GP14 Ireland
GP14 Ireland

There are 2 items to highlight from the Leinsters GP14 regatta instructions:


1. If you are arriving on Friday you need to take into considertion Dublin traffic when getting to Dun Laoghaire.  You also should aim to leave at least 1 hour to get out to the race area on Friday with the first gun at 11.55.


2. All helms must be members of the GP14 Association as per Association rules.  See the Become a Member page for further details.  You can join online.


The Sailing Instructions for the event are below.

2015 VDLR Sailing Instructions WEB.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

GP14 Leinster Championship Info


GP14 Locations and Trailer Storage

Registration Office is located at the side of the Ferry Terminal.

It will not be possible to drive cars onto the hard at Royal St George Yacht Club at any time during the Regatta/Championship.

A loading/unloading area has been reserved for the GP14 class beside the Ferry Terminal building.

Trailers will be stored in a gated area at the Coal Harbour indicated on the map above – combination lock code will is fitted to the gated area Combination.  The 4 digit combination has been sent to all helms in an email from    


It will be necessary to walk boats from the loading area to/from the Royal St George hardspace.


Boats may be dropped off at RStGYC from Tuesday July 7th onwards.   Your contact in the Royal St George is the Sailing Manager Ronan Adams M: 086 8900576
On arrival drop your boat at the loading area, remove the boat from its road trailer and proceed with the trailer to its storage area in the Coal Quay at the West end of the Harbour.  This is a fenced off area for trailers and self policed.  You will need to use the combination lock code 0402 to access the trailer storage area.
The one way system at the GP loading area needs to be kept clear and cars should not be parked in the set down area –  suggest you set down, remove boat from trailer and proceed to trailer storage
Car parking tickets are available at registration for 4 Euro per day and are valid for certain car park in the harbour area.  Car parking in the underground car park adjacent to the Royal St George is €20 per week and you can pay for this up front from the machine if you wish.
Your boat will need to be walked between loading area to the hard as indicated by the blue line on the map above.  It may be preferable to walk the boat with mast down to the hardspace in order to keep the set down area clear for arriving boats. Bear in mind that the ramp to the hardspace is quite steep and it may take two people to safely navigate the ramp with a GP14
Please note that no cars or trailers will be permitted into the Royal St George on Thursday evening/Friday am as the Regatta will have commenced. We would ask that you please use the designated area provided.   It is a public harbour and clamping is in operation!



Please register your boat when you arrive at the Race Office which will be clearly identified and is situated adjacent to the Royal St George Yacht  Club.



ETA for arrival ashore on Sunday is 13.30 and the prize giving is scheduled to take place at 15.00 at the National Yacht Club.
Your boat will need to be walked back to the loading area – it may be preferable to drop mast and put on your road cover on the hard before moving your boat to the loading area
On retrieving your road trailer you will need to park your car back in one of the car parks as the loading area is not large enough to accommodate boats and cars and the Harbour Road must be kept clear
Boats on trailers may be stored in the loading area until you are ready to depart. Some organization may be required to ensure boats are stored in an orderly fashion to facilitate easy departure

Race Area

The GP14 class has been assigned to the South Bull race area for the duration of the championship
The South Bull race area is located approximately 4 Km North of the harbour and First Gun is 11.55 on Friday 10th July
If you are arriving Friday morning you need to arrive early to allow sufficient time for unpacking the boat, trailer storage, car parking, registration, rigging and sailing to the start area
A separate registration desk will be available for GP14 registration

Prizes & Prize giving

Regatta Daily Winner
Friday 10th 7.00 pm @ Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club
Saturday 11th 7.00 pm @ Royal St George Yacht Club 7.00pm
A prize will be awarded to the best boat in each class on each day. No boat will be awarded more
than one day prize during the series.
GP14 Association Race Winners Trophies
Saturday 11th 7.00 pm @ Royal St George Yacht Club 7.00pm
GP14 Association race trophies will be awarded to the first placed boats in the first four races sailed
Regatta Main Prize giving Sunday 12th July National Yacht Club @ 15.00 (DL Regatta & GP14 Leinster Championship):
Note: GP Prize giving is first in the order of presentation

GP14 Bronze Fleet
1st Placed Boat Overall
GP14 Silver Fleet
1st Placed Boat Overall
Leinster Youth Champion
GP14  Association Leinster Youth Champion Trophy (1st helm under 19 on 1st January 2015)
GP14 Fleet Overall
1st Overall & 2015 Leinster Champions (Leinster Championship Trophy)
2nd Overall
3rd Overall
All helms should be members of the GP14 Association as per Association rules.  See the Become a Member page for details.

GP14 Ulster Championships - Lough Erne Yacht Club - Report & Results

Photos Copyright Donnie Phair


Ulster Championship 2015 Report by Ger Owens


Always be apprehensive of a venue described as picturesque...


Lough Erne was described as the most picturesque venue one would ever sail and it definitely delivered on that promise. I got to see every nook and cranny of the beautiful venue as we tried to navigate our way around the very trying race course. We arrived Saturday morning with the sun splitting the slipway and the breath-taking views were teeing up a very exciting event in Rory McIlroy's second favourite venue for golf. A great turn out of boats meant a large fleet would make any defending champ (in this case, Alan Blay) nervous at the prospect of holding onto a title. We rigged and launched eager to get around the corner to see the sailing venue for the racing.

A chilly breeze was an early warning sign to anyone who thought this was going to be another sailing event. The Race Officer got the racing off to a quick start and it was clear from the outset that the training Shane MacCarthy and Damian Bracken had put in over the winter was paying dividends and provided them with the extra boatlength required when situations were tight around what was set to be the most tricky racing in the GP's this year.


Lough Erne was a venue where consistency and patience were currency, and no amount of money in the bank would have bought you a race without them. Keith Louden (our lake specialist) was also on form and determined to topple the Macarthy winning streak. Alan Blay, the defending champion, was fired up and ready, staying for the weekend with local tactical genius JP McCaldin to increase his chances of a successful defence. The leader in every race came from the left hand side, crossing the fleet and using the right hand side to approach the top mark. The wind shifted ferociously and the 'bold child' that was Lough Erne laughed as the rest of the fleet sailed in circles trying to deal with the shifting conditions. Tim Corcoran had left himself a lot of work after being over the line in the first race. Over the weekend the naughty GP fleet were to try the patience of the race officer on more than one occasion with multiple restarts because they could not stay behind the line.


Day two launching was similar to day one with gorgeous sunshine guiding our way - however everyone had gritted teeth this time and for good reason. The difficult shifty conditions were to continue and stringing a couple of consistent results together for anyone was rare. Everyone had glimpses of the front of the fleet but hanging onto a lead was virtually impossible. The positions throughout the races were yo-yoing to say the very least except those of Shane and Keith who had set themselves up for a deciding match race in the natural amphitheatre that was Lough Erne. The rest of the fleet could only marvel as two gladiators of Irish GP's wrestled their way through the pack to try and win the title of Ulster champion. The title swapped and changed between the two several times contending with bonkers shifts that literally tacked boats uncontrollably at times. Keith had the lead at the top mark and Shane kept him in his sights throughout the race. Pile ups at three of the marks meant getting around the race course unscathed was a skill in itself, (Not something yours truly managed to do).

A nail biting last broad reach decided the championship and Shane was a well deserved champion, the wind had shifted to favour the chasing pack and filled in from behind, Shane was to leeward and in front of that same pack and chose to use his last ace card to hold the inside lane on Keith at the leeward mark and clinch the title, the boat length which himself and Damian had worked so hard to gain over the winter had been the small inch required to win. The rest of the fleet had to watch and enjoy the spectacle going on around them as they tried to make sufficient sense of the conditions to finish the race.


Special mention must go to the youth sailors in the bronze fleet who showed some of the gold and silver fleet how it's done - Gareth and Richard Gallagher and Peter Boyle sailing with dad Stephen put in a great performance over the weekend. It was also fantastic to see the return of Richard Street - Richard, we've missed you.


And thanks again to the event organisers and members at Lough Erne Yacht Club for providing a warm welcome and great racing.

Gold Fleet

1st Shane MacCarthy & Damian Bracken

2nd Keith Louden & Alan Thomson

3rd Ger Owens & Mel Morris


Silver fleet

1st Steven & Jonny Nelson

2nd Simon Cully & Libby Tierney

3rd Gerry Gilligan & Lucia Nicholson



1st Gareth & Richard Gallagher

2nd Peter & Stephen Boyle

3rd Adrian Lee & Edward Cayne


The awards were presented by Lough Erne YC Commodore Theo Nugent


A great weekend hosted by Lough Erne YC with 31 boats in attendance.


Rank SailNo Club Helm Crew   R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st 14158 Greystones Shane MacCarthy Damian Bracken G 1 -7 1 3 1 4 17 10
2nd 14055 ISA Keith Louden Alan Thomson G 3 1 4 1 -13 5 27 14
3rd 14076 Royal St George Ger Owens Melanie Morris G 5 2 3 5 -7 2 24 17
4th 13993 Sligo Niall Henry Ossian Gereighty G 4 8 7 2 -19 6 46 27
5th 13977 Sutton BC Alan Blay Niamh McCormack G 2 6 -11 9 4 8 40 29
6th 14143 Moville Boat Club John McGuinness Donal McGunness G 8 3 2 8 -17 9 47 30
7th 14036 Sligo Tim Cocoran Brendan Brogan G (32
4 18 7 8 10 70 38
8th 14080 Lough Foyle Gareth Gallagher Richard Gallagher B 6 14 5 11 -32 7 75 43
9th 14077 East Antrim BCNSC Curly Morris Laura McFarland G -16 12 6 10 2 16 62 46
10th 13901 DCS Steven Nelson Jonny Nelson S -17 10 8 6 9 13 63 46
11th 14127 Sligo Colm OFIagherty Joe Murray G 11 -18 9 16 5 10 69 51
12th 14144 Skerries SC Colman Grimes David Lappin G 12 11 -15 12 6 12 68 530
13th 14138   Simon Cully Libby Tierney S 8 17 17 -22 14 3 82 60
14th 14142 SYC G Gilligan Lucia Nicholson S -15 13 13 13 10 14 78 63
15th 12661 SDC Peter Boyle Stephen Boyle B 28 5 12 4 (32
17 98 66
16th 13891 Blessington Richard Street Simon Dick S 7 15 10 (32
20 15 99 67
17th 13207 Youghal SC Adrian Lee Edward Cayne B 10 -22 14 14 12 18 90 68
18th 13917 NBC M Cox Josh Porter B 13 9 16 18 18 -21 95 74
19th 13833 Ballyronan Boat Club John McRoberts Steven Preston S 14 16 20 15 -23 11 99 76
20th 14040 LFYC Bill Johnson James Johnson B 18 21 21 19,0 3 -25 107 82
21st 14129 Newtownards SC Newenhan de Cogan Andre Corkhill B -30 20 22 17 11 23 123 93
22nd 13782 Mulingar SC Michael Collender Brian Walker B 21 19 19 21 -24 19 123 99
23rd 12560 LEYC Jorgen Pedersen Finbarr McCann B 23 -24 23 20 16 20,0 128 102
24th 13885 DOS James Ogg Ronan OBeirne B 20 -26 24 23 15 22 130 104
25th 14164 Ballyronan Boa Clubt Brenda Preston PatriciaBrowne B 22 25 (32
26 25 27 157 125
26th 13595 LEYC Fouad Ghareeb Timonthy Boomer B 25 -30 27 25 21 28 156 126
27th 14133 Youghal SC Jack Buttner Finn OBrien B -29 27 25 24 26 24 155 126
28th 13597 LEYC Michael Brines Rory Gill B 24 31 (32
27 22 26 162 130
29th 13624 MSC Joe Kelly Pat Kelly B 19 23 (32
32 DNS 32 DNS 32 DNS 170 138
30th 13552 LEYC/Mulleghmore Michelle Martin Paul Gorman B 27 29 (32
28 27 29,0 172 140
31st 13909 Sligo Gerry Brady Hazel Maloney B 26 28 26 (32
32 DNS 32 DNS 176 144

List of entries in the containers

Updated 17 June 2015


GP14 Ireland Assoc has 3 containers so far, 26 reserved slots with 1 empty slot.  9 GP14s per containers.

Note: You're slot is only guaranteed if you have paid £300 deposit. 


For queries or if any of the details below are incorrect please email


A wealth of details has been added to Worlds 2016 Barbados page on flight, accommodation & container details.






Tony Patterson

Donaghadee Sailing Club


Michael Cox

Newtownards Sailing Club


Brian Andrews

Newtownards Sailing Club


Nigel Sloan

Newtownards Sailing Club


Curly Morris

East Antrim Boat Club


JP McCaldin

Lough Erne Yacht Club


Colman Grimmes

Skerries Sailing Club


Shane McCarthy

Greystones Sailing Club


Ivan Heaney

Donaghadee Sailing Club


Keith Louden



James Ogg

Donaghadee Sailing Club


Neil Boyd

Donaghadee Sailing Club


Martin Dews

Donaghadee Sailing Club


Ger Owens

Royal St George Yacht Club


Lawrence Baalham

Donaghadee Sailing Club


Brenda Preston

Ballyronan Boat Club


Paddy OConnor

Sligo Sailing Club


Robert Gingles

East Antrim Boat Club


Tom Molloy



Simon Cully

Blessington Sailing Club


Norman Lee

Greystones Sailing Club


Donal McGuinness

Moville Boat Club


Steven Nelson

Donaghadee Sailing Club


Joe Kelly Lough Foyle Yacht Club


Maurice Ballham Donaghadee Sailing Club


Niall Henry Sligo Sailing Club


Newenham de Cogan Newtownards Sailing Club


Silver & Bronze Fleet Training

Sat 4th - Sun 5th July


Are interested in two days coaching in Mullingar the weekend before Dun Laoghaire?  It is open to Silver and Bronze fleets sailors.  A "Bring you own lunch" approach.


Entry Euro 20.


Scheduled to start on Saturday at 11am.

Sunday to start at 10am.

Lunch at 1.30 followed by two races - gun at 2.30pm with short debrief and wrap up after.


Contact Cormac Meaney ( for further details and to see if there are any slots left.

GP14 Leinster Championship Info


GP14 has been allocated berthing at the Royal St George Yacht Club for the duration of the Regatta. Your contact will Ronan Adams, Sailing Manager, Mobile: +353 86 8900576,   

E:  who will be looking after you upon your arrival to the club and during the Regatta. We would ask that you liaise directly with Ronan to advise him of your estimated arrival date and time.  


Arrival Procedure and Trailer Storage  

If you are arriving on the Thursday 9th (1st day of the Regatta) in advance of racing for Fri, Sat and Sun, please note that no cars will be permitted onto the forecourt of the Royal St George as the Regatta will have commenced and you will be unable to drive into the club.  We have arranged for all GP14’s to arrive and offload your boats in the (not now used) Stena terminal arrival lanes which are detailed on the map below.  You will off load your boat and trolley here, store your trailer in the west end of the harbour in the trailer compound and then wheel your dinghy onto the RSGYC forecourt where you will directed to your berthing area on the platform by RSGYC boathouse staff.   This information will be given to you again by Ronan when you make contact with him prior to your arrival.


As it will be the first time to Dun Laoghaire Harbour for many of you please click to see an aerial shot of the Regatta Venue and trailer storage area and arrival area for the GP14’s on Thursday 9th July.   


As advised Trailers will be stored in a locked compound in the west end of the Harbour.  Ronan will advise its location and lock combination upon arrival.  We have a large number of trailers to accommodate and so when parking it in the compound we would ask that you please be conscious of this.


Sailing Instructions

SI’s will be available on the Event Website under the ‘Racing’ section approximately 2 weeks prior to the Event and will also be issued to you in your skippers cases at Registration. 


Regatta Race Office

The Regatta Race Office, Results & Jury will be situated at the rear of the harbour plaza in the building with the purple markings on it.  It will be clearly identified ‘RACE OFFICE’ .  The harbour plaza is between the Royal Irish YC/Marina and beside the Royal St George YC.   


Entry to this year’s Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta


Will Close – 30th June, 2015




400 competing boats – 29 classes – 8 Race Course Areas

Don’t miss it!

Entry Form Information


If you have booked your flights you can now enter the GP14 World Championship.

You will need to have all helm, crew and non-sailors details to complete the fom.


Update for GP14 Irish sailors wanting to go to Barbados:


News on  flights is coming directly from or newsletters from the GP14 Intl office (Julie Courtney).  No other information is being sent to the Irish GP14 committee so please check regularly on for updates.


Containers - there will be Irish containers.  Details are yet to be confirmed.


Accommodation - you need to sort out your own.  See sites like for booking villas. also has a listing.



Update 19 May - from


Written by on · Leave a Comment

"Due to the extraordinary demand for the Virgin flight to Barbados on Friday 25th March 2016 (Good Friday) there are no more seats available through the Virgin office in Bridgetown despite them saving 50 just for the GP14 Association. Please do not take out your frustration on the Virgin office as they are doing their best to accommodate us and are holding their prices until November of this year. There are other carriers available and agencies in London who may have seats available on that day. To be clear, there is only one flight out of Manchester on a Monday, there are no other days available with Virgin, that is their schedule. Flights are daily from Gatwick into Bridgetown.



Details on how to book a flight with Virgin:


From Julie Courtney E-NEWSLETTER NO.19 - MAY 2015 ‏           

"Virgin Flights to Barbados for the Worlds event are now available at preferential rates through the Bridgetown office via an email request to using the code GP14 in the subject box.  This event in 2016 is immensely popular and it is Easter time as well so early flight  and accommodation bookings are highly recommended whether you are booking a package or through other carriers.   Good deals are out there, I have heard this week, from those who have already booked up.
Just a reminder that the entry package for non sailors over 18 is £125; 12 -18 £50 and under 12 free.  This  includes you in all the Social activities, food and Happy hours over the event period."

Shane MacCarthy & Andy Thompson GP14 British Inland Champions

Congratulations to Irish GP14 sailors Shane MacCarthy & Andy Thompson on wining the GP14 British Inland Championship at Carsington Water Sailing Club 9-10 May.


This makes Andy a double British Inland Champion after his successful win with Tom Gillard in the Fireball at Grafham Water Sailing Club 18-19 Apr 2015.


Congratulations to Iris President Stephen Boyle - one of 3 lucky winners of a HH 30 litre sports duffel bags for his early bird entry to the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta.

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