accommodation:  The dinner on Saturday night takes place in the Annebrook House Hotel in the centre of Mullingar, so I suggest you arrange your accommodation in the town rather than at the club. The trend has crept in for those attending events not to eat at the club - I think that the conviviality of the Saturday is as important as the sailing, so I would urge you to head to the Annebrook for the grub & craic.
Location of Club: See the About Us page on our website for details. There is no bar or catering restaurant at the Club, but snacks will be available for the duration of the event. 

The NOR & entry form will be on our new website

If you have any queries, please contact me by return email to or phone 087-2529433.

Regards & best of luck in the event. We aim to do our best to make your visit to Mullingar an enjoyable experience.

GP14 Irish & Masters Championship @ Sligo

Sat 18 Aug - Mon 20 Aug







** Congratualtions to Ross & Jane Kearney on taking the 2018 GP14 Ireland Championship **


2nd overall was Sam Watson & James Hockney with a return to the local scene from Tim Corcoran & Brendan Brogan taking 3rd.




Rank SailNo Boat Name HelmName CrewName Club Fleet R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Total Nett
1st 14242 Purple Rocket Ross Kearney Jane Kearney RNIYC / South Staffs SC Gold -7 3 1 1 4 3   19 12
2nd 13888 The Drip Sam Watson James Peter Hockley Nantwich SC / LFYC Gold 1 -16 2 4 3 11   37 21
3rd 14055   Tim Corcoran Brendan Brogan SYC Gold 2 1 (38.0 OCS) 14 2 4   61 23
4th 14076 True Belle Ger Owens Mel Morris R StG YC Gold 4 6 -12 3 9 1   35 23
5th 14219 Trouble on the Way Curly Morris Laura McFarlane EABC / NSC Gold (O 60) 8 5 9 9 -13 2   46 33
6th 14214   Keith Louden Alan Thompson RYA Gold 11 7 -14 12 1 6   51 37
7th 14235 Wally Alan Blay David Johnston Sutton DC Gold 5 4 11 -13 7 13   53 40
8th 14130 Kalaco Hugh Gill Dan Gill Sutton DC Gold (O 60) 13 -20 4 5 12 9   63 43
9th 14247   John McGuinness Donal McGuinness Moville BC Gold (O 50) 10 (38.0 OCS) 7 15 11 7   88 50
10th 14209 Speranza Gareth Gallagher Richard Gallagher   Gold (U 22) (38.0 OCS) 2 10 10 15 14   89 51
11th 14144   Colman Grimes Graeme Grant Skerries SC Gold 12 17 8 -19 5 12   73 54
12th 13917 KMIT Joshua Porter Sara Gowdy NSC Silver (U 22) 15 11 13 7 (38.0 DNF) 8   92 54
13th 14116   Peter Boyle Stephen Boyle Sutton DC Silver (U 22) 9 15 5 11 -17 16   73 56
14th 14203   Shane MacCarthy Damien Bracken Greystones SC Gold 3 9 (38.0 OCS) 2 38.0 DNF 5   95 57
15th 13993 Daisy Chain Niall Henry Ossian Geraghty SYC Gold (O 50) 6 (38.0 DSQ) 18 8 8 20   98 60
16th 14237   JP McCaldin Carolyn McCaldin SYC / LEYC Gold (38.0 DNC) 38.0 DNC 3 6 14 18   117 79
17th 14225 Gringer Sails Again Cathal Sheridan David Cooke Skerries SC Silver (O 50) 19 -24 22 16 10 15   106 82
18th 14127 Karma Colm O'Flaherty David O'Connor SYC Gold (38.0 DSQ) 8 38.0 DNC 17 6 17   124 86
19th 14040 Alkadoo Bill Johnson James Johnson LFYC Silver (O 50) 17 14 24 22 (38.0 DNF) 10   125 87
20th 14054 Still Thinking Too ! Doire Shiels Andrew Sexton Skerries SC Silver 14 22 6 27 (38.0 DNF) 21   128 90
21st 14138   Simon Cully Liby Tierney Blessington SC Silver 16 18 20 21 16 (38.0 DNC)   129 91
22nd 1414   Sam Wray Luke Henderson SYC Silver (U 22) 20 19 17 23 (38.0 DNF) 24   141 103
23rd 13314 Fool's Gold Sarah White Oscar Langan SYC Bronze (U 22) 25 25 15 18 (38.0 DNF) 23   144 106
24th 14171 Ananda Lawrence Baalham Robbie Richardson Donaghadee SC Silver (O 60) 18 10 21 26 (38.0 DNF) 38.0 DNC   151 113
25th 13981 Cloud Nine Matthew Street Richard Street Blessington SC Silver 23 12 23 31 (38.0 DNF) 27   154 116
26th 13180 Alkoran Martin Dews Vicky Dews Donaghadee SC Silver 21 26 25 24 (38.0 DNF) 26   160 122
27th 1403   Adrian Lee Jordan Lupton YSC Silver (U 22) 27 13 16 30 (38.0 DNF) 38.0 DNC   162 124
28th 1413X   Jonathan Evans Ian Craig SYC Bronze 28 23 28 25 (38.0 DNF) 25   167 129
29th 13745   Thomas Sexton Paul Sexton SYC Bronze 22 32 30 28 (38.0 DNF) 19   169 131
30th 14212 Falkor Michael Cox Michelle Evans NSC / Chase SC Silver (38.0 DNF) 28 19 29 38.0 DNF 22   174 136
31st 14061   Michael Collender Brian Walker Mullingar SC Bronze (O 50) 24 21 29 35 (38.0 DNF) 29   176 138
32nd 13677   Una l'Estrange Aisling Mongle SYC Bronze 26 27 31 36 (38.0 DNF) 28   186 148
33rd 14133 Kylie Jack Buttimer Adam McDonagh YSC Bronze (U 22) 31 33 27 32 (38.0 DNF) 30   191 153
34th 13845 Winter Solstice Karl Kerins John Cameron SYC Silver (O 50) 29 30 33 37 (38.0 DNF) 31   198 160
35th 13680 Luna Rosa Nicholas Jeanniot Holly White SYC Bronze (O 50) 30 34 32 33 (38.0 DNF) 32   199 161
36th 13207 This One Sam Street Josh Lloyd Blessington SC Bronze (U22) (38.0 DNC) 31 38.0 DNS 20 38.0 OCS 38.0 DNC   203 165
37th 10111   Ellen O'Dwyer Noah Canham SYC Bronze (U 22) (38.0 DNF) 29 26 34 38.0 DNF 38.0 DNC   203 165


Important news - venue change for Autumn Open and Youths

Dates remain the same - 15-16 Sep


It will now be held in Mullingar and no longer Blessington.


The water levels in Blessington are too low to hold the event.


Thanks to Mullingar for stepping in at short notice.



Fantastic photos & drone footage of the worlds racing

GP14 Irish & Masters Championship @ Sligo

Sat 18 Aug - Mon 20 Aug


NOR & Entry Form






         Helm over 22 now or before 2019 : €75 per boat

         Helm under 22 until 2019  :  €0 per boat



Registration: Saturday 18th August from 09:00 to 10:30.    

Briefing – A Briefing will be held at 10:30 on Saturday 18th August


Saturday 18th August    Races 1, and 2        First Warning Signal 12:00

Sunday 19th August        Races 3, 4 and 5    First Warning Signal 11:00

Monday 20th August        Races 6 and 7        First Warning Signal 11:00

On the last scheduled race day no warning signal will be made after 14:30


** Please bring your own re-usable water bottles as Sligo YC no longer issues single use plastic bottles. They will have water available for filling into re-usable containers **



More details on 

Sligo YC - GP14 Ireland Irish Championships

GP14 NOR 2018 070818.docx
Microsoft Word document [181.8 KB]
EntryForm - GP14 Class Association of Ir[...]
Microsoft Word document [41.5 KB]

GP14 Ireland AGM 2018 @ Sligo

Sun 19 Aug @ 6.30pm



The GP14 Ireland AGM will be held at Sligo YC on Sunday 19 August at 6.30pm.



  1. Apologies

  2. Minutes and matters arising from the Annual General Meeting held at Ballyholme YC on Sunday 20th August 2017. 

  3. Correspondence

  4. Treasurer’s Report

  5. Presidents Report

  6. Election of Officers

  7. Points for clarification & discussion:

  8. A.O.B.



Dinner is due to be served that night at 8pm.

Final Day - Friday 3 Aug - last race sailed 


** Congratulations to Mike Senior & Chris White from South Staffs SC on winning the GP14 World Championship **


Race 9 was sailed in light shifty airs.  Mike Senior was just 1 point ahead of Ross Kearney over night so it was all down to the last race.  Mike made a good clean start - Ross did not.  Ross couldn't get clear air to fight Mike for the championship.  Mike took the race with Neil Marsden taking 2nd. Ross finished 28th.  Good enough to keep Ross in runner up postion.  Neil's 2nd took him into 3rd overall.


Shane & Taxi took 4th overall. Ger & Mel take 9th with some of the most consistent results throughout the week.  Mel also takes leading lady crew overall.  Tom Gillard & Andy Thompson finished 10th.  All of these finishers were in the Platinum fleet.


Curly Morris & Laura McFarland take 19th overall and 3rd in the Gold fleet.  Next Irish boat was Alan Blay & David Johnston in 22nd.  Keith Louden  & Alan Thompson in 28th.


Katie Dywer & Michelle Rowley in 41st position take first lady helm and all female boat.


Overall Results

Full results are here:


GPS race tracker

All boats have GPS trackers.  You can play back all races.  You can also watch it live.

Worlds Mount St Michael Visit & Irish night


All competors were invited to a drinks reception at the beautiful St Michaels Mount.  Lord St Levan and his family still reside there but the Mount and the Castle have been gifted to The National Trust.  Lord St Levan is President of the Mounts Bay SC.


This was followed by the traditional Irish night and promoting the next Worlds in 2020 at Skerries.  It was very well attended.  The flyer for the night encouraged the wearing of green.  One of the male sailors could only find a green dress!! 


All I can say about the rest of the night - is that 'when the drink is in, the wit is out'.

GP14 Ireland Dates

Events & Venues


Apr 20/21

Munster Championships

Killaoe Sailing Club


May 18/19

O'Tiarnaigh Trophy

Mullingar Sailing Club


Jun 1/2

Leinster Championships

Howth Yacht Club


Jun 28/29/30

Championship of Ireland

Newtownards Sailing Club


Aug 10/16

World Championships

Plas Heli, Wales


Aug 31/Sep 1

Ulster Championships

Carrickfergus Sailing Club


Sep 14/15

Autumn Open & Youth Championships

Sligo Yacht Club


Oct 19/20

Hot Toddy

Lough Erne Yacht Club

GP14 Fleets and Leagues Guidelines v11 (2023)
Guidance for Operating Fleets and League[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [57.6 KB]
Print | Sitemap