GP14 Ireland
GP14 Ireland

GP14 Ireland Hot Toddy

15-16 October 2016 - Blessington SC




Congratulations to Colman Grimes & David Lappin from Skerries who took their first ever event win at the Hot Toddy in Blessington. 


Report by Laura McFarland

Photos Laura McFarland/Libby Tierney


A number of sailors made their way down to Blessington on Friday evening, pitched tents and camper vans around the lakeside.  It was a very wet and windy night for them.  Many of the Saturday sailors drove through heavy down pours of rain but on arrival to Blessington the sun split the skies over the lake.


A healthy fleet of 25 GP14s took to the water for the Hot Toddy under the command of OOD Fred Ternan from Lough Erne.  After a general recall the first race got under way with a single recall flag.  Steven Nelson & Brenda Preston had to go around the ends to get their race going.  The wind strength and direction oscillated over the first race.  Headers that would normally be marginal played a huge part, you had to take the right one and get over to the side of the lake were the wind was at its strongest.  John & Donal McGuinness read it very well and took the first race followed by Colman Grimes & David Lappin in 2nd, then JP & Carolyn McCaldin in 3rd.


Similar conditions for the 2nd race of the day.  This time the lead was held by Colman & David.  With a large shift up the last beat OOD Fred decided to shorten the race and finish on the downwind leg.  Colman & David took the 2nd race, followed by JP & Carolyn with 3rd going to Keith Louden & Alan Thompson.


The 3rd race of the day saw the wind swing badly just before the start and forced the fleet to try to make it across the line on a port tack.  Steven Nelson & Brenda Preston get away very well and held a very strong lead nearly all of the way around the course.  Simon Cully & Libby Tierney also got themselves onto the right side of the course and held 2nd position, 3rd was Cahal Sheridan & David Cooke.  No Gold fleeters could make it into the top 3 of the final race of the day.


OOD Fred had hoped to sail a 4th placed but as it was getting late into the afternoon and the wind showing no sign of settling he sent the fleet home for the day.  The club supplied a plentiful supply of Hot Toddies, soup and homemade bread for the sailors.


The annual AGM was held in the clubhouse after the sailing.  


This was followed by a fabulous beef casserole and a supply of local ales and some not so local beers and a very strong rum punch from Richard Street.  A truly local evening was rounded off with some of the local youth club members playing an Irish session for the GP14 sailors.


Sunday morning arrived with the leaves being blown off the trees being horizontally!  The OOD Fred called a gathering of the fleet shortly after 10am.  He informed the fleet that the forecast was not to improve so he made the early call to cancel the sailing for the day.  3 races meant no discard so the Hot Toddy event went to Colman Grimes & David Lapin, Skerries - their first ever event win.  


Highest placed youth (U21) helm went to Robson Ogg from Donaghadee sailing with his dad James.

The Hot Toddy highest placed boat under 13500 went to boat number 13266 sailed by locals Richard Street & Simon Dick.


An annual award that has been missing for a couple of years is the Travellers Trophy.  This is given to the boat covering the most distance to make it to the Irish GP14 events.  As the whole fleet knows the Youghal sailors make a long trek to each event.  Not wanting to single out a particular boat it was only fair to present the Travellers Trophy for the 2016 season to the sailors and the drivers of Youghal!


Blessington really know how to provide a visiting GP14 fleet with very warm hospitality.  Thanks again to Blessington for putting on a great event and thanks to all of the GP14 sailors who attended the 2016 events.  There was a good youth turn out and hopefully this will continue into 2017.


See you again for the 2017 season.



1. Colman Grimes & David Lapin, Skerries

2. JP & Carolyn McCaldin, Sligo/Lough Erne

3. John & Donal McGuinness, Molville



1. Colman Grimes & David Lapin, Skerries

2. Simon Cully & Libby Tierney, Blessington

3. Steven Nelson & Brenda Preston, Donaghadee



1. Robbie Richardson & Colin Watson, Donaghadee 

2. Martin & Vicky Dews, Donaghadee

3. Anthony & Jack Hutton, Lough Foyle


Special Prizes

Highest placed youth (U21) helm - Robson Ogg, Donaghadee

Hot Toddy highest placed boat under 13500 - 13266 Richard Street & Simon Dick, Blessington 

2016 Travellers Trophy – all sailors and the drivers of Youghal



Rank Fleet SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 R2 R3 Total Nett
1st Silver 14144 Skerries Colman Grimes David Lappin 2 1 6 9 9
2nd Gold 14047 Sligo Lough Erne JP McCaldin Carolyn MCCaldin 3 2 5 10 10
3rd Gold 14143 Moville Boat Club John McGuinness Donal McGuinness 1 8 4 13 13
4th Silver 14138 BLSC Simon Cully Libby Tierney 14 4 2 20 20
5th Gold 14068 SYC Keith Louden Alan Thompson 5 3 12 20 20
6th Silver 13901 DSC Steven Nelson Brenda Preston 10 10 1 21 21
7th Gold 14130 Sutton Hugh Gill Conor Twohig 6 7 9 22 22
8th Silver 14074 Skerries Cathal Sheridan David Coote 8 12 3 23 23
9th Gold 14116 Sutton Stephen Boyle Laura McFarland 7 6 10 23 23
10th Gold 13669 Greystones Norman Lee Alan Leddy 9 9 7 25 25
11th Gold 13267 BLSC Richard Street Simon Dick 4 17 8 29 29
12th Silver 13917 Newtownards Michael Cox Josh Porter 11 15 13 39 39
13th Bronze 14171 Donaghadee Robbie RIchardson Colin Watson 15 11 14 40 40
14th Silver 13888 LFYC Peter Fallon James Hultky 12 5 26
43 43
15th Silver 14040 LFYC Bill John James Johnson 13 14 18 45 45
16th Silver 13951 DSC Steven Preston Ali Boyd 18 13 16 47 47
17th Bronze 13180 DSC Martin Dews Vicky Dews 19 16 15 50 50
18th Bronze 14158 LFYC Anthony Hutton Jack Hutton 20 21 11 52 52
19th Bronze 13865 DSC Robson Ogg James Ogg 16 20 17 53 53
20th Bronze 13207 YSC Adrian Lee Richard Gallagher 17 18 19 54 54
21st Bronze 13454 BLSC Brendan O'Brien Manus Sheridan 21 19 22 62 62
22nd Bronze 13624 Greystones Ciaran Keogh Emma Keane 22 22 21 65 65
23rd Bronze 14133 Youghal Jack Buttimer Adam McDonagh 23 24 20 67 67
24th Bronze 13981 BLSC Matthew Street Lee McMullen 24 23 23 70 70
25th Bronze 13891 BLSC Edie Thorup Luke Henry 26
25 24 75 75

GP14 Ireland Youth Championship

24th & 25th September 2016 - Sligo Yacht Club


Congratulations to Peter Boyle on taking the GP14 Ireland Youth, U19 and U16 Irish Champioships!


Report By Adrian Lee

Photos copyright Laura McFarland


A challenging youth championship was held in Sligo this year. Difficult conditions for the sailors and for the race committee.  People travelled from as far as England, others drove 6hours to make it to this great event.  As people braved the conditions in tents, others struggled to put their mast up.


Race 1 was exciting with the high winds and quick reaches which suited the Youghal/Sligo Adrian Lee and Ossian Geraghty who won the first race.  They were followed by Peter and Stephen Boyle from Sutton SC. 3rd place was Gareth and Richard Gallagher.


Race 2 saw Dan and Hugh Gill in the lead. Peter and Stephen with a consecutive 2nd place and Adrian/Ossian in 3rd.


For the last race of the day we had a general recall with the conditions worsening.  It suited some people as there was a squall on the horizon. Edward Coyne and Colman Grimes were first around the windward mark who were shortly caught by Adrian and Ossian around the gybe mark when they had capsized and threw their first place away.  The race changed towards the end with Dan and Hugh Gill wining it with Edward Coyne and Colman Grimes in 2nd, Gareth and Richard Gallagher in third.  Later the Saturday afternoon results where changed as Peter and Stephen Boyle got granted a redress changing their result of a 11th to a 2nd


Sunday kicked off to less wind in the morning as it increased throughout the day. The line was slightly bias which meant lots of boats down the pin end of the line.  Those who decided to get clean air suffered with the bias being so large. The race was won by Peter and Stephen meaning peter was the 2016 youth champion.  2nd place in the last race was Samuel and Alan Thompson, in third place was Kevin Martyn and Colin O’Manhony.


Overall apart from the weather it was a great event run in difficult conditions and excellent level of sailing. Well done to all the youths who have improved since 2015.


Thank you all who attended and special thanks to all the long distance boats who travelled the length of the country - well done all. Many thanks also to those who crewed and lent boats to the youths


Overall Results:

1st place Under 16, Under 18, Under 21 youth champion Peter Boyle crewed by Stephen Boyle

2nd Dan Gill crewed by Hugh Gill

3rd Adrian Lee crewed by Ossian Geraghty




Rank SailNo Boat HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st 14116   Peter Boyle Stephen Boyle SDC -2 2 2 1 7 5
2nd 14130 Kalaco Daniel Gill Hugh Gill SDC -4 1 1 4 10 6
3rd 13993 Daisy Chain Adrian Lee Ossian Geraghty SYC 1 3 (21.0 DNC) 7 32 11
4th 14055   Samuel Wray Alan Thompson SYC -12 5 5 2 24 12
5th 14144 No Surprise Edward Coyne Colman Grimes YSC -6 4 3 5 18 12
6th 14080 Blueberry Muffin Gareth Gallagher Richard Gallagher LFYC 3 -7 4 6 20 13
7th 14047 Duffi Kevin Martyn Colin O'Mahoney SYC / UCDSC 7 6 -9 3 25 16
8th 13917 Keep Me In Trouble Josh Porter Andrew Corkill NSC 5 10 8 -11 34 23
9th 13569 Red Rooster Kevin Gillen Norman Lee GSC 8 9 -15 8 40 25
10th 13928 Incus Jack Higgins Rory Lynch UCDSC 16 8 6 (21.0 DNC) 51 30
11th 14127 She's The Fastest Ronan Armstrong Callum McLoughlin SYC -14 11 11 10 46 32
12th 14146   Jack Curran Brendan Brogan SYC 9 (21.0 DNC) 12 12 54 33
13th 14133 Kylie Jack Buttimer Adam McDonagh YSC -15 12 7 15 49 34
14th 13677   Noah Canham Jon Evans SYC (21.0 DNC) 14 13 9 57 36
15th 14142   Sarah Nicholson Nancy Pyl SYC 11 13 14 (21.0 DNC) 59 38
16th 13207 This One Finn O'Brien James Johnson YSC 13 -17 16 14 60 43
17th 1403 Infinity & Beyond Jordan Lupton Keith Louden YSC 10 -18 18 16 62 44
18th 4047   Conor Twohig Shane McLoughlin SDC (21.0 DNC) 15 10 21.0 DNC 67 46
19th 13981   Matthew Street Lee McMullan BSC (21.0 DNC) 16 17 13 67 46
20th 13901 Kanaka Ted Watson Steven Nelson DSC/ NSC (21.0 DNC) 21.0 DNC 21.0 DNC 21.0 DNC 84 63




Irish Nationals and Masters Championships

Sat 27 - Mon 29 Aug - Skerries Sailing Club


Timmy Corcoran & Brendan Brogan take the 2016 GP14 Irish Championship back to Sligo. 


Skerries club put on a fantastic sailing event - thanks to all invloved and to the main sponsor Bacharach!


Report - Ossian Gerraghty

Photos copyright - Andy Johnson


Skerries Saiing Club which has a long history of hosting excellent GP14 events welcomed the GP14 Class back for the 2016 Championships of Ireland sponsored by Bacharach. The event attracted an entry of 37 boats.


The first day of the event was characterised by medium strength winds. Recently returned from the UK having defended his UK British GP 14 title Shane McCarthy crewed by Damien Bracken led the charge to the first mark followed by Niall Henry and Ossian Geraghty, Sligo Yacht Club. The Gallagher brothers from Lough Foyle powered through Henry /Geraghty and McCarthy/Bracken on the first reach and led to the first race to the finish. In the second race it was the turn of Tim Corcoran and Brendan Brogan, Sligo Yacht Club who took line honours snatching the lead from Hugh Gill and Conor Twohig from Sutton Dingy Club. At the end of the first day of racing it was obvious that consistency over the series would be the deciding factor in the event with many of the top boats collecting double digit point in the first day. Alan Blay and David Johnson Sutton Dingy Club and McCarthy/Bracken were in overall pole position leading into day two of the Championship.


Day two was like dying and going to sailor’s hell. There were light winds with rolling waves and the most awful chop on the water all day. It was very difficult to get the boats moving at all and when you did you couldn’t stir with the risk of stalling. Hugh Gill made it look easy leading this race from start to finish with Timmy Corcoran constantly trying to close the gap without success. The course was switched to Windward/Leeward which made for lots of passing opportunities. Race 4 was finally claimed by Niall Henry after an epic battle with reigning GP14 World Champion Shane McCarthy. After a lot of waiting around and two false starts the Officer of Day Liam Dineen abandoned the third race much to the delight of the weary fleet.


The final day of the Championships began with little to no wind which filled gradually as the morning progressed. After a number of attempts to set a course the wind finally moved south and built throughout the day. There was only four points separating the top five boats so it was all to play for in the last two races. With the building winds, shifts of up to thirty degrees, strong gusts and windward/leeward courses there was a lot of position changes during this race. JP and Caroline McCaldin from Lough Erne Yacht Club won Race five chased closely by Keith Louden and Alan Thompson from Sligo Yacht Club. The last race of the series was similar and the event was won/lost of the last run. It Curly Morris and Laura McFarland's turn at line honours in this final race but Timmy Corcoran who made five places on the final run to finish second to become the National Champions for 2016. This was a splendid way for Timmy to bow out and we wish him good luck in his move to Spain.

In the Silver Fleet a similarly epic battle was taking place and with the final gun there was only 3 points separating the top 3 Silver Finishers;


Silver Fleet

1 Peter Boyle/Stephen Boyle

2 Steven Nelson/Brenda Preston

3 Katie Dwyer/Michelle Rowley


In the Bronze Fleet Youghal sailors Adrian Lee and Edward Coyne sailed a very consistent series beating most of the Silver boats to take the overall Bronze fleet. I suspect these guys need a promotion up to Silver the way they are sailing.


Bronze fleet

1 Adrian Lee/Edward Coyne

2 Brian Andrews/Claire Cromie

3 Steven Preston/Alison Boyd


The next GP14 event is the Autumn Open/Youth Championships which takes place on the 24th and 25th of September at Sligo Yacht Club. We look a good turnout. If you know of any Youth sailors who would like to compete please contact Ossian Geraghty, to arrange a boat and crew.

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GP14 Leinster Championship

Sutton DC July 23-24 - results


Report & Photos Andy Johnston


The 2016 GP14 Leinster Championships were hosted by Sutton Dinghy Club and there was a super representation from Clubs up and down the country. The  strength of the Class comes from the GP14 presence in the likes Moville, Donegal, Donaghadee, Newtownards, East Antrim, East Down, Enniskillen, RSt.GYC,  Blessington, Lough Foyle, Sligo, Greystones, Skerries, Clontarf, Mullingar, Swords and the crews being prepared to travel to events like the Leinsters. This year we also saw boats from the emerging fleets of Youghal in Cork and Cullaun in Co. Clare.


It was fitting that the class should be sharing this event with the Mirror Nationals as many of the current GP14 sailors began their sailing careers in this class and indeed the current GP14 fleet boasts more than its fair share of past Mirror National Champions. A number of the GP14 sailors here at the weekend were in Sutton 30 years ago when the Club last hosted the Mirror Nationals in the week of Hurricane Charley. Indeed Des McMahon (Cullaun) and Libby Tierney (Blessington) vividly remembered a race with 105 starters and only 18 finishers such were the conditions that week. With 3 Olympians and a World Champion in the GP14 Leinster Fleet this weekend in Sutton, the Mirror sailors and their parents were seriously interested in the events progress. 


Light & shifty winds and three different race winners on Day 1 tells only the beginning of the story. The fickle conditions meant each race was full of twists & turns with corresponding tales of woe & good fortune. Race 1 began in moderate conditions but a dramatic right shift half way up the first beat saw boats that had worked the right hand side gain handsomely. Making the most of the windshift were the McGuinness brothers John & Donal who rounded first followed by Blessington sailors Simon Cully & Libby Tierney. John & Donal comfortably held on to win race 1 from Shane MacCarthy & Damian Bracken with local GP14 legend Hugh Gill sailing with Tim Coyne taking 3rd.  Race 2 saw Keith Louden & Alan Thompson establish a commanding lead before letting victory slip from their grasp at the last moment  by sailing to the wrong finish mark. This let local pair, Alan Blay & David Johnson sneak the win from Ger Owens & Phil Lawton. Shane & Damian were 3rd with Keith & Alan realising their error and scrambling back to 4th. In race 3 Keith & Alan’s luck improved.  Ger & Phil were race leaders but as the final beat turned into a fetch initially and then a reach, the leading group of boats became becalmed leaving the rest of the fleet to hoist their spinnakers and sail past. Profiting the most from the fickle breeze, Keith & Alan took the win from Shane & Damian with Ger & Phil doing well in the end to salvage 3rd place. The fleet sailed ashore to more scones & cake and bar-b-que with a superb Thai Supper later in the evening. Sutton hospitality is a force to be reckoned with! Overnight leaders in the gold fleet were Shane & Damian despite not winning a single race. Sutton pair Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley led the silver fleet while Blessington sailors Matthew & Richard Street had sailed very consistently in the tricky conditions to lead the bronze fleet.


The tidal nature of Sutton Creek meant a 13.30 start on Sunday gave the fleet a welcome lie-in. The first race of the day saw Shane & Damian as early race leaders but as the wind died on the last beat, they were overhauled by both local pair Alan & David and Ger & Phil. Alan & David held on for their second win of the weekend with Ger & Phil notching up another 2nd. Race 5 was to provide another sting in the tail. The wind swung 90 degrees on the second lap, letting boats once again hoist spinnakers on the upwind leg and with numerous casualties and benefitters. Keith & Alan crossed the line ahead of Shane & Damian with Katie & Michelle in third. However Keith & Alan were left cursing their misfortune once again as they crossed the line to silence – an OCS putting paid to their chances of overall event victory. This meant race 5 winners were Shane & Damian with Katie & Michelle hanging on superbly to 2nd from Ger & Phil in 3rd.


The wind died and the prospect of a final 6th race was looking remote when the AP was hoisted a number of times. However, one more twist in the weekend’s weather saw the wind fill in and white horses suddenly appear.  OOD Scorie Walls promptly got Race 6 underway as the wind started to gust above 20 knots.  Shane & Damian established a good lead over the first lap only to capsize at the second windward mark. They were soon joined by Keith & Alan leaving Sutton Dinghy Clubs Alan & Dave to sail on to a third race win and secure 2nd overall. Shane & Damian recovered to 2nd which was sufficient to give them overall victory while the McGuinness brothers took 3rd position & 3rd place overall. 


In the Silver fleet, local sailors Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley have been sailing very quickly in their new boat and were convincing winners from Lawrence Balham & Stephen Nelson. Local youth sailor Peter Boyle continues to impress and with his old fella Stephen crewing , finished 3rd in the silver fleet. Bronze fleet winners were Greystones sailors Kevin Gillen & Norman Lee, while Jack Buttimer & Adam McDonagh kept the Youghal flag flying with 2rd overall in the bronze fleet. Fittingly on his return to Sutton, Des McMahon & Pat Biesty, newcomers to the open circuit from Cullaun Sailing Club left with 3rd in bronze fleet.


So to summarise, an event full of twist & turns, conditions to severely test, an OOD team that coped admirably with the GP14 and Mirror fleets and superb racing for competitors from all over the country.

Thanks to Sutton Dinghy Club for their exceptional hospitality and for organising an event to remember.

Microsoft Excel sheet [18.0 KB]

GP14 Ulster Championship EDYC

June 25-26


Report by Donal McGuinness

Photos by Laura McFarland


The members of East Down Yacht Club in Strangford  Lough welcomed  the GP14 fleet  back for the 2016 Ulster Championships on the 25th and 26th June with their enthusiastic and warm hospitality.  This was the fleet’s first return to EDYC since the Club hosted the successful World Championships in 2014.  It was good to be back.  Racing was brisk for the 22 strong teams on the first day with Race Officer Sheela Lewis pleasing every one by getting the full programme of three races and solid Olympic courses. The black flag was pulled out on a few occasions to keep manners on those pushing the line. The wind picked up in strength as the day progressed with the last race sailed in a spirited 20 knots of breeze. 


Shane McCarthy and Damian Bracken put in a devastating performance with three convincing wins followed by the McGuinness brothers with three second places. The thirds were shared equally between Curly Morris and LauraMcFarland, Keith Louden and Alan Thompson and the Gallagher brothers.


The second days racing was a little less frantic with the winds having dropped to a more relaxed 9 knots. That said, the lovely clear waters of the Lough have lots of tricky little tidal secrets that took the day for some but not all to unlock.  With three more races completed, McCarthy and Bracken held on to their first place lead to become Ulster Champions.  Louden and Thompson took second when they won the last race with the McGuinness brothers dropping to third overall.  Steven Nelson and Brenda Preston, who also won race 4 in some style, won the silver fleet. Michael Cox and Josh Porter were second in the silver fleet with Gareth and Richard Gallagher taking third.  The two Derry lads put in an impressive performance all weekend ending up 7th overall.  They were also crowned the Ulster GP Champion Youth winners. The Bronze champions were Youghal youth sailors Adrian Lee and Edward Coyne with Thomas and Paul Sexton from Sligo in second and Robson Ogg and James Ogg from Donaghadee taking third bronze.


Finally an impressive new trophy to mark the achievements of ace crew Andy Thompson from Larne was presented for the first time to winning crew, Damian Bracken. Andy has, over the years, notched up title after title in the GP14 and other classes and it is fitting that the GP class in Ireland recognise his unparalleled achievements. Well done Andy!



      Helm Crew Club 1 2 3 4 5 6      Tot
1 14158 G Shane McCarthy Damian Bracken Greystones SC 1 1 1 -6 1 3 7
2 14055 G Keith Louden Alan Thompson Sligo YC 4 3 4 5 -8 1 17
3 14143 G John McGuinness Donal McGuinness Moville BC 2 2 2 7 7 -11 20
4 14077 G Curly Morris Laura McFarland East Antrim BC/Newtonards SC 5 4 3 -9 5 6 23
5 13901 S Stephen Nelson Brenda Preston Donaghadee SC/N'ards 9 -10 7 1 6 2 25
6 13917 S Michael Cox Josh Porter Newtownards SC 6 7



4 3 5 25
7 14080 S Gareth Gallagher Richard Gallagher Lough Foyle YC 3 8 9 3 4 -16 27
8 13891 G Richard Street Simon Dick Blessington SC 13 11



8 2 4 38
9 14116 S Peter Boyle Stephen Boyle Sutton Dinghy Club 8 5 5



16 10 44
10 14040 S Bill Johnson James Johnson Lough Foyle YC -12 6 8 12 11 7 44
11 13207 B Adrian Lee Edward Coyne Youghal SC 7



10 11 10 12 50
12 13745 B Thomas Sexton Paul Sexton Sligo YC 11 9 -16 10 13 15 58
13 13955 S Simon Jeffery Alan Bell, Elaine Vogan(Sunday) East Down YC



14 11 14 14 9 62
14 13833 S John McRobert David Murphy Ballyronan Boat Club 14 17 12 -18 12 13 68
15 14192 G Alastair Duffin Andy Corkill Newtownards SC and East Down YC







2 9 8 73
16 13865 B Robson Ogg James Ogg Donaghadee SC 19 16 13 16



14 78
17 13951 S Steven Preston Ali Boyd Donaghadee SC 17 13



15 15 18 78
18 13782 B Michael Collender Brian Walker Mullingar Sailing Club 16 18 14 13 18 -19 79
19 13910 S Brian Andrews John McArthur Newtownards SC 10 12 6







20 14133 B Jack Buttimer Adam McDonagh Youghal SC 18 -20 15 17 17 17 84
21 11633 B David Aiken Mike Mausden Donaghadee SC



19 17



19 20 97
22 13915 B Geoff Murdoch Jane Murdoch Newtownards SC 15 15










Coleraine 24hr race - Team GP14 win!!

18th & 19th June 2016


Photos & report b y Laura McFarland



Team GP14 wins the 2016 Coleraine 24hr race on the River Bann.  The team was made up of Tim Corcoran & Brendan Brogan, Keith Louden & Alan Thompson, Curly Morris & Laura McFarland, James Hockley & Ryan Louden sailing in Alan Thompson’s boat.


Timmy & Brendan got off the line sharply at the 2pm gun. They got 5 laps in 2hrs. Once Keith & Alan took on their shift at 4pm the wind had started to ease off and they only got 2 laps in over their 2hr shift. Curly & Laura took over at 6pm with the wind starting to get patchy in places.  They similarly put in 2 laps in 2hrs.  A few laser sailors were evidently pumping their way around the course and managed to lap all other boats when there was next to no wind.  Rule 42 was blatantly being broken.  On being hailed to cease from the GP14 and other sailors and with no sign of it stopping a protest was duly put in against a number of sailors.  The protest was heard around 1am -  yes that is the way it works in a 24hr race - with the overwhelming evidence on show the protest was upheld and 3 laser teams were docked a full lap each.


James & Ryan took over from Laura & Curly at 8.30pm and unfortunately had keep the boat more under anchor than sailing during their shift as the wind had disappeared and the river was following out to sea.  We were one of the few teams with an anchor.  Some others boats drifted way down stream of the course.  Some caught hold of river buoys and managed to attach themselves.  Once the flood lights were turned the junior boats were brought ashore and wouldn’t sail again until 8am.  


It was a long shift for most of the boats as the changeover area was upstream. James & Ryan were eventually relieved by Keith & Alan just after midnight.  The wind thankfully filled back in again just after midnight and the night shifters sailed fabulously and were managing to lap most boats – legally!!  


The lap penalties were not to be applied until the race finish but by 10am the GP14 team were the dominate team and continued to do so until the 2pm gun.


Coleraine YC presented the award to the team and thanked them for putting on a fantastic spectacle of sailing commenting on the superb boat handling skills of each team in the boat.  They more than welcome back the GP14 sailors and hope that more enter next year.

Purcell and O'Tiarnaigh Trophys settled in Swords

The domestic season finally got underway a little later than ususal this weekend with many of the fleet waiting for boats to arrive back from Barbados after the 2016 World Championships in early April.


Without wanting to lose an event, the Class decided to utilise the Purcell Trophy, raced on Saturday as part of the qualifier for that unique event the Riocaird O'Tiarnaigh Trophy which concluded Sunday. Thanks to organiser and PRO Peter Smyth and his crew in Swords Sailing and Boating Club they pulled it off despite the tropical sunshine mingled and sprinkled with tropical downpours. Yes, One weekend, 2 events. Back on track.


The winners of the Purcell Trophy on Saturday were Shane MacCarthy and Damian Bracken (Greystones SC) from Keith Louden and Alan Thompson (Sligo YC) in 2nd and John and Donal McGuinness (Moville) in 3rd. 


The O'Tiarnaigh Trophy concluded with the 3 race final that included top boats from bronze, silver and the gold fleets. At the end of some great racing Shane MacCarthy and Damian Bracken took 1st. Despite being tied on points, Katie Dwyer and Michelle Rowley took 2nd ahead of Keith Louden and Alan Thompson on the basis of a race win the 3 race finale. It was also great to have Muriel O'Tiarnaigh on hand to present the trophies.


A big thank you to all in Swords Sailing and Boating Club for their great efforts in accomodating both events. Full results, photos and race report to follow. 


In addition Stephen Boyle, President of the GP14 Class Association of Ireland made a special presentation to Shane MacCarthy to mark his recent victory at the GP14 World Championships in Barbados. 


GP14 Purcell Championship 2016 Report

by John McGuinness


The Irish GP 14 fleet returned to domestic competition at the weekend after a very enjoyable World Championship in Barbados over Easter, made all the more enjoyable when we had an Irish winner in Shane McCarthy & Andy Davis.


The Purcell Championship hosted by Swords sailing club on Saturday 21st was sailed over four races. The first race saw our newly crowned world champion first at the weather mark and remained there for the rest of the race. With Keith Louden & Alan Thompson taking second and Hugh Gill with his new boat and new crew Simon Revill beginning to find some form in third.


Race 2 saw Shane & Damian round the weather mark in first followed closely by John & Donal McGuinness in second and Keith & Alan in third. On the second beat the wind shifted to right favouring the McGuinness brothers who were first to the weather mark and held it all the way to the finish. Shane & Damian took second followed by Keith & Alan in third.


Race 3 started with significantly less breeze than the morning races and saw the McGuinness Bros get to the weather mark first followed by Shane & Damian. With the breeze slowly dying the world champion showed his superior speed in light airs and passed John & Donal to leeward on the second reach and held the position to the finish. The McGuinness brothers were second with Richard Street & Simon Dickson in third.


Race 4 was sailed in a light-shifting breeze. Curley Morris & Laura McFarland lead at the weather mark with Richard Street & Simon Dickson in second followed by Shane & Damian. At the end of the of the first lap Keith & Alan were at the back end of the fleet but an inspired tack to the left at the start of the second beat paid dividend and put them in the top four at the weather mark. Next time around at the weather mark they had got themselves into second just behind Richard & Simon. With the race shortened and one leg to go it was a drag race to the finish with Keith & Alan coming out on top and finishing first with Curly & Laura in Second and Richard & Simon in third.

Shane & Damian retained the Purcell Championship with two first and a second. Keith & Alan’s dramatic comeback in the last race was enough to wrestle second place from John & Donal who finished third overall.

Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley took first overall in the silver closely followed by Michael Cox & Josh Porter in second and Cathal Sheridan & David Cooke taking third in the silver. Pat Savage and Linda Darby took first overall in the Bronze fleet while Bernie Grogan & Rosena Cuddy finished a credible second.


Thanks again to the event organisers and members at Swords Sailing and Boating Club for providing a warm welcome and great racing.


O'Tiarnaigh Challenge Report

by Keith Louden


The Riocard O'Tiarnaigh Challenge was again this year held at Swords Sailing and Boating Club on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of May. It was sailed as a combined event with the Purcell Trophy this year due to the 2016 World championships being held in Barbados at Easter. A warm welcome was given by the club to all competitors and their friendship and hospitality was extended thought the weekend, with their incredible race management on the water and their fantastic catering ashore.


The results of the Purcell trophy were rolled over from the Saturday and used partly as qualifying for the Riocard O'Tiarnaigh Challenge final. A total of 7 races would be sailed for qualifying purposes with one discard to be used. After the Purcell event results were counted three shorter races with separate fleet starts were scheduled to be sailed on the Sunday morning.


Qualifying positions for the gold and silver fleets were wide open with a number of boats able to fill the four qualifying positions for each fleet.


In the first two races on the Sunday morning in the gold fleet Keith Louden and Alan Thompson took two race wins and Shane McCarthy & Damian Bracken took two second places. John & Donal McGuinness qualified in third place, this left the last place open and to be contested in the final race by three boats. Niall Henry and Ossian Geraghty took the race win and with other results going their way, they grabbed the final place. However they would later choose not to contest the final and pass on the final slot to Hugh Gill and Simon Revill.


The Silver fleet was just as hotly contested with the final places being decided in the final race of qualifying with Michael Cox and Josh Porter, Simon Jeffery and Alan Henry, Katie Dwyer and Michelle Rowley and Simon Cully and Richard Street all making it through.


The bronze fleet sailors Ian Nish and his crew Des, and Keith and Barbara Leonard who had already qualified, went out on Sunday morning to test out the conditions and get some practice in preparation for the final.


At lunch time the wind died away completely but when PRO Peter Smyth blew his whistle to signal end to lunch the wind duly obliged and within half an hour it had settled in to a steady force 3 in strength. However it was still shifting back and forth in direction, as it had done all weekend in preparation for the final.


The first race saw a great start by Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley and when they rounded the windward mark with a sizeable lead they could not be caught by Shane McCarthy & Damian Bracken, a result which would prove significant for the girls by the end of the day. John & Donal McGuinness crossed the line in third place.


Second race saw Shane McCarthy and Damian Bracken take an early lead which they would maintain to the end and with positions changing behind them Keith Louden & Alan Thompson took second and John & Donal McGuinness were third.


In the third and Final race points counted double which meant any number of boats could still win the event, Keith Louden & Alan Thompson led at the windward mark and held on to that lead until the final leeward mark when they were passed by Shane Mc Carthy & Damien Bracken. Keith Louden & Alan Thompson finished second and Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley in third.


This result gave Shane McCarthy & Damien Bracken the Riocard O'Tiarnaigh Challenge win, Katie Dwyer & Michelle Rowley took second in a break of tie with Keith Louden & Alan Thompson in third place.

Purcell Results 

Sail No Helm Crew Club Fleet R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
14158 Shane Mc Carthy Damien Bracken Graystones S C  Gold 1 2 1 4 4
14055 Keith Louden Alan Thompson Sligo Y C  Gold 2 3 4 1 6
14143 John Mc Guinness Donal Mc Guinness Moville Y C Gold 4 1 2 10 7
13981 Richard Street Simon Dick Blessington  S C  Gold 6 8 3 3 12
14130 Hugh Gill Simon Revill Sutton D C Gold 3 7 7 5 15
14077 Curly Morris Laura Mc Farland EABC/NSC Gold 9 5 8 2 15
13993 Niall Henry Ossian  Geraghty Sligo Y C  Gold 5 4 11 7 16
14105 Katie Dwyer Michele Rowley Sutton D C Silver 11 10 5 6 21
13917 Michael Cox Josh Porter Newtownards S C Silver 7 6 13 9 22
14074 Cathal Sheridan David Cooke Skerries Y C Silver 12 9 6 12 27
13988 Simon Jeffery Alan Henry East Down Y C  Silver 15 12 9 8 29
14116 Peter Boyle Stephen Boyle Sutton D C Silver 10 11 10 15 31
14040 Bill Johnson James Johnson Lough Foyle Y C Silver 8 13 14 14 35
14138 Simon Cully Libby Turner Blessington  S C  Silver 13 13 12 11 36
13749 Pat Savage Linda Darby Swords S C  Bronze 16 13 15 13 41
13850 Bernie Grogan Rosena Cuddy Swords S C  Bronze 17 13 16 16 45
13782 Michael Collender Brian Walker Mullingar S C  Bronze 14 13 19 19 46
13608 Keith Leonard Barbara Leonard Swords S C  Bronze 18 13 19 19 50


Riocard O Tiarnaigh Challenge 2016 Results 

Double points last race

Helm Crew Club Fleet  R1 R2 R 3 Total
Shane Mc Carthy Damien Bracken Graystones Gold 2 1 2 5
Katie Dwyer Michele Rowley Sutton D C Sliver 1 4 6 11
Keith Louden Alan Thompson Sligo Y C Gold 5 2 4 11
John Mc Guinness Donal Mc Guinness Moville S C  Gold 3 3 8 14
Simon Cully Libby Turner Blessington S C  Silver 7 7 10 24
Simon Jeffery Alan Henry E D YC Sliver 6 5 14 25
Hugh Gill Simon Revill Sutton D C Gold 8 6 12 26
Michael Cox Josh Porter Newtownards Y C Sliver 4 8 16 28
Ian Nish Des Mc Guigan Swords S C  Bronze 9 9 18 36
Keith Leonard Barbara Leonard Swords S C  Bronze 10 10 20 40

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