GP14 Ireland
GP14 Ireland

Irish Ferries

Request a discount for attending an event
Works for travel both into and out of Ireland
If you send the following in they will send you a deal:


To check a price, you would need to send the details below to


* Name of event

* Names of all travelling (and ages if under 16)

* Dates of travel (out and return)

* Route

* Times of sailings

* Cabins/Seats (if required)

* Car make and registration number

* Height and length of trailer inclusive of towbar (where applicable)

* Your postal address

* Your mobile phone number

Discounts agreed with Irish Sailing
Must be done using the link through the Irish Sailing website

Irish Sailing have confirmed that these discounts also apply to sailors attending Irish Sailing events.


Irish Ferries will also be able to offer special package deals for competitors travelling into Ireland to any sailing events – these include ferry and accommodation (hotel/cottage/B&B)~”


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October 2019

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GP14 Ireland Dates 2020




Apr 4/5


Howth YC

May 2/3


Cullaun SC

May 23/24


Mullingar SC

Jun 13/14 Ulsters Newtownards

Jul 4/5


Lough Erne YC

Jul 25/31 Worlds Skerries SC

Sep 12/13 

Autumn  & Youths

Blessington SC

Oct 10/11

Hot Toddy

East Antrim BC

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