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GP14 Ireland

GP14 Ireland

2022 Leinster Championship

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Mullingar Sailing Club

September 17/18 2022


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GP14 2022 Leinster Championship
Notice of Race
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Day 6 - Final Day with All to Race For

Ian Dobson & Andy Tunnicliffe reclaim Title on count-back

On the water with Andy Johnston

Friday and final race day. 2 races schedule which would enable all crews to utilize a second discard. At the top of the fleet, only 2 points separated Ian Dobson and Matt Mee and with Neil Marsden, Nick Craig, local sailor Colman Grimes, Ger Owens, Hugh Gill, Alan Blay all capable of top 5 finishes, this title was still very much up for grabs. Local bragging rights going into day 2 looked secure with Skerries Colman Grimes in 4th but he had an outside chance of taking 3rd but the gap to 5th was also very small.


In the Silver Fleet, Sutton Dinghy Clubs Conor Twohig led and barring a disaster looked secure but behind him there was a good battle for remaining podium places with Blessington's youngster Sam Street, vying with Skerries Doire Shiels, Newtownards Steven Nelson and another youngster Greystones Ciaran Keogh. In the Bronze Fleet Darwin Sailing Clubs and former Skerries man Conor Byrne looked secure but again all to play for between Meg Tyrrel, Kerri-Ann Boylan, Darach Dineen, Eoghan Duffy and Frankie Browne.


Race 1 got underway clean and on time, with Peter Boyle as pathfinder. With majority of fleet heading out right, pathfinder looked good. Approaching the weather mark, pathfinder Peter Boyle capsizes when in 4th, with Ross Kearney first at the weather mark. Then Neil Marsden. Ian Dobson 4th around behind bronze fleet leader Conor Byrne. Alan Blay in top 5 closely followed by Mat Mee. After the spreader mark, Ian Dobson and Matt Mee engage in little luffing match. The close engagement between the pair will extend through to the end of the days racing.


By the top mark second time round, Ross Kearney still just leads Neil Marsden. Matt Mee has escaped clutches of Ian Dobson and lies 3rd and closing in on the leaders. Alan Blay 5th. Ian Dobson now lies 7th. This competition is far from being over. Wind has been up steady now at 18 knots but has taken it toll on the fleet with quite a few retirees.

Up the last beat Matt Mee has really put the squeeze on the the leading pair and takes the gun by 3 boat lengths from Neil Marsden with Ross Kearney in 3rd. A fast finishing Ian Dobson recovers well to take 4th and that leaves things very tight now at the top of the leader-board. Nick Craig 5th, leading Youth Robert Richardson 6th, Alan Blay 7th with leading Irish contender Colman Grimes in 8th. The fallen pathfinder Peter Boyle having slipped back to late 30s after the capsize has made an excellent recovery to take 10th.

A couple of big finishes sees Blessington's Sam Street & Josh Lloyd post a 16th and the Boylan sisters from Skerries take a 25th which put both pairs now in contention for podium places in Silver and Bronze respectively.


Race 8 was now of major significance in where the World Championship would go. Matt Mee a British National champions on 2 occasions but who had been out of the GP14 fleet for a few years lead by one point from 4 time World Champions Ian Dobson & Andy Tunnicliffe who was were very keen to reclaim a title they had relinquished in 2016.


The top mark leader is Neil Marsden, then Nick Craig, Ian Dobson and Ross Kearney. Our pathfinder Jane Kearney is 8th. Silver Fleet leader is up in Conor Twohig 13th. With wind now up over 20knots, the reaches are fast and a cracking spectacle. Bottom of the reach Neil Marsden has stretched out a very healthy lead. Ian Dobson is next. Matt Mee in 4th behind Nick Craig. Rosa Ross Kearney 5th. Colman Grimes in now up to 9th behind Jane Kearney.


By the leeward mark. All changed. Neil Marsden and majority of the fleet come down right hand side. Ross Kearney has gone left with Matt Mee and Ian Dobson in the middle. Left side seems to have paid with Ian Dobson now leading Matt Mee with Neil Marsden in 3rd ahead of Nick Craig and Ross Keaney in close order. That makes it very tight. Last beat will be interesting. Jane Kearney 7th, then John Hayes, Colman Grimes 10th. Silver fleet leader Conor Twohig holding his 13th with Sam Street 14th, the pair making a real contest. Peter Boyle 15th. Bronze fleet Eoghan Duffy in a superb 16th, Hugh Gill 17th. And Kerri Ann & Megan Boylan now in 20th.


Heading to the top mark and the finish. Its still very close between Ian Dobson and Matt Mee and might well go to a count back. Ian Dobson take the gun from Matt Mee. There is clearly a bit of cheer in background and Ian & Andy believe its theirs. That recovery on the last beat to take 4th in Race 7 may well be the key moment.


Long time race leader Neil Marsden & Derek Hill pips Nick Craig & Toby Lewis for 3rd with Ross Keaney & Andrew Vaughan in 5th. 2 good races for Ross on the final day may well be enough to get him into the Overall Top 10 after a slow start to the Championship. Leading Irish contender has finished 9th to cap a superb event for the local sailor who is also the Event Coordinator. Robert Richardson & Steven Wilson take 10th to copper-fasten an overall top 10 for a very impressive Youth showing. Moville John & Donal McGuinness take 11th with Conor Twohig & Mattheew Cotter from Sutton Dinghy Club capping a super event with a 12th in the final race. Blessington Sam Street & Josh Lloyd finish a great final day with and 18th.


That 4th in Race 7 meant Ian Dobson/Andy Tunnicliffe and Matt Mee/ Chris Robinson tied on Total (17) and Net (9) scores with both discarding two 4th places. An event beset by 2 year covid delay and impacted by the loss of 3 days racing, saw the 2022 GP14 World Championship go all the way to the wire and decided on count-back in favor of Ian Dobson & Andy Tunnicliffe on basis they of 4 race victories to 3 by Matt & Chris. It really couldn't have been closer and a super end to what has been a superbly run event by Skerries Sailing Club.


The Overall result saw Ian & Andy 1st, Matt & Chris 2nd Nick Craig & Toby Lewis 3rd. Top Irish boat was Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles (Skerries SC) who finished 5th. . There were 3 Irish in Top 10 with Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan ( RNIYC) finishing in 7th and Hugh & Dan Gill (Sutton Dinghy Club) 10th. Another 8 Irish crews in Top 20 made for a strong showing and highlights the strength of the Irish fleet.


Conor Twohig & Matthew Cotter finished 21st Overall and took Silver Fleet from Doire Shiels & Lewis Coppinger in 23rd and Sam Street & Josh Lloyd (Blessington) in 27th. Conor Byrne & Emer McNally (Darwin SC) and 22nd overall took Bronze Fleet from Kerri-Ann & Megan Boylan (Skerries SC) in 34th and Frankie Brown & Dave Lappin (Skerries SC) in 40th.


Curly Morris, the outgoing GP14 International President and a great supporter and facilitator for Youth and Female engagement and involvement in the Irish GP14 Class announced a major surprise when additional World Sailing Championship medals were to be presented possibly for the first time at a World Championship in Ireland. The GP14 International organisation would normally present trophies at the GP14 World Championships to categories such as leading Female Helm, leading all-Female crew and leading Youth, but this was the first year that World Sailing has permitted World Sailing medals be presented to these categories as well as the Overall World Championship top 3.


To major cheers and emotional scenes the prize-giving ceremony concluded with the following presentations:

World Sailing Youth Championship Medals:

Gold) Robert Richardson & Steven Wilson (Royal Windemere SC)

Silver) Sam Stree & Josh Lloyd (Blessington Sailing Club)

Bronze) Ciaran Keogh & Adam Leddy (Greystones Sailing Club)


World Sailing All Female Championship Medals:

Gold) Kerri-Ann & Megan Boylan (Skerries Sailing Club)

Silver) Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley (Sutton Dinghy Club)

Bronze) Meg Tyrrell & Sorcha Donnelly (Royal Irish YC/ Skerries SC)


World Sailing Mixed-Crews Championship Medals:

Gold) Ger Owens & Mel Morris (RoyalSt. George YC & East Antrim Boat Club

Silver) Jane Kearney & Ollie Goodhead (Royal North of Ireland C & )

Bronze) Ruan & Rebekkah O’Tiarnaigh (Ballyholme YC & Sutton Dinghy Club)

Day 5 - Playing Catchup - 3 More Races

On the water with Andy Johnston

Thursday dawned with well over a hundred pairs of fingers crossed. Racing lost on Wednesday meant with only 3 races completed the PRO was under pressure. An Thursday morning didnt disappoint. With breeze from south or south west and steady things looked good from the start. The changed direction also provided a flat sea which was another pleasure for the sailors after Tuesday confused seas state.

Race 1 got off on time, with a beautiful 12 knot breeze. From the get go Ger Owens was to the fore on the left side. Others showing early were Jane Kearney, Peter Boyle with Ian Dobson and Matt Mee not far away. Curly Morris had a cracking start and was probably in top 10 as they neared the weather mark. By the time they reached the gybe mark, Ger Owens had 3 or 4 boat length lead from Matt Mee with Neil Marsden now up in contention.

This quartet then battled it to the finish. With a tacking duel all the way up the last leg between Ger Owens and Matt Mee with Ger Owens just holding on to take the gun. A similar battle was ensuing behind with Neil Marsden just pipping Ian Dobson for the 3rd spot. Nick Devereux in 5th with one of the older boats 12654. The next best Irish boat was Ross Kearney in 8th and Adrian Lee in 10th. Colman Grimes the leading Irish boat in the event coming in 18th. Silver fleet leader Conor Twohig added another strong finish when he came across the line in 24th.

Race 2 got underway with the breeze freshening up to 14knots. The Pathfinder for this race was Youghals Adrian Lee. First to show were Matt Mee, Colman Grimes, Hugh Gill, all gone early out of the gate and started up left. At the weather mark it was Matt Mee followed a few boat lengths by Ruan O’Tiarnaigh, Ian Dobson and Hugh Gill. As the wind increased Matt Mee had extended his lead over Ruan O Tiarnaigh 2nd and Hugh Gill in 3rd at the gybe mark. The reaching legs were super fast, with a few capsizes through the fleet including Ger Owens winner of the first race of the day.

By the end of the sausage, Matt Mee had extended his lead quite considerably Ruan O’Tiarnaigh was still holding onto 2nd but Colman Grimes had made huge inroads and now putting Ian Dobson under pressure for 3rd on the water. Hugh Gill was in 5th with Jane Kearney up into 8th spot. Ger Owens showed how to recover from a capzise and was back up into 13th spot.

Matt Mee took the gun under no pressure. However a thrilling finish was unfolding with local sailor and event coordinator Colman Grimes just taking 2nd from Ian Dobson on the line. Hugh Gill made another good Irish finish with 4th, John Hayes 5th and Ruan O Tiarnaigh in 6th, Nick Devereux 7th, Jane Kearney 8th and Peter Boyle in 9th.

Having lost 3 race days, PRO Bill O’Hara had scheduled 3 races to try and catch up. A 3rd race on Thursday meant 2 races on Friday would give him 8 races and the fleet would have 2 discards.

Race 3 got underway with Pathfinder Graham Flynn leading around the weather mark. Followed by Tim Jones, Jane Kearney, Alan Blay. Ian Dobso and Peter Boyle. At this stage leading Irish contender Colman Grimes was in 15th just behind Matt Mee the event leader.

Wind was still 15 to 18 knots but with a grey sky and some rain. The reaches were again fast with a few capsizes through the fleet. At the top mark second time around Jane Kearney (RNIYC) had moved into the lead from Alan Blay with a small gap to Ian Dobson in 3rd. Matt Mee had recovered somewhat and was now up into 6th with Peter Boyle 7th and Colman Grimes up to 10th. The local man is having a storming event in all respects.

Showing his class under pressure, Ian Dobson worked himself into contention with a couple of hundred meters to the finish. Tack for tack he diced with Alan Blay with Ian Dobson taking the gun by less than a boat length. Jane Kearney finished a superb day by holding off the title contender Matt Mee. Peter Boyle took 10th and will be pathfinder for Race 7 on Friday morning. Leading Irish contender Colman Grimes finished 11th.

A great days racing, meant the event was very much back on track and with no clear leader, Fridays racing will be intense. Ian Dobson leads Matt Mee by 2 points with Nick Craig and Colman Grimes battling for 3rd spot. Beyond Colman, Hugh Gill is the next Irish boat in 9th with Ger Owens in 10th. Conor Twohig retains his lead in Silver Fleet ahead of Ciaran Keogh and Skerries sailor Doire Shiels in 3rd. In Bronze fleet Conor Byrne leads Frankie Browne and Meg Tyrrell .

Day 3 - First Races

After 2 days with no racing, day 3 arrived and the fleet knew they were in for a busy day. The fleet launched early off the sand in the harbour into a northerly breeze that picked up and settled at 15-20 knots for race 1. The wind direction also made for a very big sea which as they day went on being even more confused sea state. Considering the strong breeze, the gate starts were well behaved with few incidents across the day.


Matt Mee & Chis Robinson led Race 1 for most of the race, thought he had finished only to discover there was another leg to go. Reacting quickly, he recovered to take 4th behind event favorite Ian Dobson & Andy Tunnicliffe, Nick Craig & Toby Lewis and Ciaron Jones & Sam Platt. Best of the Irish boats was Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles in 5th with Niall Henry & Ossian Geraghty 6th and Hugh and Dan Gill in 9th. There were 20+ retirals in Race 1 as the freshening breeze started to take its toll on some of the younger and smaller crews.


Race 2 got away clean , with Mee & Robinson again leading at the weather mark closely followed by Ruan & Rebekkah O’Tiarnaigh. The downwind leg saw Neil Marsden & Derek Hill, Craig & Lewis along with Dobson & Tunnicliffe back in contention. The Irish contingent were there in numbers as well with Grimes & Gingles well to the fore along with Alan Blay & Hugh McNally, Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan and Ger Owens and Mel Morris also showing. With gusts now well over 20+ knots and the confused sea there were plenty of capsizes particularly around the gybe mark. Mee & Robinson held and extended their lead, with Dobson & Tunnicliffe and Craig & Lewis completing the top 3. the O’Tiarniagh held on for a great 4th ahead of former World Champions Marsden & Hill. Grimes & Gingles continued their great form with a 7th with Owens & Morris taking 8th. At this stage the sea state had worsened and with stronger gusts only 69 boats finished.


Race 3 again got under way and again it was Mee & Robinson who led to the weather mark ahead of Dobson & Tinnicliffe. Irish pair Grimes & Gingles, Marsden & Hill, Craig & Lewis and the O’Tiarnaigh were all again challenging. With a far smaller fleet still on the water, Dobson & Tunnicliffe came through to take victory ahead of Mee & Robinson and Craig & Lewis. Grimes & Gingle confirmed their palce as top Irish boat with a 4th with Henry & Geraghty in 7th. With only 49 finishers in race 3, the fleet headed ashore exhausted but the event now back on track.


Going into Day 4, with 2 races expected, Ian Dobson leads from Matt Mee & Derek Hill with Nick Craig & Toby Lewis 3rd. Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles (Skerries Sailing Club lead the Irish in 4th with Niall Henry & Ossian Geraghty (Sligo Yacht Club) in th. Ruan & Rebekkah O’Tianaighs (Sutton Dinghy Club) lie 9th with Hugh & Dan Gill (Sutton Dinghy Club) in 10th.


Leading the Silver fleet and 13th overall following with 3 top 20 finishes is Conor Twohig & Matthew Cotter (Sutton Dinghy Club) ahead of Ciaran Keogh & Adam Leddy (Greystones Sailing Club) who also had a super day and finished 19th overall. The Bronze fleet is led by Australian entry Conor Byrne & Emer McNally (Darwin Sailing Club)

Progressive Credit Union GP14 World Championship 2022 Update and More Ones to Watch

Report by Andy Johnston



We have waited four years for a GP14 Worlds, so another two days to get the first race is tolerable. Just! Despite the great weather in Skerries the last few days and the obvious delight to be around a large gathering of crews once more, you can sense nervous tension and the desire to get on the water. Sunday was to be a practice race followed by the first race of the Championship proper.


The crew profiles provided the other day were part 1 of 2 sets of introductions I had hoped to present over the initial few days. And as luck would have it, many of the crews that showed first in what was Sunday's practice race were on the second list below.

In the end the best that can be said was the fleet got to practice 2 more gate starts. And with very little wind and an ebb tide, the first attempt was mayhem. With the tide pushing the Pathfinder and the guard boat downwind, many of the 104 boats struggled to keep clear. The PRO had no option only to abandon the race having probably got no more than a quarter way down the fleet.


The second start was far better, with a fraction more breeze. Pathfinder John Hayes & Joel James tacked out to the left and were always looking in contention coming to weather mark. It was hard work however with the tide and quite a light breeze all having its effect. The first 8 or 10 were an even mix of boats that either went well left, well right or up the middle. Best from the right was Keith & Matteo Louden (Lough Foyle) who came around the top mark a boat length or 2 behind the Pathfinder with Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan (RNIYC) also from the right. Adrian Lee & Gareth Gallagher (Youghal) were next from up the middle followed by Neil Marsden & Derek HilI who seemed to come out of the left. Alan Blay & Hugh McNally (Sutton Dinghy Club) were next and another who came up the middle.


By the gybe mark Kearney & Vaughan had overtaken the Loudens with Lee & Gallagher closing in. Marsden & Bell were in 5th just ahead of Blay & McNally. However Hayes & James were in complete control in the lightening breeze. Others in the top 10 as they made their way to the gybe mark were Sam Street & Josh Lloyd from Blessington and Ruan & Rebekkah O'Tiarnaigh (Sutton Dinghy Club) Back in the fleet big gains were to be made in staying high to the gybe mark and saw Hugh & Dan Gill, Ian Dobson & Andy Tunnicliffe amongst others make big moves. However the signs were starting to look ominous as the breeze continued to drop, and as the leader approached the leeward mark, with a couple of boats still to make the weather mark, the PRO sounded horns to abandon the race and very quickly after that racing for the day. It take a bit of time and effort to tow 104 boats home but effectively and efficiently handled by the safety and shore crews from Skerries.


Rarely is the practice race taken as anything more than a practice race, but the post race discussions on the effect of tide, wind shifts and gate boat protocols were fairly animated and extensive. Talk turned to Monday, but even on Sunday there was a sense it might not happen.

With hope if not expectations high, Skerries had arranged a talk on local tides by Gerry Byrne. Having seen the impact of tide on Sunday practice race, the talk was very well attended. However, despite an amendment to start earlier, the wind didn't play ball and Monday morning saw 2 postponements before racing was finally abandoned for the day around midday. Another amendment saw the lay-day lost and racing now scheduled for Wed with an earlier start on Tuesday. Looks like PRO Bill O'Hara will try and get 3 races in on Tuesday and hope to get back on track by end of Wednesday. The forecast does looks promising.

  • Neil Marsden & Derek Hill - The 2003 Champions and 3rd in Mounts Bay in 2018, Neil and Derek are back to contest another Worlds. Their victory in 2003 was in a 171 boat fleet and they pipped the legendary Richard Estaugh for the title. Not sure when was the last GP14 event they sailed, but we shouldn't be surprised if they are there or thereabouts next Friday evening.


  • Adrian Lee & Gareth Gallagher - A Youghal and Moville combination and one that has been on fire this season. Adrian has been a regular race winner in the last few season and they have race victories in pretty much all events this year, but the pair have now added consistency to their obvious speed. They have demonstrated at the Nationals at Royal North and the Skerries Pre-Worlds that they can deliver in both light and windy conditions.


  • John Hayes & Joel James - Another team in good form coming into the Worlds following 5th place that included a race win at the British Nationals and victory in the Scottish Championship earlier in the season. John has been a regular visitor to Ireland and will certainly be in the mix most days. Word on the street is his boat is on its way to an emerging GP14 Club in Northern Ireland.


  • Alan Blay & Hugh McNally - This is a strong team and getting stronger and finished last season with victory in the Munster Championship in November. They have shown patches of form in events so far and did well last November. strong team, won the last event of the year in 2021 and have shown showed good form early in the season. Have served their time in the class, is this year the year for them?


  • Ruan & Rebekah O'Tiarnaigh - The father and daughter team jumped into the class at the start of the season and have taken off very quickly. No surprise really with Ruan's vast experience and success, former National & Helmsmans Champion and 4th in the Durban World Championships back in 2000. They have been showing some great pace, took a podium in the Spring Open in Sligo and will be looking to have a good event.


  • Keith & Matteo Louden - Keith teaming up with his youngest son has been great to see, a very light pairing who could cause some serious trouble if the conditions go in their favour. One of the youngest in the fleet at 14, Matteo has taken to the front of the boat like a duck to water and despite their weight have shown they can handle windy conditions as well. The pair have race wins and a no. of top 3 finishes in races throughout this seasons events.


  • Niall Henry & Ossian Geraghy - Recent winners of the Pre-Worlds, which followed a 7th at a very competitive Nationals in July. The pair have not sailed much for a year or two but seem to be quickly getting back to their usual competitive selves. Get a good run going and they would certainly be hoping to be in top 3 Irish boats this week and always capable of a race win.


  • Chris Clayton & Rory Higgins - Newcomers to the Irish fleet this season and part of an emerging fleet at Royal North of Ireland. Chris, a Mirror World Champion back in 2003 had been out of sailing for quite a while but with Rory Higgins they have not taken long to find their feet in the fleet and have gone from strength to strength since their first event in Sligo back in April. Expect them to have a good event.

Progressive Credit Union GP14 World Championship 2022 Opening Cermony and One to Watch

Report by Andy Johnston



With a practice race and the first race this afternoon the 2022 GP14 World Championships kick off today. Last minute registrations are underway here and everyone is looking at the weather.

With a heatwave all week leading into the event, fingers are crossed that we get racing today. Things are looking positive at this point.


With a fleet of 105 boats, here are a number of the local and overseas contenders who we might see to the fore this week.

  • Ger Owens and Mel Morris - Ger and Mel will be favourites within the Irish fleet to pressure the podium. The current weather would suit them as they favour the lighter winds, however the fast becoming the ultimate all-rounders as evidenced in breezy conditions at the recent Irish Championships where they managed a superb second place behind Shane MacCarthy.


  • Ross Kearney and Andrew Vaughan - A new pairing since Ross returned to Ireland and showed some early form with victory at the Ulster's back in May. Followed that with a consistent set of results at the Championship of Ireland to take 2nd. Was also to the fore in the Pre-Worlds in Skerries a few weeks ago. 2nd at the Mounts Bay Worlds, Ross will be looking to go one better here in Skerries.


  • Matt Mee and Chris Robinson - Matt is back with Goachers Chris Robinson in the front of the boat. An inform pair in recent times with a second place at the recent British Nationals in Llandudno. Twice a British Nationals winner Matt and Chris will certainly be ones to pressure the podium Ian Dobson & Andy Tunnicliffe - Probably event favourite, Ian will be keen to take back a crown he has won multiple time but not since 2014 when he won in Ireland in East Down. The pair are in form with victory in the Bristish Nationals in Llandudno a few weeks ago.


  • Nick Craig and Toby Lewis - Nick is a 6 time Endeavour Trophy winner and multiple National Champion across various classes including RS400. Went close in the Worlds in Barbados back in 2016 behind Shane MacCarthy and will be a favourite for the podium here in Skerries.


  • Jane Kearney and Ollie Goodhead - Jane and Ollie had a very encouraging performance in the Nationals at Royal North with a 3rd place and some very consistent sailing. Jane, Ross other half will certainly hope to be in the Top 10 here in Skerries and found the recent Pre-Worlds a very useful exercise.


  • Hugh and Dan Gill - Another father and son team with the right mix of youth and experience, they have got their beautiful new Duffin going great this year, with a few races wins mixed together with black flags they haven't had the results they may be deserved. The recent Pre-Worlds saw them show great speed and only for sickness at the British Nationals in Llandudno they would have bettered 7 place where they took a race win.


  • Colman Grimes and Ross Gingles - Event co-ordinator and another form Irish boat from Skerries, Colman and Ross have been in superb form this year. The pair have had race wins across almost all the seasons events and most recently in the Pre-Worlds. They have shown excellent pace, are known to like the breeze but have also proved they can win in the lighter stuff.


  • Peter and Stephen Boyle - Peter took his first event race win in the recent Pre-Worlds with dad Stephen up the front. This followed some consistent results that gave them 4th at the recent Championship of Ireland. They started the season with two second places in Irish events, showing some great pace in the breeze and will be pushing to get inside the top 10 this week. Stephen will be looking to improve on the 4th place position he had as crew to Ruan O'Tiarnaigh back in Durban in 2022.

The event runs from today through to next Friday with an expected layday on Wednesday. 2 races a day with 106 boat entered representing UK, South Africa, Barbados, Australia, USA and Ireland. Last night, the GP14 World Championship was officially opened and the GP14 President Curly Morris, in his short address, captured the essence and mood of the event - 'An event deferred is an event enhanced, let the Championships begin'.


So, who won the O’Tiarnaigh (pre-worlds) challenge?!

Report by Ross Gingles



The O'Tiarnaigh Challenge has always been a different kind of event. Pioneered by the late great Riocard O’Tiarnaigh, it’s an innovative occasion that encourages sailing and competition throughout the fleet, adding further uncertainty as to what might happen next. In this year’s format both conservatism and daring were to be rewarded, with short courses and overall scores from the first day all due to be counted, leading to knockout rounds and a final race where the top 3 from bronze silver and gold fleets would battle it out for the overall win. With a moderate breeze forecast on Saturday and little wind Sunday, who knew what would happen next? Almost 50 boats had amassed to get their Worlds practice in, gates starts and all, so lets find out how it panned out.


Racing got underway on Saturday with a moderate and shifty offshore breeze. Hugh and Dan Gill led the fleet away as pathfinder, and with everyone successfully away, those sailing through the middle were able to take advantage of some big oscillations, join the dots of pressure and trade tacks. The weather mark rounding was the usual and expected busy affair, with the crew of Coleman Grimes & Ross Gingles squeezing in ahead of Josh Porter & Sara Gowdy closely followed by, Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan and Adrian Lee & Gareth Gallagher.  The following reaches saw the exchange of places with Lee / Gallagher and Kearney / Vaughan rolling through to weather ahead of the gybe mark. A luffing battle ensued between this pair on the next leg that subsequently allowed Grimes / Gingles back in and close out the positions for the race on the next beat. 


Peter & Stephen Boyle took on pathfinder duties for race 2 with great success. Coming in from the right-hand side they were able to round at the top pack and secure a race win from there on. “Stormin’ Norman” Lee & Alan Leddy showed their form and enjoyed bagging the 2nd spot. For some of the fleet, the left looked promising off the start, as they could see additional pressure coming down the course. It was only Jane Kearney & Ollie Goodhead who could convert this strategy into a gain, by getting far enough to the right at the top of the beat. They subsequently took the 3rd spot. Lee & Gallagher had a terrific race to finish first over the line but failed to round the weather mark ahead of the windward finish, this leading to the first of their two DSQs for the same misdemeanour.  They weren’t alone by any means, with a bar-full re-reading the race instructions later that evening.   


Race 3 saw Keith & Mateo Louden lead the fleet away as pathfinder, and like the Boyles in the previous race, they had great success converting their duties into a well-earned 1st. Lee & Gallagher again showed great skill on the water to bag their almost 3rd podium, but subsequent 2nd DSQ. Josh Porter & Sara Gowdy took home 2nd with Alan Blay & Hugh McNally taking the 3rd spot.  Race 4 saw Grimes & Gingles take on pathfinder duties, and with the fortune of a lasting lift from the gun, they could convert this into a 2nd, reaching down to a shortened course to finish just behind Steven & Daniel Nelson, with John & Donal McGuiness close behind claiming 3rd.


Having set the fleet away on 4 excellent “World-sized”  races with 2 beats in 3 of 4 of them,  the Race Officers Liam Dineen and Bill O'Hara called an end to the days proceedings and sent the fleet ashore, to attempt to count up the scores and determine who was fairing the best in each fleet. The final positions and most consistent were: 


Gold fleet:

Kearney & Vaughn 19 points, Grimes & Gingles 26 points and John & Donal McGuiness on 26 points. 

Silver fleet:

Christopher Clayton & Rory Higgins 52 points, Doire Shiels & Graham Burnes 58 points, Bill & James Johnson 73 points. 

Bronze fleet:

James & Colm Hackett 97 points,  Meg Tyrell & Sorcha Donnelly 107 points, Daniel O’Hare & Muriel Carthy 109 points. 


The craic and stories were flowing in the bar as the fleet enjoyed a great meal and additional Worlds’ Preparation, through a rules talk with Czema Pico, an international juror who kindly shared his wisdom and stimulated great discussion on the good, the bad and the ugly.   The fleet concluded the “World’s” would be a more civilised place if we could all “be more like Jane” Kearney. With the wind dropping off, the racing format changed that night, and Sunday would now see the slate wiped clean and the whole fleet battle it out for the top spots overall and in their divisions.


After an initial abandoned race,  and a competitor-gate boat-pathfinder sandwich, the fleet were off to see if they could complete a race in the now very light onshore flow. Those in phase and able to keep momentum fared well, though either side of the beat could be made to pay. A rare mistake from Kearney & Vaughan saw them unable to gain clear air off the start, a mistake they couldn’t recover from.  The pairings of Ruan & Bekka O’Tiarnaigh, Lee & Gallagher, Grimes & Gingles, Blay & McNally and Curly Morris & Abbey Kinsella were going well. Having started early, they could all eek out an initial lead.  With a little more pressure coming from the right, the race was then on to get across to it. Niall Henry & Ossain Geraghty showed their vast experience as they calmly glided through the fleet, with the Loudens doing likewise, however Blessingtons Simon Cully and young Lukasz Flynn came through to be first at the weather mark. The gybe mark saw the top 4 boats congregate with Grimes & Gingles having to give mark room to Henry & Gerraghy, then the Loudens. Grimes & Gingles were fortunate that Cully & Flynn were being “more like Jane” and didn’t capitalise on their momentum and the space left to squeeze through on the inside.  The wind continued to drop and the positions for the podium held. For the rest of the fleet the clock started once Henry & Geraghty crossed the line, and only 27 of the 49 could cross in time, with Josh Porter & Sara Gowdy picking up an unusual prize for them, in being the last placed boat.



So who won the O’Tiarnaigh challenge? The expert and swan-like crew of Niall Henry & Ossain Geraghty from Sligo Sailing Club, but so many others too. The GP14 class, who continue to attract large numbers and new smiling faces, Skerries Sailing club whose organisation and depth of enthusiasts show what we have to look forward to at the Worlds. Everyone who wanted to practice their fleet sailing and gatestarts, but for me, with four O’Tiarnaighs out on the water, Ruan back in the fleet, and he and Bekka receiving a prize for their creative sailing style, (missing a spreader mark, re-attempting it, missing it again, and for it all to be capture on drone footage…) I think Riocard would be smiling at his lasting legacy.  


Skerries we will see you in 2 weeks!


Full Saturday and Sunday (Final Results) HERE


More Sponsors Announced

Progressive Credit Union

2022 GP14 World Championship

Skerries Tidal Info
Skerries Tidal Info
Tide Spreadsheet Revised.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [34.2 KB]

2022 O'Tiarniagh Challenge

Pre-Worlds Event

Skerries Sailing Club

July 30 / 31

Something for the Weekend


With less than 3 weeks to go to the GP14 World Championships in Skerries next month (August 14-19), the Irish GP14 fleet continue their preparations this weekend (July 30/31) for what will be a massive event.
With 40+ boats in Royal North of Ireland YC for the Championship of Ireland a few weeks ago, the fleet re-acquainted itself with gate starts. Not content with that, 6 Irish crews headed to Llandudno last weekend for the 3 days of the British Nationals. This weekend the GP14 Ireland fleet head for Skerries for a full event but with an eye to Worlds preparation very much to the fore for sailors and the Race Management team alike. 
The Worlds has attracted an entry of 105 plus boats including the top end of the Class from the UK. And with gate starts involved, the World Championship PRO Bill O'Hara, supported by Liam Dineen will this weekend get an opportunity to put the full Race Management apparatus under the kosh before the big  event gets underway. 
Event organiser and competitor Colman Grimes (busy man!!) from Skerries and the GP14 Ireland Class Association have managed to encourage almost 50 boats and crews from the Irish fleet to the famous O'Tiarnaigh Challenge. This event has always had a different style to it than your regular event and this year is no different. Branded the Pre Worlds (for the year that's in it) the main focus of the weekend is to get a lot of gate start practice at the Worlds venue with 8 one round races on Saturday. The top 3 in each fleet (Gold, Silver & Bronze) get through to Race 2 on Sunday and a little lie-on. The remainder will return for Race 1 on Sunday with the top 6 in each fleet going through to join Saturdays qualifiers (27 in total) in Race 2. Race 2 and 3 will then whittle the 27 down for Race 4 (The Medal race) which will consist of 9 boats that qualified from Race 3. The top 3 Gold, Silver & Bronze boats will race together for the Overall positions. Sunday will be Olympic courses with gate starts. Oh and Skerries have organised international umpire Cxema Pico to be on the water just to add a little reality to the occasion. So not for the faint hearted but it should produce plenty of thrills and hopefully honing of skills across the board. 


The World Championships kicks off on August 14th, with boat measurement starting on Saturday 13th and finishes on August 19th. The preparations in Skerries have been immense, having planned originally for a 2020 World Championship. Skerries is a great attraction at the best of times, and with this being one of the biggest sailing events in Ireland this summer, it should be well worth visiting at some stage over the week.


See below the extensive list of sponsors supporting the event. A big thank you all from GP14 Ireland. 


2022 O'Tiarniagh Challenge

Pre-Worlds Event

Skerries Sailing Club

July 30 / 31

Notice of Race

Available Below

Skerries Sailing Club are looking forward to hosting the 2022 O’Tiarnaigh Challenge. This event has always had a different style to it than your regular event and this year is no different. Branded the Pre Worlds (for the year thats in it) the main focus of the weekend is to get as alot of gate start practice at the worlds venue with 8 one round races on saturday. The top 3 in each fleet (Gold, Silver & Bronze) can have a lie in on Sunday morning.


On Sunday we will have 3 knockout races (Olympic Courses / Gate start) and then a Medal Race Finale for th top 3 boats remaining in the Gold, Silver & Bronze Fleet. Check the NOR for more details on the event format.

Note: This is an Online Entry Event - Entry is NOW OPEN HERE

2022 O'Tiarniagh Challenge

Pre-Worlds Event

Skerries Sailing Club

July 30 / 31

Notice of Race

Available Below

Skerries Sailing Club are looking forward to hosting the 2022 O’Tiarnaigh Challenge. This event has always had a different style to it than your regular event and this year is no different. Branded the Pre Worlds (for the year thats in it) the main focus of the weekend is to get as alot of gate start practice at the worlds venue with 8 one round races on saturday. The top 3 in each fleet (Gold, Silver & Bronze) can have a lie in on Sunday morning.


On Sunday we will have 3 knockout races (Olympic Courses / Gate start) and then a Medal Race Finale for th top 3 boats remaining in the Gold, Silver & Bronze Fleet. Check the NOR for more details on the event format.

Note: This is an Online Entry Event - Entry is NOW OPEN HERE

O'Tiarnaigh Challenge Pre-Worlds Event
Notice of Race
Adobe Acrobat document [171.3 KB]

Jimmie McKee

More than 50 years service to the GP14 Class in Ireland

Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club July 2 -3


The GP14 Ireland Class Association took time out at last weekends Championship of Ireland prize-giving at Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club, to acknowledge the efforts and contribution of more than 50 years to the Class of Jimmie McKee. 
Jimmie, a World Championship winning crew with Bill Whisker at the 1975 GP14 World Championships (Stone Harbor, NJ, USA), is the Irish Class Chief Measurer. 
Jimmie is an official Measurer for a number of classes and has measured all of the Alastair Duffin built GP14s which alone totals well over 300.
Presentation was made by Andy Johnston and Nigel Carson, Commodore of RNIYC.

Ridgeway 2022 Championship of Ireland

Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club July 2 -3


A short update on a superb weekend at our Nationals in Royal North. A more extensive event report will be forthcoming later in the week. A big shout out to the members and organisers in RNIYC for what was undoubtedly one of the best events in quite a while. A super turnout of 43 boats arrived in Cultra, not really knowing what to expect as the Club were possibly hosting their first ever GP14 event but the Class need not have worried.
An exceptional welcome, superb organsiation and hospitality. Thank you Gerry Reid and all your volunteers. Add in some very difficult and tough sailing conditions on the Lough and we had the recipe for a memorable weekend. With the Worlds in Skerries less than 2 months away, the Class were hugely appreciative of Royal North and PRO Nigel Kearney for going to the extra effort of using gate starts for all 6 races. With over 105 boats due in Skerries, gate starts will be the order of the day and the fleet were delighted to get an opportunity to get some practice in. 
That being said, this was no practice regatta with a hugley competitive fleet that contained no less than 3 World Champions, multiple Olympians and a myriad of National title holders across a range of classes. 
After 6 races, congratulation to Shane MacCarthy & Andy Thompson on taking the title. While not a first for Shane, it was a first outright Championship of Ireland title for one of the fleets most decorated sailors, Andy Thompson.
  1. Shane MacCarthy & Andy Thompson (Greystones SC / East Antrim BC)
  2. Ger Owens & Melanie Morris (RSt. George YC/East Antrim BC)
  3. Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan (Royal North YC)
  4. Peter & Stephen Boyle (Sutton Dinghy Club)
  5. Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles (Skerries Sailing Club/Derwent Reservior SC)
  1. Chris Clayton & Rory Higgins (Royal North of Ireland YC)
  2. Ed Coyne & Alan Thompson (Youghal SC / Lough Foyle YC)
  3. Conor Twohig & Matthew Cotter (Sutton Dinghy Club)
  1. Kerri Ann & Megan Boylan (Skerries Sailing Club)
  2. Des McMahon & Pat Biesty (Cullaun Sailing Club)
  3. Max Cully & Tighe Wardell (Blessington Sailing Club)
Leading Female Helm
  • Jane Kearney (Royal North of Ireland YC)
Youth Helmed Boat
  • Peter & Stephen Boyle (Sutton Dinghy Club)
Junior Helmed Boat
  • Mac Cully & Tighe Wardell (Blessington)
Masters Champions
  • Niall Henry & Ossian Geraghty (Sligo Yacht Club)
Full results below and we hope to have photos and the full event report in the next few days.
2022 Championship of Ireland Results
2022 Championship of Ireland Results
2022 GP14 Championship Results.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [235.6 KB]

2022 GP14 Championship of Ireland

Notice of Race


Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club

July 2 / 3 2022


Now Available Below

Just a reminder that all Helms will need to be members of the GP14 International Assoc for our GP14 Ireland events, including The Spring Open in Sligo this weekend. This will be checked as part of registration.

NOR 2022 GP14 Championship of Ireland
NOR 2022 GP14 Championship of Ireland
Adobe Acrobat document [237.0 KB]

2022 Thomson NI Ulster Championship

Event Report - Ross Gingles


Lough Foyle Yacht Club May 21 -22


A fleet of 26 boats arrived to a very warm and highly organised welcome, at the extraordinary Lough Foyle Yacht Club, a place that proves it’s people that make a club and successful event.   Located at the picturesque Culmore Point, or the ‘Big Corner’, the club is nestled in a historic fort, where the river Foyle enters lough Foyle. Blasted by the intermittent south westerly gusts coming down the river, and seeing the channel downstream in the race area, it was clear that the conditions were going to test the wits of all, and with the fleet practising hard for the forthcoming World championship in August, the dinghy park was a bustle of energy for what was gearing up to be a hotly contested Thompson NI Ulster  Championship. 


With the fleet eager to make their mark, racing took a few attempts to get underway, and after the second general recall the PRO Sam Lyness had the black flag out, claiming one of team Sutton boats, Hugh & Dan Gill.  With the fleet up and away, the local pairing of Keith and Mateo Louden used their local knowledge to get right early and to good effect, though with the wind variable around the course, those who made good use of the puffs were also faring well. Following serval position changes on the long beats, the strategy of conservatively playing the right, allowed the pairing of Colman Grimes and Ross Gingles from Skerries SC to claim the first win of the weekend, followed by Ger Owens and Melanie Morris of the Roal St. George YC, who managed to keep Peter and Stephen Boyle of Sutton DC at bay down the last reaching leg. Suttons Conor Twohig and Mathew Cotter put in a strong race to finish 1st Silver boat with the tenacious Lara Sunday and Jennifer Bryce of Newtownards SC 1st in bronze.


The second race was to see rain clouds blow in and the momentum of the river establish itself more ferociously, resulting in a much more dramatic weather mark rounding. Grimes and Gingles in “No Surprise” were now causing the opposite reaction, much to the dismay of the McGuiness brothers, who could do nothing to avoid the subsequent T-bone as the pair "surprised" them with a literal crash-tack onto port. The equally surprised Adrian Lee and Gareth Gallagher were next in the line to be caught in the same fray. Countless others were now finding the charms of mark rounding at Foyle! Having sat out the first race, the fresh-legged (possibly cold) pairing of Hugh & Dan Gill instantly made up for their earlier misdemeanour with a well deserved bullet. Ross Kearney and Andrew Vaughan of Royal North of Ireland YC took 2nd with Peter and Steven Boyle showing their consistency with two 3rds now under their belt. Sam Wray and Luke Henderson of Sligo YC took 7th place and first silver and with some swapping around in the bronze fleet, it was now Michael Collender and Brian Walker’s of Mullingar YC time to shine.


Race three took the form of follow the leader after a light air start which caught the fleet napping and many struggling to make the line. The ever-attentive Ger and Melanie were the first to spot the favoured right hand corner having made the observation earlier in the day, and with many believing the left should be advantaged, they were now largely uncontested and pulled out a very substantial lead and easy win. Anyone misjudging their lay lines paid a heavy price and Ross Kearney and Andrew Vaughan were rewarded with an 11th place after they attempted an early cross from the shelter of the right corner. The Gill’s commendable conviction, that the left should pay,  were rewarded with an 18th, while in contrast Josh Porter and Cara McDowell of Newtownards SC came 2nd having seen the advantages of Ger and Melanie’s progress. Peter and Stephen Boyle made it a hattrick of 3rd places for the day and Michael Cox and Claire Crommie of Newtownards SC were first silver boat with a 5th now under their belts. Michael Collender and Brian Walker went on to improve their positions in the bronze fleet with a 10th.     


A warm greeting, hot soup, and a multitude of cakes and sandwiches greeted the fleet once they had battled their way back up the river and got ashore.  Once changed the fleet descended on mass to the Magnet Pub where a feast of further food drink was devoured by the now tired and contented sailors who enjoyed regaling the day’s stories.  The overnight results left the field wide open with Ger and Mel leading overall but unable to sail the next day as Ger due to report back on his son’s experiment, it turns out a bucket will stay attached to a tow hitch when driving to a sailing event, though it remains inconclusive whether his sister’s Barbie doll could make the journey!


The morning of day 2 saw more of the same conditions, but with some new faces appearing on the scene, with JP and Caroline McCaldin,  Ruan and Rebecca O’Tiarnagh and event hosts James Peter Hockley and Alan Thompson getting a short reprieve from their commendable organisational duties. Some tired bodies and rigging failures caused serval boats to not make it out and with “No surprise” on shore re-threading a halyard dashing their chances to stay in the mix, John and Donal McGuiness of Moville had a much better day and unimpeded were able to take the win followed by Keith and Mateo Louden of Lough Foyle YC in 2nd, with Diarmaid Mullan and Lauren Donaghy of Sligo YC in 3rd. Lauren was in a rush to make a flight to Amsterdam, so they both pulled out the stops, leaving the race course straight after. Anthony Hutton and Joy Whelan took a turn to bring home first bronze fleet boat.


Race 5 saw a familiar game of snakes and ladders in the unstable, puffy and shifty conditions.  Ross Kearney and Andrew Vaughan were making the most of it, and were able to power through the chop that was now building to secure another win putting them in a good position to close out the series provided they could discard their 11th. Hugh ad Dan Gill took 2nd and Josh Porter and Cara McDowell 3rd


Going into the final race the podium positions looked to be between the pairings of Ross Kearney and Andrew Vaughan, Peter and Steven Boyle, Alan Blay and Hugh McNally and Colman Grimes and Ross Gingles.  The black flag was soon out and a clear start for the final race on a reasonably even line. The Boyles looked good for a while but overlaid the windward mark Grimes and Gingles put in a decent beat to pop out in the front row with Conor Twohig and Mathew Cotter pipping them to the mark. The positions were held on the windy reach that followed, with Peter and Stephen Boyle followed by Ross Kearney and Andrew Vaughan , Alan Blay and Hugh McNally.  Conor and Matthew and Grimes and Gingles pulled out a pretty substantial lead on the rest of the fleet. Eventually Conor and Mathew were overtaken by Grimes & Gingles and close out the race with other race win. The Boyles came 3rd. 


Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan came 4th in the final race which was enough to win the event and the title of Ulster Champions. Peter & Stephen Boyle retaining 2nd overall and Peter 1st placed youth. Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles with a 2nd race win held off Alan Blay & Hugh McNally to retain 3rd place by a point. Conor Twohig & Matthew Cotter impressive final race meant they finished 9th overall and held their lead in Silver with Michael Collender and Brian Walker taking Bronze over Jennifer Bryce & Lara Sunday. 


 A fantastic weekend of sailing has had by all.

2022 Thomson NI Ulster Championship Results

2022 Thomson NI Ulster Championship


Lough Foyle Yacht Club May 21 -22


A short update on proceeding from the weekends Ulster Championship run at Lough Foyle Yacht Club.
At the end of Day 1, Ger Owens & Mel Morris led from Peter Boyle & Stephen Boyle with Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles 3rd and Alan Blay & Hugh McNally 4th. Conor Twohig & Matthew Cotter lead Silver with Michael Collender and Brian Walker leading Bronze.


With 26 boats entered, Ger Owens & Mel Morris managed a 5, 2, 1 with Peter & Stephen Boyle being consistent with a 3, 3, 3 finish. Reports suggest the wind was all over the place with very shifty conditions in Race 1. The wind was up at 20knt and down to 5knt at different times in Race 2 and 3. A major talking point was the renowned tide. There were obviously a few newcomers to Lough Foyle but seems the tide didn't behave as some expected. I am sure it made for great discussion with the tidal flow charts over dinner which from reports I am hearing back was really excellent. Great job Magnet Bar and James Peter & Alan Thomspson.


On Sunday, with Ger Owens & Mel Morris not sailing, Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan took advantage with 3 very consistent races including a Race win to jump into 1st with Peter & Stephen Boyle retaining 2nd. Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles with a race win held off Alan Blay & Hugh McNally to retain 3rd place by a point. Colman & Ross finished the event with 2 races wins. The practice and Worlds preparations seem to be paying off.
Great to see the McGuinness brothers back on the start line and they picked off a race win today on their return.
Conor Twohig & Matthew Cotter finished 9th and held their lead in Silver with Michael Collender and Brian Walker taking Bronze from the ever improving Jennifer Bryce & Lara Sunday.
REsults below, and a full event report courtesy of the Grimes & Gingles team will be available later in the week. 

Thomson NI

GP14 Ulster Championship


GP14 Ulster Championship

Notice of Race


Event Information Sheet


Lough Foyle Yacht Club

May 21st - 22nd 2022


Now Available Below

Just a reminder that all Helms will need to be members of the GP14 International Assoc for our GP14 Ireland events, including The Spring Open in Sligo this weekend. This will be checked as part of registration.


Payment can be made at Registration on Saturday morning.

However please let one of the Organisers know in ADVANCE that you are planning to attend.

James Peter Hockley 0044 (0) 7511477211

Alan Thompson 07813081469

Kevin Lynch 07824770599

NOte: Camping available on site. The Event Information Sheet includes details on other accomodation options close to the Club, Directions to the Club and details of after-race Social and Food Menu for Saturday Evening. 

NOR 2022 GP14 Ulsters Information Sheet
NOR 2022 GP14 Ulsters Information Sheet
GP14 Ulsters Info.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [284.7 KB]
NOR 2022 GP14 Ulster Championship
NOR 2022 GP14 Ulster Championship
2022 GP 14 Ulsters NOR final.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [62.6 KB]

2022 Spring Open Event Report

Sligo Yacht Club April 30  / May 1

‘Super’ GP14 Spring Open starts Skerries Worlds season
Report By Ryan Devitt

28 boats, 6 races, 8 OCS’s and a whole lotta racing got the 2022 GP14 Ireland season off to a bang on the waters off the splendid Rosses Point over the weekend of 30Apr/1May. The forecast was for wind and rain, and the fleet got their fill of both over the two days.

Saturday started in fresh and blustery conditions with the wind from the south west and under the expert eye of RO Michael Conway from Wexford the fleet got away on Race 1. The left hand side seemed to pay and first at the first mark was veteran father and son team of Hugh & Dan Gill (SDC) sailing ‘Yin Tang’ with Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan (RNIYC) in ‘Ron’, and Ger Owens & Mel Morris (RStGYC) in ‘Two Belle’ close on their heels. Two Belle was in fact Too Belle and once in the lead, stretched it out for the win with Yin Tang second and Ron third. Forth went to another son and father team of Peter and Stephen Boyle (SDC) in ‘Further’ and Jane Kearney & Josh Porter (RNIYC/NSC) in ‘Purple Rocket’ 5 th followed by another father and son team of Keith and Matteo Louden (LFYC) 6th .

Race 2 started in similar blustery and cold conditions which again favoured the left hand side of the beat. First at the weather mark and returning to the GP14 fleet sailing with his daughter in her first event were Ruan & Rebekah O’Tiarnaigh (BYC/SDC) in ‘Ghost Light’ closely followed by a stalworth GP14 team of Niall Henry & Oissian Geraghty (SYC) in ‘Local Yokel’* and also Two Belle in the hunt. Despite best efforts Ghost Light, after 2 laps holding off the persistent threat from Local Yokel* in the blustery conditions they finally succumbed and were passed by both Local Yokel and Two Belle before the finish. These three were followed by Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles (SSC/DWSC) in ‘No Surprise’ 4th , and Further in 5th.

Shifting winds required a number of course changes before the fleet again got under way with a slightly reduced fleet due to the cold wind and rain. Race 3 and again team on Ghost Light rounded the first weather mark in lead position with Yin Tang close second, Two Belle third, Adrian Lee & Gareth Gallagher (YSC/Moville) in ‘Ideal’, Alan Blay & Hugh McNally (SDC) in Wally and the rest of the usual suspects in hot pursuit. A cheeky manoeuvre at the gybe mark allowed Yin Tang through to the lead, only an impromptu swim at the leeward mark required a remarkable recovery for Yin Tang’s helm Hugh and despite it the team remained in first place going into the second lap. The three leaders played the right hand side of the course, but a group that went left early in the beat came through to disrupted the placings by the second weather mark. After another tremendous race, it was Ideal finishing in first, Further second Purple Rocket third, No Surprise fourth and Two Belle in fifth.

Ashore overnight the results were tantalizing.
Leading the Gold fleet with a very consistent 1,2,5 was Two Belle: Owens & Morris
Second with 4, 5, 2 : Further : Boyle & Boyle
Third with 5, 8, 3 : Purple Rocket : Kearney & Porter (Jane, wife of Ross ahead overnight)
Fourth with 3, 7, 6 : Ron : Kearney & Vaughan
Fifth with 2, 9, 7 : Yin Tang : Gill & Gill
Sixth with 12, 6, 1 : Ideal : Lee & Gallagher
Seventh with 10, 1, 10 : Local Yokel: Henry & Geraghty

Silver Fleet: ‘Beltraka’, Bill & James Johnson (LFYC), followed by Edward Coyne & Oisinn Brown
(Youghal SC) and ‘Ice and Slice’ Brian Morrison & Noah Canham (LEYC/SYC)

Bronze Fleet: David & Jon Evans (SYC), ‘Surprise’ Darrach Dinneen & Eoin Boylan (Skerries SC) and
‘Southern Wild’ Des McMahon & Pat Blesty (Cillaun SC)

Sunday brough the fleet much of the same in terms of weather but the direction had veered from south westerly to westerly injecting an element of mystery as to which side might be favoured in terms of tidal flows. After a number of general recalls which the RO patiently ran with Uniform he finally got the fleet off under black. Further, Yin Tang and Local Yokel* were requested to leave the race by the race committee for being OCS leaving No Surprise somewhat surprised to be leading, Two Belle second and Ghost Light third. These three maintained their positions to the finish while after a grand melee Purple Rocket came
home 4 th with Ron 5 th Wally 6 th and Beltraka a very credible 7th. After more shenanigans at the start of race 5 again meant that again a number of boats were requested to depart the race track during the first round, this included event leader Two Belle, Ron, No Surprise, Wally and Ideal. Capitalising on this were Ghost Light who led from the pin end uninterrupted to the finish, with Further second, Yin Tang third, The Wrong Trousers, Conor Twohig & Matthew Cotter (SDC) forth in a 1-4 for Sutton boats. Fifth and Sixth continued the battle of the Kearney’s house hold with Jane pipping Ross again and holding a commanding lead in the ‘household bragging rights department’ going into the final race.

In slightly moderated winds the final race saw Yin Tang, Ron and Two Belle get ahead of the melee and battle out for first, Ghost Light fought their way into 4 th after round 1 and sat rather undisturbed for the remainder of the race. Meanwhile the battle for 5 th was hotting up between Bronze fleet and youngest helm 15 year old David Evans with father Jon crewing, Further, Ideal, Local Yokel, The wrong Trousers, all in the mix. After some exceptional helming, David Evans held off all comers to clock in a remarkable 5th with Further 6th , Local Yokel 7th, Ideal 8th and The Wrong Trousers 9th. Certainly David is one to watch for in the future.

So to the final scores…
6 races, 6 different race winning teams. The competition was as tight as a drum.

Gold Fleet: 
First, Despite an OCS, Two Belle, Ger Owens & Mel Morris finished on 12 points counting 1 first, 3 x
seconds and a fifth. Olympians set the bar high…
Second on 19 points, Further, Peter & Stephen Boyle (Sutton Dinghy Club)
Third with 20 points, Ghost Light, Ruan & Rebekah O’Tiarnaigh (BallyholmeYC/Sutton Dinghy Club)
Fourth with 22 points, Yin Tang, Hugh & Dan Gill, (Sutton Dinghy Club)
Fifth with 24 points, Ron, Ross Kearney & Andrew Vaughan (RNIYC) only just pipping his wife
Sixth with 25 points, Purple Rocket Jane Kearney & Josh Porter (RNIYC/Newtownards SC)
Seventh wit 34 pts, Local Yokel, (and event organisers) Niall Henry & Oissian Gerraghty (Sligo YC)

Silver fleet :
First, Beltraka, Bill & James Johnson (LFYC) (12 th overall),
Second, Edward Coyne & Oisin Brown (Youghal SC).
Third, Chris Clayton & Rory Higgins (RNIYC)

Bronze Fleet: 
First, David & Jon Evans (Sligo YC) (15 th overall).
Second, Surprise, Darrach Dinneen & Eoin Boylan (Skerries SC)
Third, ‘Southern Wild’, Des McMahon & Pat Blesty (Cullaun SC)

Special thanks to Race Officer Michael Conway and the on the water team who moved marks and kept the fleet on the straight and narrow despite testing conditions. Much thanks must go to the members of Sligo YC and in particular Oissian Gerraghty a Niall Henry and their families and friends who made us so very welcome with teas, coffees and scones. Thanks also to the teams from Mullingar, Rush, Lough Erne, East Antrim, Blessington who didn’t get a mention in the report but who helped make this event very memorable.

On another note the GP14 Ireland fleet are delighted to have racing members from young teenagers to septuagenarians that cover length and breadth of the island of Ireland surely the most competitive dinghy racing in the land. This writer is more than delighted to see Matteo Louden (14), David Evans (15), Peter Brines (15) and Rebekah O’Tiarnaigh (16) battling it out and learning from such masters as Curly Morris, Hugh Gill and Ger Owens. From little acorns and all that.

With over 140 boats registered for the World Championships in Skerries in August the season is very much hotting up. Some spaces are still left for the worlds but the cut off is 150 so anyone interested should contact Class Secretary Andy Johnston at
2022 Spring Open Results
2022 Spring Open Results
GP14 Spring Open Results.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [139.5 KB]

2022 Spring Open

Day 2


Sligo Yacht Club April 30  / May 1


The 2nd day of the the GP14 Spring Open saw fairly heavy winds for the 1st race with lighter shifty conditions for the final couple of races. Despite an OCS in Race 5, 2 second places today were enough to ensure Ger Owens & Mel Morris retained their overnight lead and take the first event of this important season.
Sutton Dinghy Clubs Peter & Stephen Boyle, despite an OCS and a late charge from Ruan & Rebekah O'Tiarnaigh, held onto 2nd overall as they continue to get to grips with their new boat. Back campaigning in the GP14 fleet after a long absence, Ruan O Tiarnaigh jumped from 8th after Day 1 to 3rd overall and showed the fleet he can still mix it with the best and is surely looking forward to doing the Worlds with daughter Rebekah on board. Hugh & Dan Gill in 4th overall made it a good day for Suttton Dinghy Club with 3 boats inside the top 4.
Great to see a no. of boats from RNIYC and the travelling boats from Youghal, Cullaun, Skerries and Lough Foyle. Bill & James Johnson in 12th retained their lead of the Silver fleet with 4th overall and Dave & Jon Evans with a superb 15th overall took the Bronze fleet.
Race winners today were Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles, Ruan & Rebekah O'Tiarnaigh and Hugh & Daniel Gill respectively.
Next event will be the Ulster Championship in Lough Foyle Yacht Club May 21/22.
Extended report will be available on website later in the week.

2022 Spring Open

Day 1


Sligo Yacht Club April 30  / May 1


First event of the season, The Spring Open got underway in Sligo yesterday. 27 boats entered with RStGYC Ger Owens and Mel Morris leading after 3 races. Sutton Dinghy Clubs Peter & Stephen Boyle lie 2nd with RNIYC Jane Kearney & Josh Porter 3rd. Ross Kearney and Hugh Gill make up the top 5.
Great to see Ballyholme Yacht Club & Sutton Dinghy Clubs Ruan O'Tiarnaigh back in the fleet sailing with his daughter Rebekah. The pair lie 8th after 3 races.
Lough Foyle Yacht Clubs Bill and James Johnson lead the Silver fleet with Sligo Yacht Clubs Dave Evans leading the Bronze fleet.
Race winners yesterday were Ger Owens, Niall Henry and Adrian Lee respectively.
3 more race today.

2022 GP14 Spring Open

Notice of Race

(Event Information & Accomodation List)


Sligo Yacht Club

April 30th - May 1st 2022


Now Available Below

Just a reminder that all Helms will need to be members of the GP14 International Assoc for our GP14 Ireland events, including The Spring Open in Sligo this weekend. This will be checked as part of registration.


Payment can be made at Registration on Saturday morning.

However please let Ossian Geraghy know in ADVANCE that you are planning to attend.

+353 (0) 85 8018733


Note: Camping at the Clubhouse is free and there is loads of space for Tents, Caravans & Campervans.

2022 GP14 Spring Open Information
2022 GP14 Spring Open Information
Spring Open Info.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [423.4 KB]
Rosses Point Accomodation List
Rosses Point Accomodation List
Rosses Point Accomodation List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [439.7 KB]
NOR 2022 GP14 Spring Open
NOR 2022 GP14 Spring Open
Spring Open Info NOR.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [940.9 KB]

Munster Championships Report

JP & Carolyn McCaldin




Cullaun Sailing Club - GP14 Munster Championships 6/7 November


19 hardy teams travelled to east Clare for the final event of the 2021 season. The event was originally scheduled for earlier in the season but fell foul to Covid-19 and was postponed.

Saturdays forecast did not look promising and after the battering in Larne two weekends before there were many nervous competitors in the dinghy park. The 1st two races were held in shifty, gusty conditions with the wind maxing out in the high 20mps. Most teams who ventured out on the water took a swim at some stage, with several visits to the small islands and reed beds! Lough Erne YC husband and wife team Jp & Carolyn McCaldin stayed dry and won the 1st two races from Colman Grimes / Meg Tyrell, Greystones SC and Alan Blay / Hugh McNally, Sutton DC respectively. Adrian Lee & Connor Flynn, Youghal SC took 3rd in race 1 and then unfortunately had to retire with a broken boom. Katie Dwyer with guest crew Ger Owens, Sutton DC took 3rd in race 2 despite a swim.

The wind slightly moderated for race 3. Despite having no spinnaker pole Hugh Gill & Peter Boyle, Sutton DC showed everyone a clean pair of heels to take the race win from Alan Blay / Hugh McNally & Katie Dwyer / Ger Owens.

The fleet retired tired and weary to Gallaghers bar in Kilkishen on Saturday evening where they were entertained by members of the local hurling club who were celebrating their win. Despite their best efforts they were unable to get a sing-a-long with Ger Owens or event organiser Des McMahon!!

Sunday was a different day with much lighter and even shiftier winds. Race 4 went to Katie Dwyer / Ger Owens, Katie’s 1st race win at a GP event. Simon Cully / Libby Tierney, Blessington SC led round the 1st mark and finished in 2nd place, ahead of Richard Street / Lisa Flynn also from Blessington SC. After several efforts to start, race 5 finally got under way. Unfortunately Street / Flynns good luck from race 4 ran out and they were caught out by the black flag. Gill / Boyle won the race, pipping long time leaders Grimes / Tyrell on the line. Katie Dwyer / Ger Owens took 3rd place.

With the McCaldins and Blay / McNally well down the pack the last race would be a fight out between the two Sutton DC teams. Despite leading at almost every mark Dwyer / Owens were very unlucky when the wind filled in from the opposite side of the course on the final leg and lost 3 places. Race 6 and the event was won by Alan Blay / Hugh McNally. 2nd went to Adrian Lee / Conor Flynn and 3rd to Norman Lee / Alan Leddy, Greystones SC, who both stormed through the pack on the final beat.

Sam & Matthew Street, Blessington SC, won the Silver fleet from club mates Simon Cully / Libby Tierney.

The Bronze fleet was won by Oisin Brown / Max Cully, again from Blessington SC.

Top marks to Blessington SC  for bringing so many entries to the event, it is fabulous to see such a good youth turnout.

Thank you to all at Culluan SC for a fabulous event, proving that it is possible to extend the season until November.

2021 Munster Championships Results
2021 Munster Championships Results
2021 GP14 Munster Championships Results.[...]
JPG image [102.0 KB]
Cullaun Welcome Pack GP14 Munsters
Cullaun Welcome Pack GP14 Munsters
Adobe Acrobat document [509.8 KB]
2021 Munster Championship NOR
2021 Munster Championship NOR
Adobe Acrobat document [170.7 KB]
2021 Munster Championship SI's
2021 Munster Championship SI's
Sailing Instructions-CullaunSC-GP14-Muns[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [140.0 KB]

Caption Required



Check out article on Afloat HERE


Munster Championship

Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions


Cullaun Sailing Club

November 6 & 7


Available Below

2021 Hot Toddy Overall Results
2021 Hot Toddy Overall Results
Sailwave results for GP14 Hot Toddy at 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [42.5 KB]

Hot Toddy Report

Hugh Gill




East Antrim Boat Club - GP14 Hot Toddy 24/24 October


It was with trepidation that the GP14 fleet arrived in East Antrim YC for the Annual Hot Toddy event as the weather forecast was showing winds gusting to 30 plus knots for Saturday with some easing expected for Sunday. Saturday dawned and the forecast for a change was spot on, wind and lots of it. Richard Doig, Principal Race Officer for the event, obviously had great faith in GP14 sailors’ abilities and promptly set out his course and flew his flags. Some of the fleet decided discretion was the better part of valour and stayed ashore while some other launched, attempted to beat up the Lough towards the racecourse and promptly decided to return to shore. The remainder battened down the hatches as they say and prepared to do battle both with the elements and each other. Well, believe me, the gusts were coming fast and furious and with shifts of up to thirty degrees , it was no place for the faint-hearted.

Race 1 saw Hugh & Dan Gill arrive at the windward mark in 1st followed closely by Shane McCarthy & Josh Porter in 2nd and a screaming reach ensued. Shane quickly overtook Hugh who had technical issues coming into the gybe mark and ended up swimming not unlike every competitor on the water that day if not once but several times, including our multiple event winner and All Ireland Champion Ger Owens who capsized on the start line. Shane went onto win with JP & Carolyn McCaldin in second with Hugh & Dan much to their surprise scoring a third. What happened to Colman & Ross?

Race 2 was another blaster. Again Shane & Josh got to the front with Ger & Mel a close second followed by Keith Louden & Brendan Brogan along with Adrian Lee & Gareth Gallagher & Hugh & Dan in a tight bunch behind. The wind was so strong that Shane & Josh without spinnaker were taking a tack at the gybe mark and promptly went swimming but recovered quickly to regain 1st . Mel and Ger started the sausage leg and bravely went for the kite, but alas even the mighty swim allowing Hugh & Dan to take second with JP & Carolyn taking third. What happened Colman & Ross? Well their boat is called “No Surprise” and boy did they get some surprise, as, after busting their proverbial for two tough races and finishing well, they discovered that they had been disqualified from both races for not going through the start line each time simply because they did not read the SI’s. Lesson learned!!

There was much chat and many stories when all returned to shore with all boats recovered and the only casualties being a bent mast for the boys from Cullaun SC, Des McMahon & George Fitzgerald and a few dented egos. Complimentary Hot Toddies nursed everyone back to good spirits

A splendid meal on Saturday evening was a credit to the members of East Antrim Boat Club and gave truth to their deserved reputation as great hosts.

Sunday’s wind was more manageable and all sailors took to the race course. Ger & Mel regained their composure, took first place in Race 1. JP & Carolyn took second and Colman & Ross, having learned their lesson, finally got on the scoreboard with a third.

Race 4 saw normal order of the weekend restored with Shane & Josh again notching up another race win with Hugh & Dan just doing enough to hold onto second in front of Ger & Mel.

Race 5 was more of the same. Shane & Josh notched up another win followed by Ger & Mel with Colman & Ross rounding off the day with another third. These boys are showing the fruits of their training and are definitely ones to watch for next season.

Other notable performances were from Bill & James Johnston who finished 6th overall their highest ever placing. Meg Tyrrell and Matthew Cotter racing in a borrowed boat finished all three races on Sunday.

A challenging event which tested all sailors to their core. But Shane & Josh’s skill with four firsts put them out in front as deserved winners with four points with Ger & Mel in second on eleven and Hugh & Dan in third on twelve.

Silver Fleet winners Bill & James Johnston followed closely by Stephen & Daniel Nelson two points behind with Simon Cully & Libby Tierney taking third.

Our Bronze Fleet winner was Jennifer Bryce & Lara Sunday who must be complemented as our most widely travelled novice sailors this year. They haven’t missed an event yet. 

Hot Toddy

Notice of Race

East Antrim Boat Club


October 23 && 24



East Antrim Boat Club have provided the Notice of Race for the upcoming Hot Toddy event and have also provided a flyer outlining more detail including local accomodation and travel directions. 


There is Online Entry and the Club would request that everybody if possible enter in adavnce of the weekend. The Club have provided a Guide to using the Online Entry. See all 3 documents below.


If the booking guide doesn’t work for GP14 members, please e-mail Robert (see below) or with your name, crew name, emergency contact details, sail number and email address and if they want dinner and how many. This will take a little extra time but is an option so as not to discourage sailors from entering the event.


To confirm attendance and for any other information required please contact:

2021 Hot Toddy Welcome & Information
2021 Hot Toddy Welcome & Information
Adobe Acrobat document [281.9 KB]
Hot Toddy Online Booking Guide
Hot Toddy Online Booking Guide
Making a Booking with Sailing Club Manag[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [436.2 KB]
2021 Hot Toddy NOR
2021 Hot Toddy NOR
2021 GP14 Hot Toddy NOR V2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [202.8 KB]

O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

Final Results

Mullingar Sailing Club

September 24 & 25


O'Tiarnaigh Challenge Overall Final Results
sailwave results for o'tiarnaigh challen[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [246.0 KB]
O'Tiarnaigh Challenge Plate Final Results
sailwave results for o'tiarnaigh challen[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [216.2 KB]

O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

Day 1 Results

Mullingar Sailing Club

September 24 & 25


O'Tiarnaigh Challenge Day 1 Results
sailwave results for o'tiarnaigh challen[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [112.0 KB]

Autumn Open Report

Michelle Rowley




Another win for Ger and Mel

Sutton Dinghy Club - GP14 Autumn Open 11th/12th September


The weekend's GP14 Autumn Open took place at the Dublin home of the GP14, Sutton Dinghy Club. A total of 24 boats competed, with a great mix of lads and ladies, young and older!

As the forecast predicted, conditions were quite light 5-10 knots and very shifty. Sailors also had to contend with looking for the breeze, it was very elusive at time - coming and going throughout the day.  PRO, Jim Lamkin had no easy task but got the fleet off as scheduled.

After one restart, the first race was led from the start by Keith Louden and Brendan Brogan, with Katie Dwyer and Michelle Rowley in second. The ladies pulled right into Keith and Brendan on two of the off-wind legs. However they took a few unlucky shifts on the beat, allowing the lads to get a good lead. The race finished up with a win for the Louden/ Brogan pairing, followed by Katie and Michelle in second, with Ger Owens and Melanie Morris in 3rd.

Race 2 began with some of the fleet heading out to the right, due to a right shift just after the start. Sadly the author was not one of those, but anyone who did take a hitch right greatly benefited. With much place changing during the race, Ger and Mel got the win, followed by the very strong partnership of Curley Morris and Richard Street. Coleman Grimes with Ross Gingles came in third, after being chased by a very fast Sam Street and Josh Lloyd in fourth.


With renovation work due to start shortly in Sutton, the Club had organised access to Howth Yacht Club for some outdoor dining after racing. Katier Dwyer and husband Michel arranged some pre-drinks in their garden before about 20 GP14 sailors headed for Howth. A great evening was had, and thank you to Howth Yacht Club for their generosity.

On Sunday, once the Youth event was completed, race 3 of the Autumn Open was able to start, followed promptly by race 4.  With a very light northerly breeze off the land, PRO Jim Lamkin did a stellar job getting the two races going. Both races were very light, where looking for breeze was just as important as looking for windshifts. Ger and Mel took the honours in race 3. Keith Louden consolidated his overnight position with a 2nd and then after much place changing, the husband and wife team of Jane and Ross Kearney came 3rd. Race 4 was another tight race with multiple place changing between the first five. Eventually it was a 1, 2, 3 for Ger, Keith and Katie!

Final Results
Gold fleet
1st  Ger Owens/ Melanie Morris   RSt.GYC
2nd Keith Louden/ Brendan Brogan    Lough Foyle YC
3rd Katie Dwyer/ Michelle Rowley     Sutton Dinghy Club
Silver Fleet
1st  Sam Street/Josh Lloyd   Blessington Sailing Club
2nd Sam Wray/ Ossain Geraghty Sligo YC
3rd  Mark Bolger Blessington Sailing Club
Bronze Fleet
1st John Greer/ Jessica Greer     Sligo YC
2nd David Evans/Jonathan Evans  Sligo YC
3rd  Matthew Cotter/ Jane Hunter   Sutton Dinghy Club

Youth Championships

Sam Street



Blessington one - two with Lily Thorup taking top Youth Prize

Sutton Dinghy Club - GP14 Autumn Open 11th/12th September


Over the weekend, racing was as good as it gets, atmosphere was excellent and hospitality was unbeatable, so massive thanks to Sutton Dinghy Club and all its members for showing us such a good time.


Over both days there was a light but consistent breeze laying the groundwork for a lot of close, competitive sailing to be had. All sailors were kept on their toes throughout the races and the finishes were kept tight.

Lily Thorup took home the Youth trophy, bringing glory to Blessington, with Colman Grimes in the front of the boat. Also great to see mirror fleet sailors, David Evans and Jessica Greer coming down all the way from Sligo, and David winning the u16 prize.

To have so many youths at the event, and to be able to have a laugh with them off the water was unreal, and if they could keep coming to events maybe the rest of the clubs would be as alive as Sutton was last weekend. So massive thanks to all the youth sailors who turned up to the event for making it so enjoyable and also congratulations to the older sailors in the fleet for getting them (and us) involved and being so welcoming and helpful.


Full results on home page of Sutton Dinghy Club.

O'Tiarnaigh Challenge

SI's available

Mullingar Sailing Club

September 24 & 25




Mullingar Sailing Club have provided the Sailing Instructions which are available below. 

The Club have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the weekend and it looks like being a great day on Saturday. The Club have mentioned that the SI's  have been written to ensure in the event of no racing on Sunday there will be an event winner after Saturdays racing. REMEMBER all fleets sail together in the 5 or 6 qualifying races on the Saturday so there will be no one left hanging around. 3 longer races on Sunday.

Online Entry will be available right through to Saturday. There is space for Camping and toilets will be available overnight in the Clubhouse. Please support Mullingar even if you JUST fancied some good racing on Satrurday.

2021 O'Tiarnaigh Challenge SI's
Adobe Acrobat document [507.4 KB]

Autumn Open & Youth Championships

Sutton Dinghy Club

11-12 September


Liy Thorup from Blessington Sailing Club is the new GP14 Youth Champion, pipping Sam Street today @ Sutton Dinghy Club


Ger Owens & Melanie Morris retained the Autum Open ahead of Keith Louden / Brendan Brogan with Katie Dwyer / Michelle Rowley taking 3rd.



Full Results for both events NOW AVAILABLE ON Club website



GP14 start @

Sutton Dinghy Club Regatta

Saturday 28th August.


NOR available on Club website. Online Entry only.


Boats intending to race the Autumn Open & Youth Championship on Sep 11/12 in Sutton can be left at the Club after the Regatta

Championship of Ireland

Final Day Report


Lough Erne Yacht Club

August 13 - 15


2 races sailed today and hats off to our PRO Derek Bothwell for managing to complete the full schedule. 


Ger Owens & Brendan Brogan won both races to just pip Shane MacCarthy & Josh Porter by a point but it was a nail-biter that went right to the wire.


According to the mathematicians in the fleet, only 2 wins would do for Ger & Brendan and he took a clear victory in the mornings first race. Colman Grimes & Ross Gingles were 2nd with Ross and Shane fighting it out for the 3rd spot.


With Ger and the leaders on their way up the last beat, the PRO was left with no choice but to apply the dreaded blue flag and sailing through the line downwind SI which claimed a good portion of the fleet. A harsh lesson for many Silver, Bronze and the odd Gold fleet sailor.

Into the deciding last race and a great start on the left by Ger looked like the Championships was now his to lose as Shane and Ross were buried in the fleet on the other side of the course.


If Ger thought he just needed to sail to the finish he soon realised it wasn't the case, as Katie Dwyer & Michele Rowley paced them all the way around and Ger & Brendan couldn't shake them off. Meanwhile, following the poor start Shane & Josh came from way back to move into 3rd. No one was quite sure but Ger by holding off Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley on the last beat ensured they clinched the deal.


A superb 4th following his 6th in Race 7 from James Hockley & Alan Thompson (Lough Foyle) gave them 5th Overall and Silver fleet victory from Steven & Daniel Nelson (Newtownards) and fleet newcomer Patrick Hamilton & James Dewhurst (East Down). Gold Fleet next year guys!


Bronze fleet victory went to Sutton Dinghy Club  new-comers Matthew Cotter & Tom Mulligan who just held off a late rally from locals Michael & David Brines (LEYC) to take the honours.  Class President Michael Collender & Brian Walker ( Mullingar) were 3rd.


A superb 4th Overall including a Race 4 win by Yin Tang helped ensure Hugh and Dan Gill took the Masters Championship.


The new boats under Hugh and Norman Lee were very quick and should mean a few enquiries to Alistair Duffin before next years Worlds.


Ciaran Keogh and Adam Leddy finished 20th Overall and took the Youth Championship.


JP McCaldin along with LEYC Commodore Neil Ireland presented the prizes. The PRO Derek Borhwell was given a great reception and complimented for his efforts in getting a full schedule completed.


JP and Michel Collender, Class President thanked everybody, and particularly the Youth sailors for getting up to Lough Erne making it such a great event and  encouraged a good turnout for the next event which is the  Autumn Open & Youth Championship to be held in Sutton Dinghy Club on Sep 11/12.



1) Ger Owens & Brendan Brogan ( RSt.GSC)
2) Shane MacCarthy & Josh Porter ( Greystones)
3) Ross & Jane Kearney ( RNIYC)
1) James Hockley  & Alan Thompson (Lough Foyle)
2) Steven & Daniel Nelson (Newtownards)
3) Patrick Hamton & James Dewhurst (East Down)
1) Matthew Cotter & Tom Mulligan ( Sutton Dinghy Club) 
2) Michael & Peter Brines (LEYC)
3 ) Michael Collender & Brian Walker (Mullingar)
2021 GP14 Championship of Ireland Final Results
2021 GP14 Championship of Ireland Final Results
Sailwave results for GP14 Championship o[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [92.0 KB]

Championship of Ireland

Day 2 Update


Lough Erne Yacht Club

August 13 - 15


The second day of the 2021 GP14 Championship of Ireland got underway more than 2 hours later than scheduled. Little or no breeze saw the AP up outside Lough Erne Yacht Club all morning and well into the afternoon. 
Patience was rewarded, with the wind eventually filling in and PRO Derek Bothwell managing to get the fleet on the water and ultimately complete another 3 great races. Earlier this looked far from a  certainty. 
Unlike  Friday, race conditions were between 4 and 8 knots. At the end, of the day the 3 leaders were still in the top 3  but had been shuffled a little and they certainly didn't have it all their own way.
Race 1 saw Hugh & Dan Gill, in Yin Tang take first place (and the International Shipping Services Cup)  from Blessingtons Richard Street with Ger Owens maintaining his consistent showing in 3rd. Shane MacCarthy was 7th  and Ross Kearney 9th.
Race 2 again saw YinTang to the fore until some gear failure late on allowed Ger and Shane through with Hugh & Dan having to settle for 3rd. Great to see Richard Street back on the stick as he followed up his 2nd with a 4th in the second race of the day. 
Robert & Chris Gingles took 5th to rattle a few cages. Our  overnight leaders Ross & Jane Kearney were certainly not having it their own way and had to settle with 12th.  
In case anyone thought it was now just between Ger & Shane, Ross & Jane had other ideas. A 2nd in Race 3 puts them well in touch but they could do nothing to stop Shane & Josh's taking their 3rd bullet of the event. Norman Lee with Adam Leddy revelled in the conditions to take 3rd ahead of the McGuinness brothers and jumped into 5th overall behind Hugh and Dan Gill in 4th.
So with 2 races on Sunday, Shane & Josh lead Ger & Brendan by 3 points with Ross & Jane 4 points further back. 
The Masters Championship is also on offer here this weekend and sees Norman Lee chasing Hugh Gill but any slip-up from top 3 you feel will allow Hugh in for a podium finish in the main event and a medal.
Steven Nelson and son Daniel did enough to sneak past East Downs  Patrick Hamilton to lead the Silver fleet. A top 10 beckons for both these Silver fleet entries. Good going in a fleet of 40.
The top 5 finishes of Blessingtons Richard Street & Conor Flynn today saw them move ahead of  Sutton Dinghy Club  Matthew Cotter & Tom Mulligan at the head of the bronze fleet. 
2 races tomorrow in what should be slightly breezier conditions will finally sort the top 5 positions.  One thing is certain  the winners name is already on the Trophy.  
Complete 2 races tomorrow and our PRO Derek Bothwell will certainly deserve his tea and biscuits



Championship of Ireland

Day 1 Update


Lough Erne Yacht Club

August 13 - 15


The 2021 GP14 Championship of Ireland got underway at a breezy Lough Erne Yacht Club. 
With wind regularly between 15 and 20+ knots  our PRO Derek Bothwell had the fleet on the water pretty much as scheduled and completed 3 cracking races. 
All 3 races were 'Windy and shifty, blowing 12 one minute, 20+ another, some great reaches and plenty of capsizes.' as related by Dan Gill crewing for dad Hugh Gill. I'd say you guys were on tenter-hooks with the new boat!
Sutton Dinghy Clubs Hugh & Dan managed a 3rd in Race 1 and lie 4th overall, but they were the only ones to get a look in on the scoreboard  as Ross Kearney,  Shane MacCarthy and Ger Owens between them owned the remaining top 3 slots in today's races.
Ross & Jane Kearney (RNIYC) lead after day 1 with a race win and  couple of 2nds. Shane MacCarthy & Josh Porter (Greystones) lies 2nd after winning Race 2 & 3 and taking a 4th in Race 1 behind Hugh Gill.  Ger Owens & Brendan Brogan (RSt.GYC)  finished the day in 3rd after a 2nd and a couple of  3rds. 
East Downs Patrick Hamilton leads Silver fleet after a very solid day that included 2 top 10 finishes.
Event first timers from Sutton Dinghy Club  Matthew Cotter & Tom Mulligan in 'The Wrong Trousers' lead the bronze fleet with 3 finishes and 2 in the top 20. 
Racing continues tomorrow and Sunday, with the  forecast looking less breezy which will certainly be welcomed by some of the younger and lighter crews in the 40 boat fleet who have travelled up to LEYC.

Championship of Ireland

Notice of Race

Lough Erne  Yacht Club

August 13, 14 & 15




Lough Erne Yacht Club have provided the Notice of Race for the upcoming 2021 GP14 Championship of Ireland.


There will be a daily prize giving including individual race trophies, and spot prizes throughout the fleet, at 7pm on Friday and Saturday.

Complimentary breakfast and hot drinks will be provided on all 3 days.

There will be a BBQ on Friday evening, a Championship dinner on Saturday and lunch available on Sunday.  Please see attached menu.  Please note all meals must be pre-booked, payment can be made at registration on Friday morning.

We have a band organised for Saturday night.

There is plenty of space for camping on the club site but we ask that you please notify us if you are intending to pitch a tent / park a campervan.  A local accomodation list is provided BELOW for those looking for a bit more luxury!

Registration will be from 9.30am on Friday morning, we would appreciate it if all competitors could please confirm their intention to enter the event by Wednesday 11th August.  Everyone who has confirmed attendance, and enters, will be placed into a free draw to win their entry fee back.

To confirm attendance and for any other information required please contact:

Lough Erne YC Accomodation List
Lough Erne Yacht Club Accomodation List.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [34.8 KB]
NOR 2021 GP14 Championship of Ireland
GP14 Irish 2021 Notice of Race LEYC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [119.0 KB]
GP14 Championship of Ireland MENU
GP Irish 2021 Menu.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [17.2 KB]

Leinster Championships


Blessington Sailing Club

July 3 & 4


Different event,  same result. Following their  success at the Ulsters two weeks ago, Ger Owens and Mel Morris were crowned GP14  Leinster Champions at Blessington Sailing Club last weekend.  (Jul 3/4)

Originally earmarked as part of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta, the Leinsters attracted 34 boats to Blessington and Blessington did not disappoint. 

On Saturday, tough flukey conditions saw a long delay before racing got underway at 2:15 but our PRO Joe Crilly held his nerve to get in 3 great races. 

While Hugh Gill might be waiting for his new GP14 from Alistair Duffin,  it certainly doesn't stop him getting into other boats and making them sail fast. With another loaner for the Leinsters, he led the first race from the start, chased by Ger Owens, Shane MacCarthy, Norman Lee and Colman Grimes, only relinquishing the lead on the last leg in to the line. 1, 2 Shane & Ger,  with Hugh hanging on for 3rd.

A couple of windshift induced AP's led to Black Flag start on Race 2 but with everyone away, it didn't take long for Shane and Ger to renew rivalry again with Curly Morris well to the fore. By end of the race Ger was in the ascendancy with Keith Louden coming through to take 3rd. Curly 4th and Colman Grimes taking 5th. 

Race 3 saw Ger,  Shane, Curly,  Keith and Colman all to the fore from early on. A stronger breeze brought some welcome fast spinnaker reaches. With Keith splitting Shane and Ger, it now looked like some order was taking shape going into Sunday. Not a bit of it! It was still all still to play for.

Sunday saw PRO Joe Crilly out promptly on the water and now aided by the visiting Derek Bothwell from HYC.  The day started with fresher and more consistent breeze for the first race. This time Curly Morris with event organiser Richard Street in the front of the boat, split Ger and Shane with the pair now level on points.  The 5th race saw a clean start, but with plenty of port-starboard incidents as well as the unusual sight of Ger Owens in the water after losing his footing. An improving David Johnston looked likely to be first to the weather mark, but a windshift saved a nosebleed by letting Shane and Colman nip in ahead. The Class saw Diana Kissane (Sutton Dinghy Club/HYC) back in the fleet for the first time in 10 years and a 4th in Race 5 suggests it won't be long before we see her exert pressure at the top of the fleet. A great recovery saw Ger fight his way back into contention from his early bath but Shane hung on for the bullet with Ger having to settle for 2nd. 

Silver fleet was led at this stage by the very consistent Conor Twohig & Meg Tyrrell (Sutton Dinghy Club) who had posted 5 top 10 finishes to lead Steve Nelson (Newtownards SC) and Stuart McCormack (Mullingar SC).  The host Clubs Matthew Street led Bronze fleet from Class President Michael Collander (Mullingar SC) going into the 6th and final race.

With dark rain clouds forming and moving down the valley, Joe and Derek got the final race off without a hitch. A ding dong match race ensued between Ger and Shane as they struggled to gain the key advantage. Ever consistent now in 2 events, Skerries Colman Grimes injected himself into the frame and made the outcome even more interesting. A major windshift on the sausage prompted the PRO to shorten the race  and with Colman now in 2nd, Shane's 3rd meant Ger & Mel were to take the Championship.

With the rain now starting to lash the fleet, 34 boats made a bee-line for the shore.  

Derek Bothwell who will be PRO for GP14 Championship of Ireland in August came down to get acquainted with the Class and with 34 boats, quality racing at all 3 levels of the fleet he must have been impressed and  I am sure he will now be looking forward to Lough Erne in August.

A great turnout from the host Club, strong Youth attendance and with 16 Clubs represented across the 34 boat fleet, 2021 has highlighted the interest in competitive, affordable racing within Irelands largest 2 handed Class. With quite a few notable absentees in Blessington and also a no. of new boats on the way an even better turnout may be expected for the Nationals at Lough Erne Yacht Club in August. All preparation for the GP14 Worlds in Skerries in Aug 2022.

Richard Street as Event Organiser with Class President Michael Collander presented the Leinster Championship McDowell Trophy to Ger Owens and Melanie Morris. The Leinster Youth Trophy went to Peter Boyle & Joe Doherty (Sutton Dinghy Club) with the Leinster Junior U19 Trophy going to Sam Street and Rian O'Hailin (Blessington).

Class President Michael Collander thanked Blessington Sailing Club for all their efforts in making it such a great event. Remarking on the no. of event first timers in Blessington he reminded everyone of the Classes ' Adopt a Sailor'  campaign and asked regular attendees to help encourage and support someone in their Club to get along to the next GP14 event. Be it issues with trailers, tuning or a crew sometimes a little bit of help and support can make the difference in getting someone to their first event. He praised Steven Nelson from Newtownards and Shane MacCarthy for supporting and encouraging Jennifer Bryce/Lara Sunday and Ronan Beirne/Dave Mulvin to make it to Blessington.  With nearly 6 weeks to our next event, the Championship of Ireland (August 13-15), Michael encouraged those who can make it to attend the Skerries Regatta on July 24/25 where a GP14 start will be provided.

Photos courtesy of and John Channin and Ruairi O'Hailin, .

Youth (U22)
Peter Boyle & Joe Doherty (Sutton Dinghy Club)

Junior (U19)
Sam Street & Josh Lloyd (Blessington Lakes SC)


Bronze Fleet
1 Matthew Street & Riain O'Hailin (Blessington Lakes SC)
2 Michael Collender & Brian Walker (Mullingar SC)
3 Des McMahon Pat Biesty (Cullaun SC)


Silver Fleet
1 Conor Twohig & Meg Tyrrell (Sutton Dinghy Club)
2 Steve & Daniel Nelson (Newtownards SC)
3 Stuart McCormick & Bernie Briody (Mullingar SC)


Gold Fleet
1 Ger Owens & Mel Morris (RStGYC)
2 Shane MacCarthy & Josh Porter (Greystones SC)
3 Colman Grimes & Ed Coyne (Skerries SC)

2021 GP14 Leinster Championship Results
2021 GP14 Leinster Championship Results
2021 GP14 Leinsters - Overall Results.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [34.1 KB]

Leinster Championships

Notice of Race

Blessington Sailing Club

July 4 and 4




Blessington Sailing Club having stepped into the breach to hold the Leinsters following cancellation of the Volvo Dun Laoghiare Regatta have issued the events Notice of Race.


Further details regarding Online entry will follow in the next few days.


Please take note of the additional Covid procedures provided by Blessington Sailing Club

NOR 2021 Leinster Championships
NOR 2021 Leinster Championships
GP14 Leinsters 2021 NOR 18.6.21.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [63.2 KB]
Blessington Sailing Club Covid Procedures
Blessington Sailing Club Covid Procedures
Blessington Sailing Club Covid procedure[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [31.0 KB]


2021 Ulster Championship Report


Newtownards Sailing Club, June 19/20



Day 1 of the Ulster Championships at Newtownards Sailing Club and 3 great races under watchful eye of PRO Ruan O Tiarnaigh. Some great performances in what was for many the first racing since 2019. Some expected faces at the top of the Gold fleet, but top 3 showed some some new ones too. Adrian Lee bagged another gun in Race 1 and lay 3rd, with Ger Owen in 2nd after 2 bullets. Consistency or lack of a good night sleep in the tent with the kids on Friday night helped Colman Grimes  to the top of the leaderboard. Steve Nelson lead the Silver fleet lying 5th overall  with Michael Brines leading Bronze fleet in 19th. A great turnout from Newtownards Sailing Club with 11 boats. 4 boats travelled from Sutton Dinghy Club, 3 boats from Lough Foyle with Youghal the furthest travelled of the 28 boats on the water. The weather for Sunday started to look a lot better than originally expected with more breeze than Saturday. Question around the Club was would there be a new name on the Trophy?
Day 2 and the weather gods continued to indulge us. PRO Ruan O Tiarnaigh again manged to get 3 cracking races in while changing the race format to Olympic  from Saturdays Windward Leeward. The top of the leader board coming into Sunday saw Colman Grimes lead from Ger Owen but with Ross Kearney not too far way. Adrian Lee with Richard Gallagher in the front was there or there abouts. Shane Mac Carthy surely would have his say before the end of the event.
Tricky conditions saw a few false starts before fleet got away for Race 4. 
Left was the order of the day and even with lightening breeze it was Ross who lead around the windward and despite Ger Owens, Katie Dwyer and Shane Mac Cathy all getting close  Ross took the gun. Ger hung on for 2nd but Alistair Duffin came through for 3rd with Lough Foyle James Peter Hockley setting down a mark for the Silver fleet in 4th. Curly Morris took 5th with Steve Nelson on 6th.
Race 5 again saw Ross take an early lead and get around the gybe mark  before tide and lightening breeze created a separate race between the rest of the fleet. Despite strong pressure from Ger, James Peter Hockley held on for a superb 2nd with Shane MacCarthy 4th. Behind them saw 3 Sutton Dinghy Club boats battle it out with Peter Boyle  taking a 5th just ahead of  David Johnston and Hugh Gill.
Despite the light and tricky breeze  our race office Ruan got the 6th and final race of the event underway. Shane MacCarthy got a super start and lead by a boat length from Ger Owens at the weather mark. The pair batled it out all the way with the lead changing hands a few times. Ger seemed to have the edge downwind, while Shane held his own upwind. Behind them overnight leader Colman Grimes,  Katie Dwyer , Keith Louden and Ross Kearney  were nip and tuck looking to take the final podium spot in Race 6. 
Ger held off Shane for the gun with  Ross taking 3rd from Suttons Katie Dwyer in 4th, Lough Foyle Keith Louden 5th and Skerries Colman Grimes 6th. 
A great event to kick start the 2021 GP14 season with 28 boats and all the more important after the  lack of racing in 2020 due to Covid.
The open air Prize-giving was held in beautiful sunshine with Event Organiser Josh Porter presenting the Ulster Championship to Ger Owens and Melanie Morris and Ulster Youth Championshop Trophy to  Peter Boyle and Joe Doherty.
Class President Michael Collender thanked Josh Porter  and Michael Cox  and the Newtownards Sailing Club  for all their efforts in making it such a great event. He reminded everybody that our next event on the calendar is the Leinster Championships  originally planned as part of the Volvo Dún Laoghaire Regatta  but now to be held on Jul 3/4 in Blessington Sailing Club. 
Gold Fleet
1) GER Owens & Mel Morris
2) Ross Kearney & Jane Kearney
3) Shane MacCarthy & Josh Porter
Silver Fleet 
1) James Peter Hockley & Alan Thompson
2) Steve Nelson & Daniel Nelson
3) Michael Cox & Claire Cromwell
Bronze Fleet
1) Michael Brines & Peter Bridnes
2) Michael Collender & Brian Walker
3) Newenham DeCogan & Maggie Sinnamon


Check out Full Results and Photos By Bob Given Photography

2021 GP14 Ulster Championship Results
2021 GP14 Ulster Championship Results
Results Ulster Championships NSC 2021.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [38.8 KB]

2022 GP14 World Championships

Skerries Sailing Club

August 14 to 19


(as of April 2021)


Following a review by Skerries Sailing Club, in conjunction with our national and international stakeholders, we have decided that, in light of the current pandemic and with the consideration of the safety and welfare of all who would be involved, the postponed GP14 World Championships 2020 will be rescheduled to 14-19 August 2022. More details to follow.



2021 Leinster Championship


July 3 & 4 2021




While the cancellation of the Volvo was a disappointment for the GP14 Class, what with the GP14 likely to be the largest represented Class with 30 boats registered, I am delighted to say that our 2021 Leinster Championships will go ahead but not in Dun Laoghaire. 


Since news of the VDLR cancellation came through, the Committee have been working behind the scenes considering possible alternate venues for the event.


As with last year, a big shout out to Richard Street and the Committee in Blessington for committing to run the event at such short notice. Remember Richard & Blessington managed to run our only event of 2020 The Autumn Open & Youth Championships.


The re-arranged event will be run over 2 days the week-end of July 3-4. More details will be communicated in the coming weeks.


Andy Johnston
GP14 Ireland Class Association


We're Off

NOR & Entry Now Open


Ulster Championships

Newtownards Sailing Club

June 19 - 20




Great news for the GP14 fleet...we can confirm that our Ulser Championships will go ahead in Newtownards Sailing Club on weekend of June 19/20. Newtownards members have been back sailing for almost a month now and have good numbers out on the water.


The organisers have a max limit of 40 boats (at this time) and will only be taking entries Online via the portal link attached. With 10+ GP14 boats sailing in Newtownards, entries will be on a first come first served basis. Closing date for entries is June 17th.


Good news is that there should be bar and food, subject to prevailing restrictions. Full details on the attached link below.


The Club have confirmed they will have plenty of camping facilities available on site.

The NOR and Online Entry are available  -  HERE.


Craftinsure Leagues



With our first (qualifying) event since 2019 looming with the Ulster Championship in Newtownards on June 19/20, I am delighted to confirm that Craftinsure will once again sponsor our GP14 Fleet Leagues.


The final League situation at the end of the 2019 season can be found HERE on our Fleets and Leagues page.


For those new to the Class, the guidelines to how the Class manage and administer the Fleet can be found on the attached document.



2021 Munster Championship

Cullaun Sailing Club




November 6th / 7th 2021




Following discussions between the Class and Cullaun Sailing Club we have made the decision to postpone the Munster Championship till a later date in the season. With only a limited lifting of restrictions expected for the end of April, we believe it is highly unlikely we would have been able to proceed with our initial dates of May 15/16.



The event has been rearranged for November 6th / 7th 2021


Fingers crossed that we will be able to make the journey to Newtownards in June for the Ulster Championships. As of this weekend we have 27 boats entered for the Leinster Championships which will be raced as part of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta in early July. The early bird entry has been extended till April 16th.


The Class Committee are meeting regularly and we will keep you informed of any further developments  with regard to getting back sailing. 


Andy Johnston
GP14 Ireland Class Association
Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta
Early Bird Entry - 2 Promotions

This season our Leinster Championship will again be held as part of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta. This year the VDLR has been split into 2 events over 2 weekends with the GP14 Class included in a One Design only weekend to be held on July 2-4 2021.

The event organisers have a no. of early bird entry promotions that shold be of interest to the GP14 Fleet. 

If we can get 25 GP14 entries by 28th February VDLR organisers will put up a €100 VDLR Hospitality voucher which may be redeemed against food and drink during VDLR.  The draw for this particular voucher will only be open to the GP14 Class.

NOTE: The VDLR organisers have confirmed that if the event does not go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions ALL entry fees will be refunded. So please consider entering and avail of reduced entry fee and chance to win a voucher or some nice sailing gear.

In addition VDLR are running an early bird draw for (all fleets) entries received by end of February with the winner receiving a HH Performance Sailing bag. All GP14 entries will be in both draws.

Race Weekend: 2-4 July 2021

Early Bird Entry Fee for GP14 Class : €100

Online Entry :

2020 AGM


January 20th 2021


Folks, just a quick update with regard to our recent  (2020) AGM which was held on January 20th via Zoom.

With over 30 attendees it was a great success. Thank you to everybody that made the effort to jon in. Particularly welcome were a number of new members to the Class who have joined in 2020.

There was some very interactive discussions on a wide array of topics from World Sailing news, Skerries Worlds 2022, our 2021 Event Calendar to Regionals events and the emergence of Munster venues.

The feedback to the Committee since the meeting has been extremely positive and would indicate even if we get back to a face to face AGM this year we should consider also opening it up to Zoom going forward.

The new Committee is now in place with Michael Collender taking over from David Cooke as the Class President. In addition we saw Katie Dwyer and Ger Owens come onboard with Colman Grimes stepping down. David Cooke will remain on Committee to ensure continuity with regard to arrangements for Skerries 2022. 

The Committee would ask that everyone consider entering the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatt before the end of February. See note below. This would help ensure the GP14 get maximum exposure for the event and everyone entered before end of February is in with 2 opportunities to win Early Bird prizes.


Andy Johnston

Hon.Sec, GP14 Ireland Class Association

Paul Rowan (RIP)

Renowned GP14 Dinghy Champion

(Afloats Betty Armstrong)

Paul Rowan was a renowned member of the GP14 class, a staunch supporter of East Antrim Boat Club at Larne and a talented helmsman sadly passed away on Saturday (23rd Jan).

Paul was a highly successful sailor despite carrying a weakness in his shoulder muscles on one side, a legacy of childhood polio. Paul had a number of coping mechanisms to overcome this - such as using his whole body to heave in the mainsheet.
Paul's prowess in the GP14 world came to prominence in 1965 when he and crew Graham Gingles won the Northern Ireland Championship. He was runner-up in the British Nationals in 1968 and 1973.

In '68 a broken kicker on the last beat while lying a close second may have cost him the Championship which was won by John McWilliam, also from East Antrim. In 1971, they were Irish and N I champions.

In '84 and '85, sailing with Mark Nolan of Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Paul reached the pinnacle of sailing competition in Ireland winning the then Helmsman's Championship of Ireland. The duo also finished fifth at the '85 World Championships in Mumbles, Wales.

His business career took him to the position of Managing Partner in Price Waterhouse Coopers, the merged company of Price Waterhouse and Coopers Lybrand in Belfast.

His indomitable spirit as displayed on a foray in Fiona Hicks' RS Elite at Bangor. Word is that after racing he and crew Lee Stevenson and Bill Whisker stormed into the harbour entrance under spinnaker!

Fellow EABC member, long-standing GP14 sailor and current President of GP14 International Curly Morris has great memories: "Paul and I had an intense rivalry on the water, which through Club racing at least twice a week propelled us to the top of the Irish Fleet. (It was kept under control after '67 when I started sailing the Finn dinghy, aiming to go to the Olympics.) We nevertheless maintained respect for each other's abilities on and off the water and if united in a common cause worked together well and closely. One example is the first dinghy racing committee of the newly formed Irish Sailing Association when we served together with Adrian Bell, Maurice Butler and Johnny Hooper". Curly adds "In the mid' 70s my wife, Ann started sailing with me. Having Paul just in front of us was the greatest incentive for her (and me) to sit out harder as he was one of those people who we just didn't want to be beaten by - especially if it was windy! (If you need to know Pat Murphy was the other)."

Sincere condolences to Paul's widow Rosie, and daughters Julie and Nikki.


Former GP14 Class President and National Champion Paul Rowan has passed away this weekend.



Just to let you know that GP14 International Trustee Paul Rowan died peacefully yesterday afternoon. Paul was Hon Treasurer of the Class, going on to be President, and one of our first trustees.
He was a very successful sailor despite carrying a weakness in his shoulder muscles on one side, a legacy of childhood polio. He was runner up in the GP British Nationals twice, top 10 in several World Champs, in addition to winning the prestigious Helmsman’s Championship of Ireland in 1984 & 1985 along with several Irish GP14 titles (1971 & 1985).


2020 AGM

(Will be held on Zoom)


January 20th 2021




The 2020 AGM will go ahead on January 20th 2021 as notified previously. The formal aspects of the AGM will be kept to a minimum but we would like to have as many members on the call to spend some time sharing ideas and getting a sense of what the membership would like for the coming season as well as what you would like to see from next years Committee. 

While we already have a number of changes on Committee we would welcome addressing the gender balance and would like to have one of our female members put their names forward. Committee work is not onerous with 5-6 meetings (usually done via Zoom) through the season. Feel free to email me using email below. 

The Committee have published the 2021 Calendar (see Left side of Home Page) and are already working on ideas and options for the 2022 event calendar. The Committee would welcome members thoughts and ideas on events and locations at this point. Feel free to email me using email below. 

AGM Agenda

  1. Presidents Report (David Cooke)
  2. Financial Update (James Peter Hockley)
  3. Committee Elections
  4. Worlds Update (David Cooke)
  5. Suggested Items for Open Discussion 
    • Events - Venue selection & selection criteria
    • Improving Communication, Collaboration - Survey
    • Membership and Club  Representatives
  6. AOB

As an added incentive to join the AGM, the LEYC and the Committee have agreed to run a draw to win free entry for the 2021 GP14 Championship of Ireland. All registered attendees of the AGM will be entered in the draw.

The Committee would really welcome a good turnout for the AGM. The Zoom contact details will be issued to members via email in the next few days.



January 20th 2021, 8pm


Andy Johnston
Hon.Sec, GP14 Ireland Class Association

Email GP14 news and notices to Andy on to get them posted here

Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta
Early Bird Entry - 3 Promotions

This season our Leinster Championship will again be held as part of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta. This year the VDLR has been split into 2 events over 2 weekends with the GP14 Class included in a One Design only weekend to be held on July 2-4 2021.

The event organisers have 3 early bird entry promotions that shold be of interest to the GP14 Fleet. 

If we can get 25 GP14 entries by 28th February VDLR organisers will put up a €100 VDLR Hospitality voucher which may be redeemed against food and drink during VDLR.  The draw for this particular voucher will only be open to the GP14 Class.

NOTE: The VDLR organisers have confirmed that if the event does not go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions ALL entry fees will be refunded. So please consider entering and avail of reduced entry fee and chance to win a voucher or some nice sailing gear.

In addition VDLR will be running 2 early bird draws for (all fleets) entries received by end January for a pair of Dubarry Performance Boots of your choice and for those received by end of February we will have a HH Performance Sailing bag. All GP14 entries will also be in the draw for these items as well.

Race Weekend: 2-4 July 2021

Early Bird Entry Fee for GP14 Class : €100

Online Entry :

Mark Valentine - RIP 


With great sadness, the GP14 Ireland Committee heard of the death of much loved GP14 sailor Mark Valentine last Thursday 7 January 2021. 

A number of our GP14 Ireland sailors have been in touch over the last few days expressing shock at the news and providing their thoughts and memories of Mark.

Through holidaying close to Lough Erne Yacht Club, Mark was introduced to sailing, crewing for his father Peter in Mirror dinghies. Peter would later become Commodore of Lough Erne and introduce Mark to GP14's. Through LEYC, Mark became close friends with current Committee member JP McCaldin, with the pair  sailing against each other many times on Lough Erne and sailing a no. of events together.

On hearing the news a shocked JP wrote  
“Genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever known and unarguably the best sailor from Lough Erne in my lifetime. Mark introduced me to the bar at Castle Archdale and my first few pints. I do remember how at LEYC all the old ladies of the club would follow around after him and loved him. He was a bit of a legend in that club."

Marks family lived in Co. Down and became members of Newtownards Sailing Club where MarK continued to sail GP14 as both crew and helm while also sailing J24 and Fairy keelboats. Nicknamed 'Super Crew', Mark was a mich sought after crew know for his agilty as well as his tactical acumen. Not content with crewing Mark developed into a very capable helm, notably taking a a 3rd overall at a J24 Nationals on Lough Erne with a very young crew.

In the GP14 Class, Mark sailed with a number of people including Ruan O'Tiarmaigh and the aformentioned JP. However the best remembered pairing was Marks partnership with Martin Hannon, the pair were very competitive and always a threat. Martin who now lives in New Zealand has recounted the following story via JP. I gather from Ruan and JP it perfectly captures Marks sense of fun, divilment and actual talent in a boat.

From Martin Hannon -
'One of my favourite stories and one that always got a great laugh from Mark was when were racing the GP14's at LEYC for either an Ulsters or a Hot Toddy. It was reasonably windy and we headed out on the morning after the Saturday night. A quick dunk of our heads over the side of the boat to freshen us up. As pointed out, once the starting sequence got underway Mark "casual" approach became a little more competitive especially against a few of the other guys in the fleet.

We got off to a good start, picked a few good shifts crossing tacks with Damian Bracken who was pretty racey and competitive. Anyhow they just pip us around the top mark and we then set off down the reach. I get an elbow in the ribs and Mark says hold this. He then hands me the tiller and main sheet whilst I have the spinnaker sheet. He then the proceeds to light up a cigerette. At this point we are sailing over the top of Damian. We could hear below us Damian asking his crew what is Mark doing. Damian's crew responds, "
Mark is lighting up a cigerette and I think he's going faster" Needless to say, that didn't go down well when we rolled them. ha ha'

Mark sailed for many years at Newtownards SC, was active on committee and later became Commodore of the Club, sailed a Dart 18 catamaran out of Ballyholme YC while also sailing keelboats. Mark for a time was a regular crew on former GP14 sailor Burton Allen's Sigma 33 Starshine Challenger.

Mark married Sara Jane and had a son Charlie, and with parenthood Mark regularly brought the family back to his roots at Lough Erne for holidays and to renew and extend family friendships. Keeping a caravan and a cruiser Red Rambler they would spend weekends and holidays during the summer exploring the islands and waterways of the Erne and passing his love of sailing onto Charlie and Sara Jane. However, as recently as 2020, Mark showed he still had a competitive streak by buying a Yeoman and winning the LEYC 2020 Championship  Shield.
Mark was competitive on the water and great craic ashore. An asset to every fleet he sailed in and every Club he was a member of. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. The GP14 Ireland Committee on behalf of the Class membership extend our condolences to Sara Jane, Charlie and the his family and close friends.
RIP Mark.
JP McCaldin, Ruan O'Tiarnaigh & Andy Johnston

Funeral is 13th January. Sadly due to current government regulations house and funeral will be private. 

No flowers by request please. Donations in memory, if desired, to R.N.L.I. c/o Gilmore Funeral Directors Ltd., 13 The Square, Comber BT23 5DX Tel 02891872949.

Ventura Restoration - Afloats Betty Armstrong talks to Derek 


Check out the link to Afloats article  and catch up on the progress being made to bring Ernie Mawhinneys boat back to sailing condition.


GP14 Ireland Dates

Events & Venues


Mar 19/20 - Boat Measurment Course

Skerries Sailing Club

Apr 9/10 - #1 Adult Training Weekend

Skerries Sailing Club

Apr 30 May 1 - Spring Open

Sligo Yacht Club

May 21/22 - Ulster Championship

Lough Foyle YC

Jun 9/10 - #2 Adult Training Weekend

Skerries Sailing Club

Jul 2/3 - GP14 Championship of Ireland

Jul 30/31 - O'Tiarnaigh Pre-Worlds

Skerries Sailing Club

Aug 14/19 - GP14 World Championship

Skerries Sailing Club

Sep 17/18 - Leinster Championship

Mullingar Sailing Club

Sep 24/25 - Youth Training Weekend

Mullingar Sailing Club

Oct 8/9 - All Ireland Sailing Championship

Sutton Dinghy Club

Oct 15/16 - Hot Toddy/Youth Championship

Newtownards Sailing Club

Nov 5/6 - Munster Championship

Cullaun Sailing Club

GP14 Fleets and Leagues Guidelines
Guidance for Operating Fleets and Leagues
Guidance for Operating Fleets and League[...]
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